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How To Make Your Own Shirt With Funky Stickers

Want to look freaking awesome while wearing your desired custom shirts. Don’t perturb because we’ll show you complete DIY to learn how to create your own shirt at home. Here are the things you’ll need:

Required Stuff:

Follow The Step by Step Guide To Create Your Own T Shirt (All Credit Goes To Simply Real Mom & The Fashion Citizen)


Step 1: 

Pull out the Freezer Paper. Should be 9 to 10 inches.

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Step 2:

Grab a Card Stock Paper to stick it with the Freezer Paper.

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Step 3: 

Use tape and stick each side of the card stock paper. Then place Freezer Paper over it.

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Step 4:

Cut the paper sides to fit the edges. Place it in the printer then print your desired logo or text.

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Step 5:

Remove the cardstock from the freezer paper and cut out the silhouette only. Make sure you do it right or get it done by a professional.

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Step 6:

Place it over the blank shirt and press using iron on a high setting with no steam.

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Do the same with logos and images. Cut it out and place a paper over before the ironing process. Keep it high and no steam.

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To create your own shirt, first choose the desired color


Red Custom Shirt Men

Red Shirt (Product Page)

Want something colorful? Try red, it’s catchy  and with a simple text or logo, it’ll look more attractive.

Blue Shirt for Personalizing
Blue Design Tee (Product Page)

Another color for customization. Only what’s left is a simple logo or a text to design your own shirts.


BuildASign Custom Shirt (Product Page)

If you don’t want your design to fade, always pick BuildASign brand because they make good quality apparels.


Custommadeinusa Exclusive Tee (Product Page)

Custommadeinusa is a unique brand that sells a variety of colorful apparels and lets you create your own t-shirt accordingly.


Customize Shirts by Tee Miracle (Product Page)

Tee Miracle supply high quality customize shirts in all sizes. This one is good choice to create your own shirts with below logo.


365 Printing Design Tee (Product Page)

365 Printing is a top brand for high-quality T shirt designs. For you, this product is best for adding funky stickers.


RitzPix Custom T-Shirt (Product Page)

Ritzpix are finest designers of books, cards, tees, décor and lovely gifts. They even let you design your own shirt at an affordable price.


ProWingTees Design a Shirt (Product Page)

A muscled guy huh? Pick this one to create your own shirt with the desired sticker.

You Can Add These Stickers on Selected Tee

Stickers for Men

  1. Batman Logo
  2. Batman Classic Logo
  3. Eat, Sleep, Game
  4. The Punisher Logo
  5. Deadpool & Black Panther
  6. Deadpool Maximum Effort
  7. Sleepy Panda
  8. I am Immortal
  9. Anti-Social



 Pink Add Your Own Image Shirt (Product Page)

Green is the new trend, and it’s a cute color which you can wear at any occasion. You should pick a cute sticker to make your own shirt such as this.


 Missy Fit Tee (Product Page)

This one’s a bit different; it is made of heavy cotton and perfects to create your own shirt with a cute sticker.

Green Color Custom Women Shirt

Custom Green Ladies Shirt (Product Page)

Select desired stickers to design but always choose an appealing color for tee like lime green. This shirt will do just fine.


Tank Top by Customyourwishtshirt (Product Page)

Tanks are a trendy fashion for summer; you can always make it look even more attractive by putting a fancy label or text.


Custom Women T-Shirt by Customyourwishtshirt (Product Page)

Feeling a bit purple? You can try to customize this tee, it’s a lovely color for girls.


Blue Customize Tanks by Customyourwishtshirt (Product Page)

Blue is a catchy background for designing art. You can add so many things and it won’t look odd either.


Uink Youth Tee (Product Page)

Look neutral with this color, it won’t give you a feminism style but it’s sure trending these days. Pick a sticker below to design your own shirt.

  Design a Shirt by Adding These Sickening Stickers


  1. Hello Kitty Darth Vader Pink
  2. Suicide Squad Logo
  3. Hello Kitty Zombie
  4. Darth Vader 
  5. Harley Quinn
  6. Grumpy Cat Logo
  7. Toxic Kiss
  8. Deadpool Hello Kitty
  9. I Love My Puddin

One thing to know before particularly make your own shirt is check the print quality and proper placing of design. Focus on the actual image, move it carefully and check gaps around the sticker. I hope you now know how to create your own shirt without any hassles!

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