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How To Instantly Look Badass In A Leather Jacket?

Badass Leather Jacket style.

A leather jacket adds a cool impression and makes you look awesome at first glance which is the main reason people buy it. You may often see celebrities wearing jackets in movies and ask yourself, how can I look badass like that guy?

Don’t worry, I’ll cover ideas on how you too can look like a badass model but first you need to know a few things.

 1. Quality of Leather:

Not every jacket is made of good quality material. Jackets are made by different types of fabrics these days and being sold as real leather. You should always be aware of such a market trend and must know the difference between real and PU leather. Never compromise on the quality when it comes to jackets – always purchase a genuine leather jacket with hood on Amazon that has many happy reviews. 

2. Fitting:

The main and vital part of any badass leather jacket is how much it fits you. Start with the shoulder length to freely move your arms without any stiffness, jacket length should be upto the waistline, and sleeves length should be upto the wrist, etc. Extra fit or bulky jacket adds a bad look to the overall appearance. Here is the bomber jacket’s detailed fitting guide.

3. Stitching:

Check the stitching or better yet, stretch, move around while wearing the jacket to ensure cutting and sewing are properly done. Always go for a good double stitch jacket.

4. Styles to Adapt

The last thing necessary is how to wear a jacket to look badass! Some prefer to go in jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket while some just like to keep it formal. Here are examples from movies on how to actually style in a leather jacket.

1. Tom Cruise in Mission impossible

Leather jacket by tom cruise

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission impossible movie wears a bluish jacket with a black T-Shirt and jeans and he looks very awesome while riding his motorbike. A style that is easy to adapt. Get a similar jacket from here.

Reda Elmardi CEO at StrongChap says “Being the fitness expert, In my opinion, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission impossible movie looked the best in leather Jacket in which he wore a bluish jacket with a black T-Shirt and jeans and he looked really impressive while riding his motorbike”

2.  Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling Jacket

Speaking of which, another great jacket style you can adopt is from Blade Runner 2049 movie in which Ryan Gosling as Officer K wore a beautiful long coat. If you are a fan of Ryan Gosling then this is the best idea for you. You can get similar coat from here.

3. Bradley Cooper Black jacket

bradley cooper jacket


The Hollywood A-Lister who previously dressed up as a sniper and a rock star has got an impressive style for your daily commute. Stewart Dunlop, Chief founder of AirSoftPal says “Bradley Cooper is the one Hollywood Hero that looks badass with Black leather Jacker and Black Sunglasses, because of his bulky physique”

All you need is a simple beard, sunglasses, and a similar badass leather jacket for a smart casual look.

4. Steve Rogers Avengers-style

steve rogers brown jackets

What do you think about this brown leather jacket of Steve Rogers? Obviously, the look is great for a traveling person. You can add black glasses for an extra point.

5. Han Solo from Star Wars

han solo leather jacket

Your force will be strong once you don the iconic jacket of Han Solo. The scruffy-looking nerf herder is known for styling in badass jackets from his Empire Strikes Back look to the recent Force Awakens. We can’t deny the fact he’s one Badass looking smuggler from the franchise.

Appearance plays an important role in understanding the personality and those who are serious always prefer a leather jacket for their go-to fashion. You saw them wearing jackets and coats which increases their beauty and attraction. You too can now adopt because we have introduced all-season fashion leather jackets that make you look straightforward and boost confidence at the same time. Comes in distinct colors and thanks to the super-durable lambskin leather, your badass leather jacket will stay strong no matter how many times used.



1. How can I appear more badass?
First, you have to stop worrying about what people think and listen to your heart. Then invest in yourself, wearing a good piece of leather jacket is great for boosting your confidence instantly, it can make you look badass without overdoing it.

2. How can I make my leather jacket look cool?
Buy a good quality real leather jacket from known brands. Touch the leather surface if it feels smooth and grainy that will surely make you look cool if. If it feels cheap then it is better to avoid it. You can pair matching boots and outfits to make your look head-turner.

3. What jacket does Ryan Gosling wear in Blade Runner?
Ryan Gosling once again won all of the hearts of his fans with his amazing outfit in Blade Runner. He wore a cool long shearling coat that can be useful for guys who love trying out new things and it is available on sale at FJackets.

4. Can you stitch a leather jacket?
You can not completely stitch a leather jacket at home without the proper skills of leather stitching but you can still repair your leather jacket stitches that are loose and needs a retouch.

5. How much does it cost to get a leather jacket tailored?
Getting a leather jacket tailored costs about $40-$100 but tailoring a leather jacket is not a good idea because it may lose its style. There are some professionals who can make it edgier.

6. Is Vaseline good for leather?
Petroleum jelly is a useful item in your house it can be used for many hacks. It works like magic when you apply it to the leather. Vaseline helps leather in moisturization and prevent it from cracking.

7. Are biker jackets warm?
Biker jackets not only look stylish, but they are also ultra-warm and comfortable too. Biker jackets are made versatile for riders to enjoy the ride with the warmth and functionality.

8. Can you wear trainers with a leather jacket?
The leather jacket works well with casual outfits like chinos or denim pants and a t-shirt, hoodie, v-neck. Boots, sneakers go well with the leather jacket and you can make it look good on you if you are comfortable with trainers.

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