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The Ultimate Justice League Costumes DIY To Elevate Your Cosplay

It looks like the moment has come to become the ultimate sidekick and fight along with the universal heroes. The world is too big for your heroes to control, now it is up to you to save the day. We’ve created a kick-ass guide to dress up as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman from Justice League. Not only these ideas will elevate the Halloween but will serve as fashion wear. Are you ready to strike fear in Justice League Costumes? This DIY will help you get ready without making extra efforts.

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The cape crusader has made another come back and now the only lead after the death of Superman. He is all focused and recruiting more members to the team, (Where is Green Lantern?) Now, we’ll talk about materials and ideas to build his incredible suit.


1. Tactical Mask:

This is the Tactical Batman Mask for men. A good quality accessory especially for Justice League Costumes.

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2. Batman Jacket: 

Now for the top, you can buy this shirt instead because it features the same body pattern of the logo. Affordable and easy to wear.

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3. Gauntlets:

You can’t break jaws without wearing these cool gauntlet inspired by the actual glove. It features a shield and claws.

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4. Cape:

To glide and hide, go for the 40″ black cape made for adults. Can be used for other costumes as well.

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5. Pants:

Sure you may consider this an ordinary pant, but it will also work for your Justice League Movie Costume. If you already own one, skip this.

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6. Black Boots:

Batman loves to kick his foes in the gut but you don’t need to do that. Just buy this as a part of your cosplay that is approximately 18″ and suitable for adults only.

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The Wonder Woman Justice League Costume is a redesign of her previous Gladiator gear. She is working alongside Batman to recruit missing members to fight against the central villain. Unlock the Wonder Woman within you by making her movie cosplay through this DIY.


 1. Wonder Woman Set:

Let’s start with the costume set. This includes an inspired corset and skirt that features a belt logo. The lasso is also included in the package.

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2. Cosplay Accessories:

Time to accessorize your appearance with the ultimate cosplay kit of Wonder Woman that includes a wig and a tiara.

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3. Gloves:

No need to craft, here is a close match glove that will save you time and money.

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 4. Boots:

The costume is incomplete without putting on the screen accurate design boots. Although it will be expensive for some you can buy alternate red boots right here.

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5. Wonder Woman Weapons:

Once your cosplay is done, grab the shield and the sword to start acting like the gladiator. You can order these items separately.

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The young Barry is not the one you see in the TV Series. This new kid is representing Flash in a more electrifying way. You can feel the electricity that is charging up in his body and now, you can join the squad by owning the following Flash items.

1. Flash Jacket

Barry is wearing a completely different style costume in Justice League as compared to the TV Series. Showing you the close match Flash Jacket with lightning bolt logo and a similar pattern.

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2. Flash Mask

Wear this latex mask designed for adults. Looks similar to the original and will add a great touch to the above jacket.

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flash gloves3. Gloves

Get a hold of your enemy wearing the real leather gloves of the Flash.  Fits almost all hands and provides great comfort.

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4. Regular Fit Pant:

The fit red pants go with the costume. Skip this if you have alternative red trousers at home.

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Victor eventually died but his Father was able to save him by inserting the Mother Box that gave birth to a new robotic-human, Cyborg. Although the process of transforming was painful but won’t be for you as we will provide ideas related to his Justice League 2017 Costumes, Short and Sweet Way!

1. Cyborg Mask:

To look like the terminator, the only matching face mask I found is this. It is homemade

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2. Cyborg Shirt:

To become a robot, you got to look like one so get this inspired T-Shirt that features a similar body pattern of Cyborg.



3. Grey Casual Pants:

This fancy grey pant will create a terrific outfit as well as cosplay. No need to buy one if there is a matching pant in your wardrobe.

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cyborg shoes4. Cyborg Shoes:

If you want exact match shoes then pick up this hot and trendy style with multiple colors. Somewhat fancy for an outdoor occasion.

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The underwater king of Atlantis is another member of the team. Thus, not willing to accept the membership eventually got into the idea, now he uses his mighty skills to take out the deadly Parademon launched by Steppenwolf. His Justice League Costume is very awesome, all you need is a muscular body, curly wig, and a trident. Don’t worry we got things under control.

1. Beard and Hair Set:

It is not possible to grow a hairstyle like the Atlantis King so I prefer you to buy one like this.



2. Body Suit:

This is for those who don’t have sexy built like Aquaman. Or you can just join the gym to pump up some hot muscle.

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3. Green Regular Pant

The next item is to put on a green pant. This one reminds of the comic book character which I believe will nail it.

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4. Aquaman Trident

To complete your cosplay, buy this classic style trident and you’ll be looking like Aquaman in no time. This prop will serve as a great accessory.

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He is in the movie but seems like he’s living a normal life, no cape or flying around, or even a mustache. Whether he will come with Black Superman Costume or The BVS Suit, that is yet to be seen. Till then, you can cosplay his Man of Steel Costume for the party.

1. Superman Jacket

Give it up for the Superman Man of Steel Jacket to elevate your heroic look. He might also wear the same cosplay in the movie.

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2. Red Cape 

For the jacket, we added a similar movie style cape.

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3. Casual Pants:

Next up is the fancy pant that goes with cape and jacket. Search for one at home to avoid buying this.

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red shoes4. Boots

Finally, the red boots to complete the whole outfit. It will match the other items above.

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Whether you’re going to attend a comic convention or just to show your heroic fashion, this Justice League Costumes Guide will serve you greatly. Select your favorite character and get started!


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