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How to wear suspenders to look absolutely classic in any season

how to wear suspenders

Since 1820 suspenders have been playing a vital role in men’s wardrobe. Suspenders are also known as braces. Do you guys know that suspenders were worn as undergarments before? No? Well yes, it is true.

A long time ago suspenders were only considered as undergarments and people wore them under their outfits. As they were known as undergarments no one would ever see them if someone was wearing them.

Suspenders are now one of the essential accessories for everyone. Everyone wants to create a versatile look with their outfits. Want to add fun to your outfit? Add suspenders. It gives your outfit a classic look immediately. Suspenders or braces can give you the best flexible solution for any event, celebration, or occasion.

Types of Suspenders:

There are basically two of the basic types of Suspenders.

  1. Clip-Ons
  2. Button-Ons


how to wear suspenders with a belt

Clip-on are the ones that attach to your trousers or any bottom you want to wear with them. When you’re wearing a pair of clip-on suspenders they should fall straight in a line down from your shoulder to your waist.

Clip-on suspenders can be attached to almost any of your trousers, pants, shorts, etc.


how to wear suspenders casually

Button-Ons are the ones that are attached to the buttons which are sewed inside the waistband of your trousers. When you’re wearing a pair of button-on suspenders, start from the back.

You can not tuck your shirt in over your suspenders. You can surely wear an untucked shirt or sweater when you want to wear button-on suspenders.

Tips and Tricks

If you love wearing suspenders you must know how to wear them. Everything we wear has some rules related to it and I know we hardly follow the rules but we at least try to do so.

There are a few dos and don’ts associated with suspenders too. The first and the most important one is not to wear a belt when you are already wearing suspenders or braces with your outfit.

Don’t wear clip-on as button ones are more comfortable and less risky too. If you have clip-on only you are going to clip them nicely. Always choose the right width of the straps of your suspenders as it is an important step to look after.

3 Different Ways to Wear Suspenders

  1. Not so Formal

  2. Business Look

  3. Men in Black

Not so Formal

how to wear suspenders stylishly

Thinking to go classy and not so formal? Oh cool, You are reading the right style for yourself. You can go for a smart casual look by wearing a plain shirt of your favorite color.

Here is a green plain button-down shirt in the picture. Now you can pair this shirt with light cotton pants so that it will look classy, not funky.

After pairing up the shirt and pants pick a pair of dark suspenders. Here the clip-ones are used. You can wear button ones too. Just make sure not to wear a belt with any type of suspenders as it doesn’t make any sense.

For completing your not-so-formal but classy look wears your suede shoes. You can wear a bow tie also if you like to otherwise you are good to go.

Business Look

how to wear suspenders with a suit

All set to create a business look for the day? Perfect, trust me you are not wasting your time at all. Let’s begin. For this formal attire, all you need to select is a classy and bossy outfit.

Pick your favorite suit and suspenders. It can be of any color you want. Selecting suspenders can be really tricky and can be easy too.

Basically, it depends on your outfit style. If you are selecting a pair of suspenders with a suit, you need to pair your suspenders with your shoes.

Pairing them is classy and stylish at the same time. For wrapping the look wear a tie, a watch, and cufflinks. You are good to rock the look.

Men in Black

how to wear suspenders with a belt

I know that you know and you know that I know, Black color never goes out of fashion. When it comes to dressing up, black is the only color that will pop in your mind whether you are going to the park or to attend an event or going on a business trip.

Suspenders can literally make your outfit look stunning or they can ruin your outfit too if you are not going to select the correct one.

For this all-black look, you need to wear a plain white shirt as it will compliment your formal look because we can not wear a black shirt also we need something to complement our look.

While everything else will be black. Black suspenders will look great with a plain white shirt and black pants.


Still, finding suspenders difficult to wear? No right? Cool. Now to wrap things off these were some of the most comfortable and classy ways to wear suspenders for men in any season.

You will surely love your look with suspenders as they give an absolute stylish look. If you have been searching about wearing suspenders and always made mistakes lately, you will definitely get help from our blog.

Do not forget to share these tips and tricks with your beloved friends and family to make it easier for them too.

FAQ’s on How to wear suspenders:

The purpose of wearing suspenders is to hold up your trousers. Suspenders can be clip-on or button-on.
Yes, wearing suspenders will make you look well dressed. Although both are for the same purpose, belts basically divide your clothes while suspenders unite them.
Yes, you can wear suspenders with any of your pants that have attachment options.
No, they both are functional accessories and have the same purpose. They shouldn’t be worn at the same time.
Suspenders are definitely worth buying as they are a great choice for men's outfits. In some of the pants, there are no loops so you’ll surely end up wearing suspenders.
Wearing suspenders is comfortable but not for everyone. Like not everyone can manage with suspenders.
Yes, it can be bad for your shoulders if you are wearing it very tightly. Correct adjustment won’t hurt your shoulders at all.
It’s a big yes, Suspenders will look just amazing if you’ll pair them with jeans. Suspenders with jeans are the perfect match.
Yes, they do look good and give your outfit a classic look. You can wear either clips-on or button-on.
Matching shoes with suspenders is one of the tricky parts of dressing up. Either completely match them together or not at all.

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