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How Should A Trucker Jacket Fit

Trucker Jacket Fit

A trucker jacket is one of the most under-rated pieces in menswear, initially introduced as a durable denim jacket for an outdoor look, the newer leather variations made it the epitome of refinement. The people who love trucker jacket know the value it adds to one’s wardrobe. You can simply throw it over any outfit on a chilly day for a rugged edge. Or you can dress up with a solid tone ensemble for a weekend party.

What is a trucker jacket?

Suede Trucker Jacket

For those of you who are not familiar with this style of jacket, the comes with a shirt-style collar, accompanied by a front button closure, and two patched chest pockets. The style is similar to a shirt but must heavier. These jackets are often but not always made of denim.

Where to buy a leather Trucker Jacket?

You can find high-quality real leather trucker jackets at FJackets in different colors ranging from black and brown to unconventional colors like red maroon and blue that cannot be found elsewhere.

Now that you know what is a trucker jacket and where to buy it, it’s time to get the fit right, you don’t want to be looking like a person who borrowed a bad fitting jacket from his brother. Here is how a trucker jacket should fit.

4 Key areas to look for

In order to identify that your jacket fits correctly you need to carefully check these key areas, note that these measurements are for a regular jacket and do not apply to unconventional styles like cropped or oversized.

Chest Measurement


This is the most essential part of a jacket, and most brands offer their sizes according to your chest measurement. So more often than not everything else falls into once you get the chest measurements right.

You should be able to button your jacket easily with a few inches to spare if it’s too loose size down.


The seams of your jackets should sit on your shoulder, however, if it comes down a little it’s not a problem, but never above your shoulder which means it’s too tight.


Your cuffs should end at the top of your wrist, any lower and it will be too long and you don’t want to be pulling your sleeves up all the time. On the other hand, it should be too short either or it will roll up while you’re moving your arms.


The hem of your jacket should reach your waist just long enough to cover your belt, it does not need to reach your hip. Anything shorter than the waist-length would be considered a cropped jacket.

To wrap things off you don’t need to be super precise measurements, these tips were just to give you a rough idea of how your jacket should look like, this will help you make the right decision whether purchasing from malls or online stores. You will know exactly when to size up or down depend on these guidelines.

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