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How to Wash Leather Jacket

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A premium quality leather jacket is once in a lifetime buy for many people. But with time jacket starts to look older because of dust and stains. After receiving lots of questions about washing leather jackets, we have decided to answer those queries through this post. Washing leather is not simple like your other garments because you can’t throw your leather jacket in the washing machine.

The simplest way to wash your leather jacket is to take it to a professional who has a good reputation, but it comes with a little bit of cost. We recommend you an alternative way to clean your jacket at home within budget.

Can you wash a Leather Jacket at Home without Ruining It?

You can’t wash your leather jacket but you can clean it at home to make it look as good as new. Before following our guide, read the jacket label inside your jacket to be beneficial in the further procedure. You need to get the following items to clean your leather jacket at home.

  1. Clean cloth (microfiber cloth is ideal) and a brush.
  2. Bowl, clean water, and baby shampoo or leather cleaning solution.
  3. Leather Conditioner (optional).

How Do You Wash a Leather Jacket (DIY)!

You need to buy a good quality leather cleaning solution and a leather dust cleaning brush. Don’t worry if you want to wash your jacket without buying any extra product then we also have alternative methods that are doable with available items at your home.

Follow our simple yet effective steps to clean your leather jacket

1. Clean the Dust from Leather Jacket

dust off leather jacket

Start with cleaning the dust from the jacket’s surface. Make sure you are using a brush that won’t damage the leather. So, I would suggest you buy a leather cleaning brush from Amazon that will be useful for the long term. You can also clean the dust from the jacket surface with a clean cloth.

2. Wash Your Leather Jacket with Baby Shampoo or Leather Cleaning Solution


  • Take a bowl of water
  • Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of baby shampoo to a bowl of water and mix it.
  • Dip the cloth(you can use a towel or sponge too but a microfiber cloth is ideal) in the bowl with baby shampoo solution, wring extra water out then apply the damp cloth on the surface of the leather jacket.
  • Once the surface of the jacket is wet then start wiping the jacket in a circular motion with a cloth. Make sure to wipe the spots with stains first.
  • Then take a clean cloth damped in freshwater, and start wiping the surface of the jacket to remove the detergent/shampoo stain.
  • Take a clean dry towel to wipe all the excess water from the surface of a leather jacket with the same circular motion.
  • Now you have to dry your jacket before using it. Avoid using a dryer or direct sunlight for this process that can damage your jacket. Hang it in a breezy place for at least 24 hours and you are ready to go.


Cleaning Leather Jacket with Leather Cleaning Solution

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You can skip washing jackets with baby cleaning solutions by using a leather cleaning solution. It can be available in leather specialty stores good quality leather cleaner can cost you a few dollars. These cleaners come in different forms (bars spray or gel). They come with step by a step user manual. But first, try to use the leather cleaner on a small part of the jacket (inside the jacket) to check how it affects the leather.

3. Apply Leather Conditioner


Apply leather conditioner on the jacket once it is completely dry after the cleaning process. It will revive the shine of leather, make it soft and supple. Even some conditioner comes with waterproofing ability that will make your jacket life longer.

I hope this guide will help you in keeping your leather jacket fresh. It will also make the environment better by convincing people to buy leather jackets that can last at least ten years and replace disposable fashion pieces. If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, then you should scroll down to our FAQ section.


1. Can I wash a leather jacket?

You can clean a leather jacket but you can’t throw it in the washing machine that can ruin it. Spot cleaning with leather cleaning products or baby shampoo is the best way to clean your jacket or you can take it to a reputed leather specialist.

2. How to wash a leather jacket with lining?

First, you have to remove stains from the leather jacket’s outer shell. Then turn it inside out and hang it on a hanger. Make detergent solution in a bowl by mixing water with it. Dip a clean cloth in that bowl and start wiping the lining of the jacket in a circle. Clean the soap by dipping a towel in clean water and wipe all the soap with it. Then hang it on a hanger for at least 10 hours until it is completely dried.

3. How to wash a leather motorcycle jacket?

Washing a leather motorcycle jacket is a little tricky because of the detailing. First, you need to take off studs if they are removable. Then you need to wash it with leather cleaning sprays.  The only spray-type leather cleaner will be able to clean the detailing of the motorcycle leather jacket smoothly. Follow the cleaner manual that comes with it.

4. How to wash a leather welding jacket?

Buy a can of saddle soap from your nearest leather shoe store. Wash your welding leather jacket with it. Your jacket won’t be completely new after washing because welding jackets are used in rough environments but it will remove most of the dirt out of it and you will feel soft and much cleaner.

5. Can leather jackets get wet?

A leather jacket can get wet and if it is not dried in a proper way it will get ruined. After wearing it in a heavy rain leather jacket can get stiff. You can make your leather waterproof by applying a waterproofing conditioner to it.

6. Can anyone wash a leather jacket?

Washing a leather jacket is not easy if you make a single mistake it can be ruined. If you really want to wash the leather jacket then read a guide from a leather specialist. You can start your practice by washing older leather items before washing your favorite leather jacket.

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