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Jedi Costume | A Treat From Galaxy Far Far Away

Jedi Costume

Star Wars has always the central attraction for the cosplayers for their next cosplay. In the series of Star Wars, there are several characters that people love to cosplay including Han Solo or Princess Leia that can also be titled as the best characters to portray as a couple. Just like that, star wars jedi costume is also pretty famous among the fans of the franchise. Normally you will definitely find one guy portraying the character on any event of Comic-Con or especially on Halloween parties.

Items Required

Jedi Suit

Jedi Suit (Product Page)

First thing that you will need is this package suit that has everything that you will need except for the shoes. The package will come with Inner Jedi tunic, Outer Tunic, Tabard, the belt, pants and the robe. The materials that are used for making your star wars jedi tunic include linen, cotton and polyester material. It’s a cheap jedi robe and best for cosplay as well.

Jedi Boots

Jedi Boots (Product Page)

The next thing will be the leather jedi boots that you will need to complete your Star Wars costume. This brown pair of shoes is actually made for star wars jedi cosplay. The material used to make it is synthetic leather and it fit to size. Now you’re one step away from your costume and incarnation as the member of the wisest council.

Jedi Lightsaber

Jedi Lightsaber (Product Page)

Last but not the least, you will need this lightsaber along with your star wars jedi outfit to have the complete the Jedi cosplay. In Star Wars, there are many different colors of lightsaber and all characters have their own color of peace and war. Jedi uses the blue lightsaber for fighting against the bad forces of the galaxy.

This will complete your star wars jedi costumes and now you’re ready to go for the haunt at Comic-Con or Halloween party at your friends place. You will definitely win the night just by following this easy costume guide made by Fjackets. Feel free to share it with everyone because this is also a jedi woman costume.

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