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How to Style in a Cafe Racer Jacket?

How to Style in a Cafe Racer Jacket

Cafe racer jacket is known as the subdivision of a motorcycle jacket. It is recognized by a round collar, straight zipper, and minimalistic style. It mostly comes with two pockets some times four two on chest and two on waist.

It is popular among the racers and bikers for traveling but now it is used as a normal jacket for casual and fashion purpose. Men and women both wear it all around the year because of its simplicity and beauty. The main reason behind its success is it’s easily befitted with any dress and give more reliable results.

There are various styles available for cafe racer jacket and unlimited ways to wear it. Let’s take a look.

Black jacket with a white T-shirt

black cafe racer jacket for mens

A new way to style up yourself with black cafe racer jacket is to wear it with a white T-shirt and black jeans. You can add wristwatch and glasses to increase the smartness. A classy jacket to wear daily with a casual dress for a friendly appearance.

Complete black with a brown jacket

new style brown jacket

Women also wear a cafe racer style, it is not bounded to the men only. A tan brown cafe racer with flap pockets will give dramatic expression with ripped black jeans. The lightweight and elegant jacket is the best option for ladies. It can be wear at party, weddings and commute places effortlessly.

Jacket with muffler and jeans

men black style cafe racer

Never restrict to one style to wear a jacket you can make your own impressive style. Buttoned collar cropped best cafe racer jacket will give you a badass appearance with muffler or scarf on the neck. Glasses will be a plus point for your look.

Zipper jacket with a handbag

stylish jacket for women

Due to the simplistic style and lightweight properties, ladies prefer the cafe racer style jacket more for traveling. You can consider a brown jacket which pockets and cuffs are zipper style and shoulder part have a nice quilted design for decoration. It increases the attraction and beauty of women effortlessly in less time.

Black jacket over your casual attire

distressed style men jacket

A black cafe racer leather jacket will be useful in winter when you feel cold in a denim shirt. Easy way to wear it is over a gray shirt and dark blue jeans to get a sophisticated look.

Cafe racer with formal dressing

formal jacket style

You can wear this jacket over a formal dress, white shirt, and black pant. A perfect item for commute and casual purpose. A young man needs something different to achieve a fabulous appearance in a short time and it is only possible with leather jackets.

Sweater + Black jacket

stylish men jacket style

If you’re young from the heart then you can adopt new styles easily. A perfect combo can be created by adding black cafe racer leather jacket, a sweater, and black trouser pant. For showing off the attitude and style, you just need black sunglasses and a smile on the face 🙂

These are the best-known ways to style a cafe racer jacket. I hope you like it and if you do, feel free to leave your comments.

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