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How To Look Dapper In These James Bond Costumes

Spectre highlighted the most stylish and trendy James Bond costume as well as other characters of the movie. It has perfectly incorporated the latest trends and fashion styles into its outfits.

Therefore, the movie looked attractive and stylish. The James Bond franchises not only have clothing that is hard to get but a bit impossible.

This is because the brands have made certain items that are specifically for the movie itself, making it tough for people to have the exact thing.

In this blog, we have chosen some of that high-class-looking clothing and made a collection to give you a better idea of how to get them.

It was a lot of hard work and time-consuming but in the end, it was all worth it. We have discovered a place where you won’t only get matching outfits but other important accessories as well that will give you an exact Bond appearance.

We have picked out the must-have suits and jackets that were worn by Daniel Craig and the necessary accessories like the list of James Bond watch, James Bond tom ford sunglasses, Tom Ford 3-piece suits, and bond shoes, you must have.

If you want to look grander then we got this that will help.

James Bond White Tuxedo

James Bond White Tuxedo

There is no outfit for a man that is grander and more valuable than a tuxedo. It is the symbol of elegance, style, andcxxxxxxxxxx class and it can be only worn for the grand occasion.

James Bond, on the other hand, takes it to a completely new level. He wore this in a train scene where he has dinner with Madeleine Swann while traveling to Morocco.

Apparently, he also meets his villain’s right-hand man, Mr. Hinx, and fights with him. This is how you can replicate his look from the movie by getting this James Bond tuxedo shirt, and the Daniel Craig James Bond watch.

White Tuxedo from Spectre

James Bond White Tuxedo

Mens Wrist Watch

Casio Men Watch

James Bond Shoes

Oxford Style James Bond Shoes

Watch any movie about James Bond, and you will see him dressed in the most fashionable casual clothing too. It does become a strange thing to point out how someone like James Bond takes out time to know what’s trending in fashion, especially when he’s so busy with missions.

The only free time he gets to himself is when he needs to sleep and eat, probably. Nevertheless, the tuxedos and suits that he wears for his formal wear are equally as good as his casual wear.

From accessories to footwear, every single item is on point and doesn’t fit out of place. James Bond always brings something new to the table. What you are about to see is a guide for casual wear.

Age doesn’t come into play when it comes to James Bond’s costume on this list. Therefore, without any further interruptions, prepare to be amazed at the biggest brands that were lucky to endorse Daniel Craig in James Bond’s latest film, Spectre. You have seen the designer tuxedo.

James Bond Morocco Jacket

James Bond Morocco Outfit

While on the hunt for Spectre, the terrorist organization, James Bond donned this Brown Suede Jacket. Madeleine Swann accompanied him on his journey through the streets of Morocco.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that an expensive jacket like this has become popular. It’s a great casual Bonds clothes item with a simple design and smooth finish and Daniel Craig glasses to go with it. Don’t forget that he is wearing one of the most loved tom ford polo shirts.

James Bond Spectre Morocco Jacket

Spectre Morocco Jacket

Mens Henley T Shirt

Tape Neck T-Shirt

James Bond Grey Trouser

Outdoor Pants

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses

James Bond Khaki Shoes

Leather Oxford Shoes

James Bond Black Spectre Jacket

James Bond Austria Jacket

The James Bond Black Spectre Jacket is such an outfit that you can wear it not only for winter but also for any other season.

You will see this Tom Ford blue jacket in a scene in Spectre when Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, crashes a plane in Austria and escapes.

If you want this outfit then check out the items that he wore.

James Bond Austria Jacket Product

James Bond Austria Jacket

Glacier Sunglasses

Glacier Sunglasses

omega seamaster watch

Omega Seamaster 300 Watch

Wool Pants

Men’s Charcoal Wool Pants

James Bond Austria Boots

Mountain Light II Boots

James Bond Suede Jacket

James Bond Suede Jacket

The James Bond Suede Jacket was worn when he had to shoot a few entertaining action scenes next to Westminister.

We chose this jacket because of the very casual yet comfy experience you will get when you try it.

It is a great styling segment and here is his look that features the Daniel Craig t-shirt.

James Bond Suede Jacket Product

Spectre James Bond Suede Jacket

James Bond Blend Trouser

Men’s Inseam Pant

playboy chukka boots

Playboy Chukka Boots

James Bond Goose Lodge Jacket

James Bond Goose Lodge Jacket

Daniel Craig donned this super warm James Bond Goose Lodge Jacket when he wore it in Austria.

It will not be seen in the film because the above image was taken at a photocall with Dave Bautista and one of the Bond girls, Lea Seydoux.

It is great for regular wear and this is what you need to copy his handsome look with any James Bond shirt.

James Bond Goose Lodge Jacket Product

James Bond Austria Blue Jacket

Polarized Sunglasses

Persol Po Sunglasses

James Bond Fit Jean

Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans

Alloy Toe work shoes boot

Men’s Quarry GTX Boots

….And, with that, we end the list of Bond’s casual look. Here, these James Bond Costumes don’t necessarily have to be worn for one particular season. Daniel Craig looked smart and handsome in these outfits and you are lucky enough to adapt to it.

Choose any look from the above, or all three, and display it proudly.

Now it’s time for the ideal James Bond costume. These suits are becoming very popular and are apparently best sellers. Spectre has spent a lot of money on its outfits and gadgets.

It could be one of the most expensive movies of the franchise. Daniel Craig has shown us repeatedly that he is a true Bond on and off the screen. His styles always amaze us and have a huge impact on women.

Here are the three suits of Agent 007 with the accessories.

James Bond Morocco Travel Suit

James Bond Brown Travel Suit

This is the James Bond Spectre Brown Suit that was worn when Bond and his Bond girl, Madeleine Swann, traveled on the train to meet his villain, Franz Oberhauser in Morocco.

As you can see, Bond turned this boring color into a fashionable outfit. The straight-cut design of the suit will give you a stylish look and will efficiently show off your choice of suits.

James Bond Brown Suit Product

James Bond Spectre Brown Suit

James Bond Morocco Shades

Henry Ft0248 Sunglasses

james bond ring

James Bond Spectre Ring

james bond brown shoes

Spectre Wingtip Shoes

James Bond 24 Suit

James Bond Suit

Daniel wore this elegant JB Spectre 3 Piece Suit in Rome during a car chase scene in the movie. Agent 007 drove his Aston Martin DB10 against Dave Bautista’s Jaguar C-X75. Both these cars were custom build for this specific movie.

His suit and dark James Bond sunglasses gave him a killer look that lays a lasting impression. This is how you can set an impression.

You can take the Omega James Bond watches from above to complete the look.

James Bond Piece Suit

James Bond Spectre 3 Piece Suit

suit tom ford sunglasses

Tom Ford Snowdown Sunglasses

James Bond Gloves

Spectre Leather Gloves

james bond shoes black

James Bond Leather Shoes

James Bond Spectre Gray Suit

James Bond Gray Suit

This Spectre James Bond Gray Suit is a great stylish color you can try out. The black suit is considered a funeral outfit nowadays so it will be best if you style it in some other colors. This gray would do perfectly!

Bond wore this suit as he was mentioning his cool gadgets and his sports car to Q in the movie. This sleek suit gave me a classy look and here is how you can achieve it.

james bond spectre suit

James Bond Spectre Suit

James Bond Tom Ford Black Shades

Tom Ford Leo Sunglasses

james bond black shoes spectre

Spectre 007 Oxford Shoes

Daniel Craig pulled off his James Bond character superbly by wearing these suits. It is no surprise that these suits are the latest trend in fashion. The designs, cut, and color has been perfectly made to ‘suit’ your persona and bring out your fashionable image.

They can be confidently worn for any formal event, especially to the famous James Bond party ideas costume, without restrictions relating to color. James Bond suits and their accessories are of good quality and ready to provide you with an attractive appearance.

That’s a Wrap

That was the end of the James Bond style guide! Four jackets, three suits, and one tuxedo with the watches worn by James Bond. Noticed how there are stunning James Bond sunglasses with every attire?

The Spectre sunglasses are in trend and now you know why. These are the main highlights in terms of style from JB’s latest movie, Spectre.

They don’t come any more reasonable than this. Each product originally costs more than thousands of dollars but you’ll get it here at a low price and equally better quality to wear for a James Bond costume party or 007 Halloween costume.

This was your James Bond Costume from Spectre that you can implement in your lives.



James Bond is most famously known for wearing tailored suits. They are often single-breasted, two-piece, or three-piece suits. The choice of color typically ranges from navy blue to gray, with the occasional black and the famous white tuxedo for events.
Bond styles his suits in a very classic, understated manner. He usually pairs them with a white dress shirt, a muted tie, and black or brown Oxford shoes. He further accessorizes his look with sunglasses and watches.
James Bond has worn a variety of tuxedos throughout the series. Some examples include a black shawl collar tuxedo in Dr. No, a tuxedo with a slightly wrinkled silk faced lapel in Roger Moore's era, and a dark navy tuxedo worn by Daniel Craig​.
Bond's dinner jackets have unique features, such as six mother-of-pearl buttons in the front (with the bottom button unbuttoned), and a slim shawl collar. Connery's Bond was seen in an ivory dinner jacket with slim peaked lapels, skipping the pocket square for a red carnation buttonhole.
Start by investing in well-fitted tailored suit, white dress shirts, and good shoes. For casual wear, go for the tailored, classic look – think polos, lightweight sweaters, and chinos.
James Bond's accessories are elegant and minimalistic. His signature accessories include luxury watches, such as Rolex or Omega, and cufflinks. He occasionally wears sunglasses, preferring classic styles like Aviators. His ties and pocket squares are typically solid or subtly patterned.

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