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The Unrivaled Guide To Injustice 2 Costumes

The sequel to the 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us has finally hit the market and it is truly exceptional. The gameplay and graphics look promising, don’t forget the Mobile version, it offers the same experience as Console. The game is perfectly balanced that has retained its place among the best fighting games of all time. Apart from visuals and AI, it has also introduced new gear system for the players to modify the appearance by unlocking new items during arcade battle or playing the story mode. Just like we change our fighter’s appearance, it’s time for you to do it in real life because today we’re about to show you epic ideas for Injustice 2 Costumes to gear up just like the fighters.

Good or Evil?
our Choice

Crack Few Skulls!

Red Hood:

The anti-hero is making is debut as a DLC fighter in Injustice 2. He has brought notorious shooting styles that are hard to encounter. Ed Boon said in an interview that the character is one of the most requested fighters in the game which is the reason we added him to our DLC list along with Star Fire and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Previously, he was playable in Arkham Knight with an exclusive story that features Black Mask as the main Antagonist.  You can check out the announcement and then maybe you’ll love to cosplay him as well. Here’s your guide for Red Hood Injustice 2 Cosplay.

Red Hood JacketRed Hood HelmetTactical Military Advance GlovesRobot HandsTrousersRed Hood GunsBlack Utility Belt/Leg Holster (Right)Leg Holster (Left)Boots

Ready for Some Slap Stick!

Harley Quinn:

The crazy girl is back to kick some bats a**. She loves beating the crap out of her opponent and it’s part of her charm. That’s the only thing she wanted to do when her Puddin was alive.  However, this time she switched sides and find herself helping out the Justice League Members in defeating the main antagonist of the game, Brainiac. It looks like she has finally realized her past mistakes working with Mistah J.  I don’t want to spoil the fun as many players still haven’t tried out the game especially PC users. The playable character is somewhat crazy and we like her that way so now it’s your turn show your insane moves in our selected items for Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Costume.

Harley Quinn WigHarley Quinn Injustice 2 JacketClown Face PaintLipstickRed CorsetBelly Holster BeltMilitary Gloves/GogglesUtility BeltHarley Quinn TightsBootsAdvance Knee PadsBaseball Bat

Be Professional


Deadshot is one of the major villains in Gotham City. He’s a skilled shooter that never misses a single shot and he’s ready to proof that by entering the battle to face against other top DC Universe Fighters. His combos moves and powers rely on his shooting capabilities style that can easily drain half of the opponent’s life bar. You sure don’t want to mess with someone playing with this guy. His attire is modified version of Suicide Squad.  Looks cool though! Perhaps I’ll give you few ideas on how to dress up as Deadshot.

Deadshot Aiming GlassesMaskDeadshot Injustice 2 JacketTactical KnifeRifleKnee PadsThigh HolsterDeadshot GauntletsRed GlovesBlack Utility BeltBlack Boots



The man that was once called the leader of Justice League is now a prisoner after the fall of the regime. He had no choices left but to kill the murderer of his love, Lois. The alliance will have to go through drastic measurement to restore justice, and that can only be done when Superman is free. Netherealm finally gave Clark the looks he deserved. This suit is best to cosplay and right now, I’ve collected a few items that are not the exact same match but good for making this costume.

Superman Injustice 2 JacketRed CapeRed BootsSkinny Blue PantRed Gloves

Faster Than Ever!


The Sultan of Speed has returned to action with a new speedy fighting style. His combos are almost the same as the previous version, but there are new additions we saw in the introduction trailer that feature a brand new superpower where he took Gorilla Grodd on a massive A** kicking ride. He has always been a fan-favorite character like Batman and Superman, and sure fans would love to wear his Injustice 2 costumes add-ons.

The Flash Injustice 2 JacketMaskRed Skinny PantBoots

Restore Justice At Any Cost!


The Dark Knight is set to restore the law damaged by his rivals. Even though his Tagline, “not to cross the line” will create huge trouble for him but he must not give up. As a prominent star of the franchise, the character stands out in every way. With the new gear system, fans can transform him with epic unlockable add-ons. While that’s in the game, how about you try out his matching Injustice 2 Cosplay add-ons to create a similar look!

Hood MaskBatman Face MaskBatman Injustice 2 JacketGauntletsBlack GlovesBlack CapeTrousersBoot

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face!

The Joker:

The one and only supervillain, The Joker. Yup, he’s back to haunt the lives of those who tried to stop him before. The mad antagonist of Arkham won’t just sit and watch others talk about his demise by the hands of Superman, he’ll proof that he’s a worthy fighter and ready to crack another some skulls with his trusty crowbar. The new looks got the fans attention, I would mash up of Heath Ledger and Jared Leto Style. He looks absolutely killing! For that reason, I am gonna make you look like the Clown Prince with following items to choose for Injustice 2 Costumes.


Make-up KitGreen WigThe Joker Injustice 2 Jacket/ Purple Fit PantSlip-On Black ShoesFake Gag FlowerPistol w/ Bang FlagAssault KnifeCrowbar

Smart & Intellectual


The entire game after the fall of regime centers on the new debuting character in Injustice Universe, Supergirl. She has not just stolen the whole show but also introduced new geometric gameplay style that is strategically fantastic. Her mission is to rescue her cousin Kal-El and ready to fight for his fallen legacy. Apart from the Maneuvers, she’s also a sexy figure to adopt for cosplay. Girls can gimmick like her in following items.

Supergirl Jacket / Cape / Yoga Tights

Strong Feline Claws


There is no party without inviting Selina Kyle also known as Catwoman. The traitor and sexy ally of Batman is ready for some Cat style fighting in the new sequel. The bad kitty is among the main characters in the storyline and especially when it comes to one on one fight, she’s the princess of whiplashing. Her attire is fairly easy to create and girls can dress up the same way like the sharp claw kitty with the following items.

Catwoman MaskCatwoman Injustice 2 CorsetClaw GlovesGogglesLeather Skinny PantsWhip/ Complete Body SuitBlack Boots

Break The Ice


The Cryomancer finally made it to the DC Univers and he’s seeking for a worthy opponent. He won’t be bringing his “Alities” but don’t consider his icy moves lightly because they are enough to brutally destroy anyone. DC Fighters will have to bring their best on the table to fight this worthy Kombantant. Last time Sub-Zero Kicked Superman A** was in MK vs DC game and he’s back for more. Just like Scorpion in Injustice 1, Sub-Zero Costume is also designed by the same artist, Jim Lee. He looks absolutely epic and guesses what! I’ve made a special arrangement to help you create your own version of Sub-Zero Injustice 2 Costumes.

Sub-Zero MK SuitBlack BodysuitFull Face Cover MaskSub-Zero MaskBlack Leather Skinny PantsGlovesNinja SandalsKnee Shin ArmorIce Sword

Maximum Power



There is only one bad guy that can break anyone and that man is Bane. The evil mind and heavyweight rival of Batman are always determined to take out anyone with his hard hits and grapples. You should pick someone worthy of his capabilities like Atrocitus or maybe Swamp Thing.  Unlike his other cosplays, the mask is the major item that we need for the outfit. Unfortunately, the exact match is not available at the moment, but you can try out other versions with his injustice 2 Jacket.

Bane MaskBane Injustice 2 JacketGauntletsArmy Cargo PantKnee PadsUltra-Water Proof Boots

Young & Agile


The young hero and the son of Batman make a shift from his father’s rules of not executing to join the alliance of Superman. He doesn’t like the way his Father wants him to be but rather tries to take the situation in his own hand the brutal way. Though, the young guy looks cool in the outfit, it resembles the one in Arkham City. Sure you’ll love to play his character and here’s what you need.

Robin Injustice 2 JacketGauntletsHooded CapeNinja KatanaBootsRobin Eye MaskCargo Leather Pants

And that’s it for injustice costume guide, sure Gamers are enthusiast about the sequel, and our aim was to show viewers best Injustice 2 Outfits and Gears for Comic-Cons and Halloween. Right now, we’ve added only popular characters, and more are on their way so get ready. Stay posted and don’t forget to share this guide with other DC Comic’s Fan.

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