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How To Make Iron Man Infinity War Costume

The Tin Man has become a fan favorite since the debut of the movie and everyone want to picture the look these days. Created by a billionaire playboy, Tony Stark who is now recognized as a superhero by MCU. Unlike some heroes, he did not keep it as a secret and rather shared his identity to the world who he is.

He designed his iconic Iron Man suit to fight against powerful enemies such as Thanos in Avengers Infinity War. Thanos is a big dude and can’t be defeated unless Tony works together other heroes. If you want to join and become a better hero, we are providing the Iron Man Costumes detailed DIY Guide that includes, Infinity War Iron Man Jacket, helmet and so much more. Let’s see the list:




Mask – (Amazon)

This Iron Man cosplay helmet (above displayed) is a major item. and has different features, for instance, the electronic sounds of suiting up and speech cues of Tony Stark. Also, the eyes have glowing LED.


Classic Mask (Amazon)

This is very classy and has cool features like the face plate is easily detachable, electronic sound effects and much more.

(Amazon) – Gloves

 These gloves are versatile accessory inspired by the Age of Ultron. A very excellent example for adults that can be used for the Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Costume. Even kids can wear it.

Shirt – (Amazon)

The cosplay is incomplete without wearing the good ol’ fashion long sleeve tee. Imported quality and made with polyester that is standard fit for all body types. Still, you can adjust the size accordingly by visiting the linked product page.

Compression Leggings (Amazon)

Now comes the part where you need to put on the pants. The legging is highly detailed and designed according to the DIY Iron Man Costume.

Boots (Amazon)

Finalize the Iron Man Costume with this boot. it is available for $100 which is way too costly. Here is a less costly red boot to save cash and become the ultimate Tin-Man easily.

(Amazon) – Shoulder Cannon

The shoulder cannon for Iron Man Costume Men, an optional item inspired and similar to the second sequel.

ironman arc shirt

Tony Stark Arc Reactor Shirt (Amazon)

The awesome long shirt of your hero has finally arrived! What makes it a unique piece for your merch collection is the iconic front chest symbol. Best to go with above Iron Man Infinity War Suit

Complete Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Suit
Iron Man Costume Adult (Amazon)

Now let’s take a look at the different type available on the internet. There are many versions but the outline is mostly the same thing.

Iron Man Costume Women (Amazon)

The attire is good to look but this sexy Iron Man Suit is more than just awesome. Designed exclusively for women with metallic material featuring leggings and boot but mask is missing. See the above DIY Section.

Iron Man Costume For Boys(Amazon)

The Iron Man Cosplay will make kids look exactly like the Tin Man. The patterns on this armor are immaculate and designed with perfection by professionals. In such price, it’s a lucky choice to get your hands on the awesome product.

Girls Cosplay (Amazon)

Similar print to the original also features mask and wrist pads to get the highest achievable look.

Just imagine, how great it would be to wear during Halloween and mislead everyone into thinking the real Tin Man is here!

We included for the whole family Iron Man Halloween Costume. We have given ideas of the best idea available and it’s up to you to decide whether to DIY or buy the complete package. Don’t forget to share and also send us your suggestions.

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