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How to Look Elegant with an 80s Prom Dress in 2021!

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Get a head-turning look in this prom by adopting an 80s prom dress style.  As we can see recently people are reviving vintage fashion. You can pull off an 80s prom tuxedo, if you do it right people will surely try to copy you on their next special occasion and it can become a trend.

Here are some mouthwatering prom outfit ideas for guys from the 80s.

80s Prom Suit for Guys Who Love Bright ColorsPurple prom suit

80s style suits in bright colors will grab attention and get you lots of compliments. To complete this outfit wear a pink 80s style prom shirt, layer it with a light purple shawl lapel jacket, add a colorful cummerbund and a bow tie to it, and pair them with black oxford shoes.

80s Prom Suit From a TV Show

Prom Suit Idea from tv show

In the 80s, Miami Vice was a great crime show full of stylish clothes, and we found this prom outfit that will make you look chic. To look stylish on the prom, get a pink shawl lapel tuxedo jacket with ivory pants, matching cummerbund, and bow-tie that goes with your coat. Take your outfit down a more formal path with pair of black leather oxford shoes.

80s Fancy Prom Suit

prom s fancy suit

You thought 80s attire would be boring but look at this another bright-colored suit. You will be surprised how easy it is to pull off this fancy outfit. Pair a light blue tuxedo shirt with a shawl lapel and pants. Infuse a classy touch to this ensemble with black leather oxfords.

80s White Prom Tuxedos white prom suit

This combination of a white jacket and black pants is evergreen, but if you look at this tuxedo’s details from the 80s, you’ll notice many changes like a bow-tie, lapels were bigger and fit was not snug like modern suits. The sophisticated pairing of this attire is a must-try ensemble on the prom.

80s Blue Suit for Proms blue prom suit

If you are looking for classic attire with a modern touch, then opt for this blue suit. This color with 80s style wide lapels will surely get you lots of compliments. Adding a pair of brown oxfords will make your look complete but make sure you are comfortable with the fit.

Modern Suit with 80s TouchRyan gosling tuxedo

Suppose you are not brave enough to go entirely with the 80s look. Then this Ryan Gosling tuxedo can be a perfect match for you. This look includes 80s style shirt with a modern suit. A pair of black shoes will immediately add a wow factor to your ensemble.

With our prom suit ideas from the 80s now, you’ll have a new collection of choices. Make sure you groom well, choose attire that suits you, and Start preparing for the prom soon before it’s too late. For more fashion guides please visit our blog.

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