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DIY To Make A Metal Gear Solid Costume

Metal Costume

Solid Snake is one of the main characters in Metal Gear gaming series, whose real name is David which is also known as Old Snake or Snake. He was the man known to be “The Man who makes the Impossible to Possible,” and his exploits makes him into the living legend in the Military of Black Ops. As he was a clone of a World renown more solid Big Boss along with his two brothers liquid and solidus snake. The subsequent smear campaign by the Patriots and the secrets behind the American politics, he was later labeled as the terrorist. As he performed his last final mission during which, he defeated Liquid Ocelot and destroyed the whole Patriots. After the last encounter with Big Boss, he decided to live his remaining life in peace. His Metal Gear Solid Costume also shows the quality and the best soldier.

Solid Snake Outfit has the different features as we see in the game. Here take a brief look at the complete guide of Metal Gear Costume.

Metal Gear Costume 2014

Figma 243 Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty Solid Snake Mgs2 Ve 389593.9

Made of metallic Lycra, Unisex, and front zipper. Available in different sizes as the quality and product will be same as shown in the picture, high-quality product for adults and children’s. Leather guns holster vest which is made up of 100% PU Faux Leather, Waist belt with thigh holster for extra guns, Forearm pads provides much comfortable crawling, Knee pads protects from injury, Fingerless gloves helps for the best hold of pistols, Headband to absorb the sweat, Combat boots are the most reliable product and made up pure leather with front steel toe, gives the excellent  strength to walk and to run, Eye Path gives the whole perfect look of Solid Snake.

Body Suit 71zrgo37frL. SL1500 Arm Pads Knee Pads Combat Boots Gloves 3 Head Bands Eyepath Accessories

Metal Gear Solid Snake Costume 2010

Solid Snake

Armor Metal Gear Solid Costume:

These products can easily be used to stand like a real Solid Snake. Colors may vary it resembles and almost looks awesome with the whole outfit. The Metal Gear Jacket Shows out the Army Courage and the Army vest gives a perfect look. Chest holster and Neck scarf which is usually seen in the game on the shoulders of him. While the Armor Trouser offers comfortable and reliability.

Leather Jacket Jacket Shoulder StrapScraf MilitrayGloves 3 Head Bands  Combat Boots  Arm Pads Army TrouserKnee PadsEyepathAccessories

Quiet Cosplay

Another famous character of this gaming series is Quite known to the Soviet Forces as Trixie; she was an original female assassin. Quite was later defeated by Diamond Dogs also defeated by the Venom Snake. Both characters are seen in best outfits, as Quiet usually wore a minimal amount of dress because she breathes through her skin, as wearing too much clothing would lead her to the suffocation. Now is your turn to become the sexy character in Quiet Mgsv Cosplay.

MGS V The Phantom Pain Quiet


Quite Bikni 1 Net Trouser 1Quite Jumpsuit 1   Gloves 4    Combat Boots 171zrgo37frL. SL1500  1PistolShoulder StrapSniper

As we have seen Solid Snake is the hardened career soldier often displayed a calm and collected demeanor, rarely shows signs of fear in extreme circumstances. Metal gear costume is one of the best suits shown in the gaming series as to represents the US Army and its soldiers. It was great to see him in different cosplay’s, but the last two outfits are more awesome than the other dresses he wore.  Same if we talk about Quite Cosplay, she is also one of the best characters and she got the sexiest outfit in the entire game, as we know that she was affected by the Venom Snake, so she breathes through her skin. The full attire of her is the regular suit that can be worn on any beach parties and especially women prefer these types of dresses to be worn in their cosplay’s and costume parties.

So the whole guide will make your problems easier to check out the outfits of Solid Snake and Quiet Costume, then try making your cosplay for your birthday, cosplay’s, Halloween, and beach parties.

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