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How to Pull Off Warm Jacket Womens Without Looking Bulky

warm jacket without looking bulky

There are lots of womens warm jackets that are best for cold weather. Outerwear for winter usually looks bulky because of their thick layers of the inner lining and they are also heavier than our usual jackets. We have shortlisted some of the best gears and way to pull them of for women that wouldn’t look bulky.

Black Shearling Jacket with Blue Jeans

black shearling jackets

Wear a black shearling jacket and light blue skinny jeans for a relaxed look, that puts lighter and darker color combinations together while taking away bulkiness. When you have no time to spare then opt for the white low-top sneakers.

Warm Leather Jacket for Street Look

black leather jacket

If you are not a fan of thick shearling lining then you can get this type of versatile leather outerwear from our womens leather jacket category.
Consider teaming up a black leather jacket with a casual white top and go for blue jeans for a simple yet elegant look. Finish this ensemble with low-top white sneakers that will match your top color and black sunglasses will give symmetry to your look.

Style Brown Warm Jacket  For The Cold Weather

Brown Shearling Jacket

Tired of black outerwear? Then you can go for the brown warm jacket.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to put together this stunning outfit together. Wear a brown jacket that has a cream shearling lining and pair it with blue slim-fit jeans. Match your top’s color with the jacket’s lining, tone down the casualness of your outfit with brown suede boots.

Black Shearling Jacket With Hoodie

black leather jacket with hoodie

Go for the hoodie under the shearling jacket if you are looking for extra warmth and don’t want to sacrifice your look. Make sure to wear a snug fit hoodie and jacket to avoid looking bulky. Grab a pair of skinny pants to have a flattering style and finish this ensemble with the white low-top sneaker.

Black Shearling Jacket with Black Dotted Tights

black shearlin black shoes

Show off your styling sense by pairing dotted tights with a black shearling leather jacket, while wearing a black top under the outerwear. Introduce black low-top sneakers to your ensemble for elegance to your look.

Leather Jacket with Gray Scarf

Black leather jacket womens

As you can see looking stylish is not that hard. Just wear a black leather jacket with black tights. You can either go with a black top or a grey top to match the color with the scarf. if you want to finish off this ensemble with a single item then opt for low-top sneakers.

Shearling Jacket with Boots

shearling womens

You can opt for Alexa Chung inspired leather jacket style and look stunning effortlessly. This relaxed combo of Shearling jacket and skinny jeans will have an elegant appearance together. Give your getup a fine finish with black boots and a gray knitted beanie.

Black Shearling Jacket for Off Duty Look

Black shearling white sneakers

Teaming an asymmetrical leather jacket with black tights would be dreamy a casual outfit for off-duty days.  If you wish to make this ensemble look like one piece then go for white sneakers with a white top.

Motorcycle Warm Jacket with Ripped Jeans

Motorcycle leather jacket with ripped

Who said you can’t make a statement with a casual ensemble. This combination of a warm motorcycle leather jacket with black ripped jeans can be an amazing choice for the street-style look. For making this getup a head-turner wear a white top with  Black boots.

Casual Outfit with Warm Leather Jacket

black biker jacket black skinny jeans

Go for an elegant style with a black leather jacket and top. Skinny jeans will a flattering look to the getup. Looking for something eye-catchy for footwear then why not opt for the ankle boots.


Before you adopt a style from the above list, make sure your outfit is the right fit. Choose your favorite ensemble or make your own getup around the warm jacket. Hope you will be ready to pull off an effortless staple this winter.

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