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How to Choose the Best Leather Jacket for your Body Type

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A perfect leather jacket is a piece of clothing that could never go wrong when looking to up your fashion game. It can be worn for both casual or formal occasions and can accompany you in any weather of the year. Keeping all these in mind, does that mean you can just go around and buy any leather jacket you get your hands on? No, That’s not how it goes. You would need the best leather jacket for your body type.

A few things to consider when buying the best leather jacket are, whether the material of the jacket is suitable for you, whether you have the budget for it and what type of jacket will fit you perfectly. 

Fortunately for you that we are here to help you pick that jacket that you always dreamt to have that will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Let’s jump into the details to buy a perfect jacket that’s suitable for your body type.

Before we begin the quest to find the jacket that fits your body type, let’s talk about some advantages of having a leather jacket and why it is important to have a jacket that just perfectly fits you in the first place.

Comfort Before Everything

comfort before everything

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There is no doubt that you want to look your absolute best when wearing the best leather jacket. You should bring your comfort into the equation as well, as a matter of fact, it should be your priority. A leather jacket is something that should just not sit in your closet. It should be something that can go with any clothing comfortably. A leather jacket that looks good on you but is restricting your movements can also be a major problem if you’re a motorcycle rider.

Flex Some Gym Muscles

flex some gym muscles

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If you’re a regular gym goer and want to flaunt the muscles you have been working hard on, then a jacket that is loose will not be optimal. A perfectly fit jacket will bring out the bolder look you want, which can let you show off your well-maintained body structure with confidence.

Dress According to Occasion

dress according to occasion

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When investing in something as important as a leather jacket you should keep in mind what occasions you will want the jacket to be worn. Leather jackets have different styles for formal, semi-formal, and casual gatherings. For example, when attending formal dinners, a bomber jacket might not be the best option because of its casual look. You can opt for a long coat in this scenario.

Less Trouble when Layering

Layering Options

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The best leather jacket should always have some space for layering during winter. There should be enough space to layer up the jacket with other innerwear. You should not feel suffocated whenever you try on the jacket and it can fit comfortably with any of your clothing options.

Best Leather Jacket for Your Body Type

Now that you know why it is important for you to choose the right jacket for your body, let’s dive deeper and let us help you to choose a leather jacket that is perfect for your body type. 

We will be explaining different body types and the right leather jacket to have for each category. Don’t worry if your body type does not fit into any of the categories. You can pick a jacket you find the most comfortable with some extra accessories like a fitting belt to make it more fitting for you.

Some Common Body Types

some common body types

1. Rectangle

Having a rectangular body type is a blessing in disguise when selecting outerwear for yourself. The options you have are exceptional to go with your everyday clothing styles. This body type has no curves around the torso which makes it a perfect fit for long coats. 

rectangle body type

long coat women

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Long Leather Coats for Women | Long Leather Coats for Men


Long coats will fit perfectly with your wardrobe if you are going for a more casual and sophisticated look. If you are looking to dress for more of a formal outing then always go for a pea coat. Avoid extra pockets and paddings as this can cause difficulty when layering coats in winter. With a buttoned closure and stylish collars, you can achieve that dapper look you always wanted.

2. Hourglass

If you fall in the hourglass body type then chances are you have a muscular build with broad shoulders and chest. Your body narrows down as it goes from your chest and torso and broadens toward your waist and hips. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be picky as this body type can work with almost any kind of leather jacket. From bomber jackets to long coats, whatever you choose will look perfect, although the former is considered to be a better pick.

hourglass body type

bomber jacket women

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Leather Bomber Jackets for Women | Leather Bomber Jackets for Men


A bomber jacket will bring out that bold and brave look to go perfectly with the broad shoulders and chest. It can be paired with your everyday wardrobe to give you that tough style. A bomber jacket will match the cuts and physique of your hourglass-shaped body and will make you look perfect. It will be a good investment to bring out your style and it will also be the best leather jacket to go with your winter clothes.

3. Oval

Narrow and slim shoulders with a round and visible torso can lead you to have some difficulties choosing your wardrobes. Thankfully that’s not the case when you have a variety of motorcycle jackets to choose from.

oval body type

moto jacket women

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moto jacket men

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Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Women | Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men


The perfect jacket should be snug and should have room for layering during winter. The cuts and the shape of the motorcycle jackets will make you look slimmer and feel confident even with some bulges around the torso. From distressed motorcycle jackets to asymmetrical jackets, you can choose the style you prefer the best for yourself.

4. Triangle

Folks with this body type need to have a leather jacket that gives an illusion of well-built muscles. It should provide an elongated look for the body. Blazers and zipper jackets with padded shoulders should be a good choice to achieve this. The ones that are a little longer than the waistline provide a good overall slimmer look with broad shoulders.

triangle body type

blazer best leather jacket for your body type women

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Leather Blazers for Women | Leather Blazers for Men


Blazers having extra pockets and some form of padding at the shoulders would be great to have a box-like appearance, complementing the sloping shoulders.

5. Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body type is a well-structured type for men. It is a well-proportioned body type with broad shoulders and chest and a slim and athletic and lean set of legs. If you have an inverted triangle body type you don’t need to worry about being specific for your leather jacket as there are a range of things you can try.

inverted triangle body type

hooded jacket best leather jacket for your body type women

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hooded best leather jacket for your body type men

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Hooded Leather Jackets for Women | Hooded Leather Jackets for Men


You can go with unstructured hooded jackets if you’re into that kind of styling. Cafe racer jackets could also be an option not to miss out on, just make sure they are comfortable enough around the shoulders and chest. If you are looking to layer your outerwear during the winter then a leather blazer would be a perfect option. A blazer can significantly provide the extra comfort you need during winter and would add a dapper look to your attire.


  • A leather jacket is surely more comfortable and warm if it’s longer and is below your waistline.
  • Opt for colors like dark brown or black if you want to go for a bold and dapper look.
  • A hooded leather jacket can be a good choice if you want to tackle harsh weather and flaunt your style.
  • Always keep room for innerwear when purchasing a leather jacket. Pick the one that is not too tight for you and is comfortable and snug.
  • Consider buying plain leather jackets for any weather rather than the furry ones which are trendy for winter seasons.
  • Buttoned closures are better than zippers as they are more comfortable.
  • Always go for a pea coat if you’re looking to dress up formally.


Finally, bringing the topic down to the conclusion that a leather jacket is one of the most unique and stylish outerwear to have in your wardrobe. It can be matched with a number of clothing options and can bring an extra edge to your attire. From selecting a color to the style and finding the perfect fit, it is obviously always good to do some work beforehand. 

We have broken down how you should opt for the best leather jacket according to your body type which will not only look good on you but also give you confidence by amplifying your body features.

By following these tips, you can confidently rock a jacket that complements your unique physique, showcasing your personal style and confidence. We hope that you end up buying the perfect leather jacket for yourself to accompany you on your everyday journeys.


A perfect leather jacket is a clothing article that can elevate your fashion very quickly. It should be made from the best quality leather. It should fit you like a glove and adapt to your silhouette with time. You should be able to style it with your available clothing options without any hindrances.
The best type of leather for a leather jacket completely depends on your preference and functionality. If you are a biker then you would want to opt for a leather jacket made from cowskin due to its durability. If you want to be the most fashionable person at an outing then a lambskin leather jacket would be a great option.
Leather jacket demands proper care and maintenance to increase their lifespan. You need to clean it regularly with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Try to avoid any water damage to it and if it gets wet then dry it out naturally by hanging it somewhere away from sunlight. To keep your jacket soft and supple, use a conditioner for your leather jacket on monthly basis.
To make sure you are getting the best leather jacket, you need to consider some crucial things. Make sure the leather jacket is made from genuine leather and not PU or faux, this way your jacket will last longer. Always check for the hardware, such as, zippers, buttons, and stitching, Make sure that everything is high quality and will withstand wear and tear. Last but not least, always make sure the leather jacket fits you perfectly and isn't uncomfortable or too tight for your body type.

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