The Best Ever Costume Guide To Dress Like Indiana Jones

Who isn’t familiar with the name of Indiana Jones and the Indiana Jones costume. The real name is Dr. Henry Walton  Jr. Moreover, the legendary actor to play this amazing character was Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Indi is such a character that people are always dressing up as in costume parties and events. The vintage hat, whip, jacket, trouser, and gun are what complete the simple yet signature look of Indy. The indiana jones merchandise we have prepared may help you to have the most realistic outfit of the glorified archeologist.

Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones Hat

Indiana Jones Hat
Available at Amazon: $11.985

Anyone who has seen any the movies knows how crucial the Indiana Jones hat is for the cosplay. Your DIY will lack an essential item if you are not wearing a hat cum fedora like this.

Indiana Jones Khaki Shirt

LS Tactical Dress Shirt
Available at Amazon: $31.19

The Dr. wears a khaki tactical shirt and so shall you. Yes we agree it’s a bit old fashioned but take this one for the cosplay team.

Indiana Jones Jacket

Indiana Jones Jacket
Available at Fjackets: $169

Thank you for taking one for the team and bringing the khaki shirt home, since you have been such a good sport we are giving you a treat. The chocolate colored retro style jacket is no less than a feast for fashion lovers. This timeless jacket is a made of brilliance and class blended with some excellent quality leather. Probably the most useful item of your whole Indiana Jones costume, as it is possible and very stylish to wear it casually and to different social gatherings.

Indiana Jones Satchel

Indiana Jones Satchel
Available at Amazon: $9.06

Archeologists need to carry a lot of stuff with them when they are on an expedition, and that’s the reason they carry the Indiana Jones satchel. So as a part of your costume, you are required to carry this type handbag. We know you don’t have any archeological stuff, but you can put your beloved thing in it such as…..sandwiches.

Indiana Jones Whip

Leather Whip
Available at Amazon: $4

You need items such as the whip. You ask why? Well there are a lot of scenes where Indy is saved because he has his whip him otherwise, there would be a lot of chaos, and the movie will not be as we remember it today. Let’s face it the movie would have sucked if there weren’t those exciting moments where he uses his whim to beat of goons, or to catch things from a distance. I think I have made my case, all in all, your will just wrong if you are not carrying a whit….khacahaaaoun (poorly interpreted whip sound).

Indiana Jones Canvas Belt

Military Web Belt
Available at Amazon: $7.99

This simple thing will help you keep your pants tight in every situation of life and cosplay. This belt is made of material and is very trendy too and buying this wouldn’t hurt your wallet.

Indiana Jones Khaki Trouser

Khaki Pants
Available at Amazon: $23.91

Your boot cut jeans would have to wait this one out. The archeologist chooses to have formal khaki pants with his khaki shirt and that’s what you are going to do if you want to have the most accurate archeological outfit.

Indiana Jones Whip Holster

Bull Whip Holder
Available at Amazon: $9.99

It helps you hold your whip and your costume among the very best in this year’s biggest cosplay party.

Indiana Jones Revolver

Airsoft Revolver
Available at Amazon: $38.71

Indy is always getting in to trouble. There is always someone trying to catch his tail, sometimes local goons, sometimes big bad crime lords, and sometime even the whole governments are after him. So he needs a side arm to fell protected. And, as your cosplay is going so well some thug might mistake you as the famous gold digger so it’s only wise to have this Indiana Jones gun just in case…

Indiana Jones Gun Holster With Belt

Belt and Holster
Available at Amazon: $17.99

You are not Tony Montana from Scarface and can’t carry a revolver in your hands. You are a dignified and decorated archeologist you need to put your gun where it belongs in a holster. Bring it out only when needed. Buy this holster of acute display of your DIY Indiana Jones costume.

Indiana Jones Brown Boot

Lace Up Boot
Available at Amazon: $140.41

Archeologists need to go to many places, from climbing mountains to diving deep in caves. So they need shoes that are perfect combination of comfort and reliability. Since these are the attributes that you are always looking for we present you these shoes that will go walk with your for a long long time.

All you have to do now is place your order for all these items and you will get the perfect costume that every Indi Jones fans desires. We have suggested these items because of the high quality and trustworthiness. So you are assured to get the exact look of Harrison Ford from the movies. Follow this guide and make your 2017 a season to remember.

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