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How to Dress Like Yellowstone Characters

how to dress like yellowstone

Yellowstone is an American TV show based on the Dutton family who live in western united states and own one of the biggest ranches in the country. The story follows the conflicts of the family and the bordering natives. If you haven’t watched the series yet you missing the fun, thrill, and one of the most entertaining series you might have seen in years, so it’s about time you put this show on your watch list.

Apart from the indulging screenplay, the other thing that draws attention is the clothing, each Yellowstone character has a traditional ranch dressing that feels so real and wonderfully complements the character. I personally like Rip Wheelers’ style it’s so subtle and casual at the same time, anyone could wear it and look like the character while still looking casual.

If you have a favorite character in the show and want to dress like them here is a guide that covers the top Yellowstone character’s costume.

John Dutton Costume

john dutton clothes

John Dutton the leading character of the show and also the head of the Dutton family he wears a white ten-gallon hat, rancher jacket, and sky-blue jeans. Here is want you to need to look like him.

Yellowstone John Dutton Jacket

John Dutton Jacket

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The jacket is perfectly suited to the challenges of Dutton who lives in the new frontier. It’s made of tough cotton material and comes with a contrasting orange fabric over the shoulder which gives it a unique cowboy look. It also had two chest pockets and a dusty beige color for everyday use.

Quilted Vest

John Dutton Vest

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The western cowboy look is incomplete without a cool vest, and Dutton is no exception, he has a classic dark brown quilted vest featuring a shirt collar and snaps button closure, he’s seen wearing it under his signature beige jacket that’s mentioned above. However, you can wear it as a standalone vest if it’s not chilly in your area.

Button-up Shirt

Yellowstone Shirt

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 If you want to look like a rancher, you need this western classic denim shirt, these shirts come with heavy cotton material and a relaxed fit best suited for a hard-working lifestyle. John Dutton usually wears grey or blue so it’s best if you stick to the same colors.

Flat Front Khaki Pant

Khaki Casual Pant

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Another western essential is this flat front khaki pant, it’s durable and compatible with a rancher’s everyday lifestyle. It’s best if you wear it along with the dark brown quilted vest. However, if you’re wearing the beige jacket as a standalone it’s better to switch to a light wash western fit cowboy jeans for contrast.

John Dutton Hat

Yellowstone Hat

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The white cowboy hat will give a finishing touch to your John Dutton costume, the character wears different colored hat throughout the series. However, you will only need one in an off-white color and it will go with every outfit.

Brown Square Toe Boots

John Dutton Boots

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If you want to look like a westerner and don’t have a square toe boot, you’re doing it wrong, grab one asap. Dutton wears a full-grain real leather boot with suede upper and rubber sole, the high-quality construction can take a beating which is perfect for a hardworking ranch lifestyle.

Rip Yellowstone Costume

Rip wheeler Outfit

Rip Wheeler is like a role model when it comes to loyalty, he was taking in by the Dutton family at a very young age and has a father-son relation with John Dutton. He serves as the foreman of the Yellowstone ranch and has a rivalry going on with Kayce the youngest son of John. Rip’s character is unique and his outfit is quite identifiable. You can never go unnoticed wearing a rip-wheeler outfit. Here is what you will need.

Rip Wheeler Jacket

Rip Wheeler Jacket

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Rip’s style is unique he wears a black cotton jacket with a Yellowstone logo on the left side, this color makes him look edgy while the cotton material is durable enough for his daily lifestyle. Other details about the jacket are button closure, one left chest pocket, shirt collar, and quilted lining.

Black Denim Shirt

Yellowstone Rip Shirt

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As mentioned above rips entire outfit is based on black and blue color, it’s basic yet stands out from the rest of the characters. You need to wear this black relaxed fit denim shirt under the black cotton jacket for a similar style.

Medium Blue Cowboy Jeans

Rip Wheeler Jacket Blue

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A medium blue pair of jeans is a basic yet important part of the wheeler’s costume, it works well to highlight the all-black top of the character that it looks real and not like a costume.

Brown Square Toe Boot

Rip Wheeler Boot

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The brown square toe boot again is an important part of a westerns outfit consider the hardworking lifestyle. Moreover rip is the foreman of the ranch so he needs durable footwear that can handle his demanding tasks.

Aviator Glasses

Aviator Glasses

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You can look like Rip Wheeler without the glasses but if you want to bring out the true badass in you of the character this glass is essential.

Western Belt Buckle


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If you want to look like the foreman of the biggest ranch in the country you have to pay attention to the details. The western belt buckle is a subtle yet essential part of rips costume, we’ve managed to find the closes one here.

Rip Yellowstone Hat

Rip Wheeler Hat

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The final yet essential part is the cowboy hat, it’s like the cherry on the top. Rip wears a brown hat so make sure you pick the color that closely resembles his style.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Costume

beth dutton costume

Beth is the daughter of John Dutton and the love interest of Rip Wheeler. If you’re looking for Halloween couple costume inspirations, try the Rip and Beth costume. Here is what you need to look like Beth.

Beth Dutton Wig

beth dutton wig

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She has blonde hair with loose waves. So if you seriously want to nail the Beth Dutton style you need to match her hair color and look. The easiest way to do it is with this wig.

Beth Dutton Leopard Coat

Beth Dutton Lepoard Coat

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You might have seen loads of different outfits in the show but this one really defines her style. You will need a leopard print faux fur coat for a fierce look like her.

Black Utility Shirt

Beth Dutton Shirt

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Beth wears a top that drapes well, so if you’re going to get a similar shirt or top make sure it’s dark in color. A navy or black would do, it should fit loose and drape well.

Relaxed Fit Blue Jeans

Beth Jeans

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Just like every other character of the show, jeans are a must, but not just any jeans. This straight-fit medium blue style is what you need to look like Beth. Remember you don’t want to look too urban so avoid high-waisted or skinny fit jeans.

Women Western Boot

Beth Dutton Boot

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You’ll see Beth with lots of different footwear throughout the series but we’ve selected this boot specifically for a more westernized look. So, it’s best but not necessary to wear this style of boot.

Beth Dutton Halloween Costume

Beth Buton Outfit

If you’re looking for rip and Beth Halloween costume the one with the leopard coat above is perfect. However, if you want to do Beth as a standalone character here is another great outfit. It’s more casual yet identifiable. All You need is the same jeans and shirt, just replace your coat with this.

Hooded Leather Jacket

Hooded Leather Jacket

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For this style, you will need a brown hooded leather jacket, team it with relaxed fit jeans and button-up shirt to complete the look and yes font forget the Hat

To wrap things off these were some of the coolest and the most closely related Yellowstone apparel and merchandise we gathered. Now it’s easier for you to dress up as your favorite character from the show. Also let us know in the comments below, who is your favorite Yellowstone character?

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