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Introducing Jack Baker Cosplay To Look Psychopathic

Ever watched Jason Voorhees slaughtering campers or Leatherface kidnapping young teenagers and butchering them? That’s pretty brutal, and you know what! There is a new lunatic in town that is way cruel than any horror movie character. Let me introduce you to Jack Baker, he’s a debuting villain in Resident Evil along with his family, Marguerite, Zoe and Lucas. The whole family is hallucinated by Eveline’s (except for Zoe), and on her commands, they started kidnapping people and slaughtering them like they did to TV Crew members who were investigating inside the house. This character is scary, and once you play Resident Evil 7, you won’t sleep at night thinking he might come from anywhere. This guy is willing to attack anyone and one time, he even slices off his own son’s hand, and this is not the first time he did it.

So do you like the guy? Want to turn yourself into a lunatic like him? Then, here is the stuff you need for your Jack Baker Cosplay.

Welcome To The Family

Yellow Stripe Work Shirt (Product Page)

This stripe dress shirt is almost the same as Baker’s. A formal style for any occasion but you only need it for your Costume.

Denim Khaki (Product Page)

Now for the lower parts, your pants. It’s also a very nice pick for casual wear. Remember once you add fake blood, you can’t reuse it again except for Jack Baker Costume.

Eye-Glasses (Product Page)

Crazy SOB was a family man before Eveline’s arrival. Still, he kept his glasses safe.

Fake Bald Comb Hair (Product Page)

You need this half bald wig for your cosplay otherwise it’s not essential if you already have a similar hairstyle.

Fake Beard (Product Page)

Baker looks scarier in a beard so I suggest you grow it or buy this one.

Work Boots (Product Page)

If you want to kick some Ethen’s Ass, get these leather brown boots. It fits the character outfit.

Fake Blood (Product Page)

Now, add some fake blood to your clothes. Remember, you’re only doing this for your cosplay. You can’t wash them off.

Shovel (Product Page)

Time for some digging! Carry this shovel to scare off everyone. Just like Jack.

Plastic Axe (Product Page)

Don’t take him lightly, he once tried to kill Ethan with a big Scissor so can use this axe too. It’s just a plastic toy axe for your cosplay, nothing more.

I hope you enjoy reading this costume guide for Jack Baker from Resident Evil. Stay Posted for more horrifying Cosplay DIYs.

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