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Clothing That Made Kingsman The Best Movie Of All Time!

Kingsman Costume 810x684

You may be aware of spy movies like James Bond or John Wick but there are more agents ready to take the action. The Kingsman is the hype of this year, a British Movie featuring amazing character working in a spy organization that shows, suiting up really matters. Today, you’ll learn how to sketch the same appearance in Kingsman Clothing.

Now to DIY:

The Tuxedo Style: Golden Circle

Eggsy Orange Tuxedo

Here’s the classy fashion Taron Egerton brought for the viewers. A complete combination of an orange tuxedo with fancy bow tie, rectangle glasses and an umbrella just like Harry. Ready to dress up like a Kingsman? cool let’s begin:

The Orange Tuxedo:

Kingsman Orange Mens Tuxedo

A Classy gentleman always picks colors other than black or blue. Now it’s your turn to determine the trend with our polished and sophisticated Tuxedo inspired by the movie. Capture the highlights without saying a word.






White Tuxedo Shirt

White Tuxedo ShirtWith a tuxedo, we add a proper matching shirt. It’s a regular fit style for all occasions and specially made for catchy suits. White shirt is necessary for your outfit.










Bow TieYes, the bow tie is a necessary item to create a stunning look like Eggsy. The personality will shine and appeal to others.




Eggsy Kingsman Costume


Eggsy is now a part of a spy organization who once was just a street kid driving cars and crashing. He’s all suit up and ready to take any mission. Here are a few options that are required to build the same character in real life.

Double Breasted Suit:

Kingsman Double Breasted Tuxedo

The first thing required is to purchase this package that includes a blazer jacket with multiple pockets, vest, and matching pants.








Woven Skinny Tie:

Woven Check Tie

Let’s amend that style with a matching tie. A spy always chooses a fancy accessory when going on a top-secret mission. Classy and ready to wear.








Kingsman GlassesJust like cool and nerdy kids, Spies are also fond of wearing glasses. It doesn’t feature any secret technology that’ll let you see anything but designed to pull off a heroic figure.




Agent Harry

Harry Golden Circle

Previously, we have seen so many spies wearing leather jacket mens or tuxedos but Hary Hart is truly an agent that teaches how Manners Maketh Man. A guy with a tailored personality will always make you say, what does it take to be a Kingsman. It’ll take a million attempts to take out someone like Harry. Want to tailor the personality too? See what we got here.


God Father Hat The former Agent of Galahad has a new way to show off. As you see, Hat is a required item to dress up like Harry Hart.



Shearling Jacket:

Harry Hart Brown Coat
Feel the same look of the character by wearing this Sherpa Jacket introduced in the Golden Circle. It’s almost similar to make a Kingsman Costume.





Single Breasted Suit Two Button:

Double Breasted Pinstrip SuitsAs a gentleman with an umbrella, he sure knows how to wear Kingsman Suits. Our option for a personality like yours is the featured Pinstripe Dress Suit made from finest fabric available with two buttons on the front and modernly streamed lined. Get the perfect picture.






Core Stripe Tie:

Harry Stripe Tie

Now we organize the suit by adding a core stripe tie similar to the one worn by Harry. It’s a game of spies so you gotta look elegantly smart. This tie will definitely stick to your Kingsman Halloween Costume







glassesHarry can’t go out without the fashion eyewear and it is also a part of his gimmick. For that reason,  glasses are must have when playing as an agent.





Black UmbrellaWho could forget the umbrella? It’s a major part of the Gimmick and he sports a similar look like Charlie Chaplin that’s just classy. Bet you wanted to do it too..!





Agent Tequila
Agent Tequila

Look what we got here! A new story and a new guy for the Golden Circle movie. The pretty hunk is different from an agent, not wearing a suit and looks more of a Dirty Harry kind of guy. But what makes him really awesome is the shearling denim jacket and matching hat. Similar to the ones we are showing below.

Shearling Trucker Jacket:

denim jacket

Howdy fellas, corporate clothing is not the only idea you should consider, here is a casual style denim jacket. The outerwear will add a smart touch to the look without breaking the bank.









Cowboy Hat:
Studded Men Cowboy Hat

Achieving a look of an agent means you may require playing a cowboy role. Let’s just consider it a part of the gimmick, sexy enough to distract the ladies.





White Formal Shirt:

White Formal For Men

Let’s modify the style with a formal plain shirt for men. It’s also available in other colors for fashion wear.








Regular Denim Jeans:

Regular Fit JeansThe regular fit jeans are now available in a variety of choices but for this, we are adding a unique quality. A fashion-forward choice to portray someone like Agent Tequila.








Time to end the suiting session. Hope you all enjoy reading our guide for the new Kingsman Clothing. If you haven’t watched the first part, then don’t forget to add it to your favorites list because the movie is totally epic. Then go for the clothes.

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