How to Stay Warm and Look Chic with Winter Wool Coats

Wool Coat For Winter

Anyone who is the slightest bit interested in fashion knows how excruciatingly important it is to have a winter wool coat in your wardrobe. It not only enhances your look, but it also feels amazing. The material is very practical and obtained from sustainable sources.

The best thing about wool coats for women is that you can style them with just about anything. Whether you put it over a pretty dress or with ripped jeans, either way, it makes you look effortlessly trendy.

Because of the excellent insulating qualities of wool, you can wear the coat at any temperature while looking stylish at the same time.

Here are a few styles and types of wool coats that look chic in any weather:

The Pea Coat

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The classic fit of the pea coat has a very simple yet elegant cut. It is perfect for a breezy day in the fall or warm, sunny winter afternoons. This coat is extremely popular as it goes with almost anything and looks great on both men and women! Pair it with knee-high boots, a classy bag or a smart scarf, and you are good to go to just about any place you want to.

The Wool Trench Coat

Black Wool Coat

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The trench coat is also known as an overcoat or a long coat. Some may call it the winter version of the trench coat because it is warmer than a regular trench coat. A wool trench coat is long, graceful, and always comes with a belt that you can tie onto your waist and show off that killer hourglass figure. Wear it with joggers, as Hailey Bieber does, or with the shoes of your liking for an added classy touch!

The Duffle Coat

Wool Coat With Hood

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The duffle coat typically has horn toggle fastenings or a zipped front and a hood. It is most commonly seen with patched pockets and is usually in a shorter length. It is a winter must-have for many and even celebrities often can be seen wearing a similar coat with a warm scarf or a comfy turtleneck sweater to get through the cold weather while looking absolutely tasteful.

The Double-Breasted CoatDouble Breasted PeacoatBuy Similar Coat

The double-breasted is a classic wool coat and is often considered the most traditional coat. It is usually worn on formal occasions within the corporate landscape. Nonetheless, its versatility allows it to be worn over a suit, on top of a simple outfit, or to protect your party clothes when going to a winter wedding. This coat is an absolute go-to for light snowy winter days!

The Turtleneck CoatLong Coat BlueBuy Similar Coat

A turtle neck or high-collar coat is exactly what it sounds like. It usually features buttons upfront, buckled long sleeves, and two pockets slating on the sides. When the weather is freezing with sharp winds, the turtleneck coat is highly practical while giving you a smart look. It can help cover your nose and improve your breathing while protecting your neck from getting stiff in the cold winds. So next time a snowstorm hits, you know which coat you should grab!

The Collarless CoatMaroon 3 4 Length CoatBuy Similar Coat

A collarless coat is perfect when you are looking for something a little less warm yet fabulously timeless. It is considered one of the fancier wool coats. It can really step up your fashion game and keep you from catching a cold. Just pair it with a gorgeous dress and a glittery scarf, and you will be the belle of the ball!

The Shawl Collar Winter Wool CoatBrown PeacoatBuy Similar Coat

If it’s a chilly winter night and you have a date, this oversized shawl collar style might just be the best coat to wrap yourself in. Not only does it provide you with warmth, but it makes you look elegant. It almost always comes with side inserted pockets, long sleeves, and a removable belt at the waist, all the more reasons to get this coat. Pair it with skinny jeans and stilettos, and you are ready for your night out!

The Car Coat

Green Wool Coat

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This is the most basic wool coat ever. It’s the ultimate commuter coat. It’s light on the body, comfortable for sitting down, and very easy to pack since it doesn’t cover a lot of space. So, if you were planning a sudden road trip in the winter, this should definitely be your first pick. Pair it with a thick sweater, some gloves to keep yourself from freezing, and guaranteed you will have the most amazing time! You can add accessories to your ensemble to look cooler.

Tips to keep yourself warm with our winter wool coat

The natural fibers of winter wool coats have excellent insulating properties that help you retain body heat while protecting you from the external elements of the weather. However, if you want some added protection against the cold weather, here are some tips to help you stay extra warm while going out during the winter months:

  • Wear protective inner gear such as long underwear and thermal leggings.
  • Always keep a smart scarf with you to cover your neck and protect it against the sharp, biting winter winds.
  • Get your hands in some fashionable gloves. Subtle colors like grey, blue, and beige are your best picks.
  • Soft woolen socks keep your feet warm and allow better temperature regulation for the rest of your body.
  • Find a beanie that suits your face and covers your ears. What people don’t realize is that covering the ears is very important during the cold to avoid getting head colds and winter migraines.

There are so many types of wool coats to pick from. But each coat carries with it different characteristics and can change the way you feel. While one can make you feel feminine, another style can bring forth your fearlessness. Enhance the look of each coat with a fresh hairstyle and a cool handbag. Play with different colors and designs along with a variety of exclusive accessories to create numerous unique looks for your winter wardrobe!

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1. Is a wool coat warm?
When it comes to winter outerwear, a wool coat is one of the first fabrics that come to mind. A coat made from wool will provide you more warmth if it has a thick lining.

2. Are wool coats worth it?
Wool coats come in multiple styles and colors. If you love wool coats you will know they totally worth it. They can go with most of the outfits in your wardrobe provide a good textured look and keep you warm.

3. How do you wear an oversized wool coat?
An oversized wool coat allows the flexibility you can wear thicker layers in it too. Pair a legging, slim fit trousers, and skinny jeans will balance out the top bulk and provide you a classy look.

4. How do you style a wool coat?
Choose a grey or black color wool coat with a belt that will add a shape to your wool coat and pair it with a light inner layer so the wool coat will pop. You can add a neck scarf that matches the shoes that will provide you warmth and style.

5. How long will a wool coat last?
If you have a budget to buy good quality wool coat it will last 4 to 6 years with proper care. For some people, wool coats can last upto 10 years who don’t wear them often and very sensitive about the health of their coats.

6. Can you wash 100% wool?
100% wool can be washed in a machine if your machine has a wool setting, if it doesn’t have a wool setting then you can select a delicate cycle setting. You can also take it to dry cleaners.

7. Do wool coats get ruined rain?
The wool coat absorbs the water but it doesn’t damage it. You can wear a wool coat in rain but it is better to avoid it because already there will be dust on a coat when it gets wet during rain, water will mix with the dust and decrease the softness of the wool. If you wear it during rain then you should wash it before drying that will clean all the dust from wool.

8. How much does dry cleaning a wool coat cost?
Dry cleaning the wool coat doesn’t cost much because wool is not a very sensitive fabric like others, it costs between $3 to $30 to dry clean a wool coat and a man’s two-piece suit will cost between $10 to $50.