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Iconic Costume Guide for Legendary Michael Jackson

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The king of pop and legendary Michael Jackson was the top-ranking star who was known for his moonwalk style of dance. Fans still love to watch all those amazing performances and don’t forget The Thriller, it was outstanding and one of the best-selling song that captured the audience. In his real life, he was a kind person who loved his family and friends but he was also going through various complications that led to his death in 2009.

Many covers singers also tried to copy his style and perform like him but failed because he was one of a kind that we lost. Still, if you like to Beat It or look scary as the thriller character in Halloween than all you need is wear few items related to the iconic Michael Jackson Costume.


“Evil’s lurking in the dark – THRILLER” 

MJ Thriller Wig

Thriller MJ Wig (Amazon)

To look the the 80’s pop dancer, you must first change your hairstyle. If you don’t have all wiggly and curly here dude then go for the featured wig. It is designed with synthetic fiber and feels just like real.

Thriller Jacket

Thriller Jacket (Fjackets)

Now for the outfit, the most iconic jacket inspired from the song is here and now you can grab this cool outfit to portray like the King of POP. Made from Synthetic Leather that comes with adjusted belts and fine details. You’ll definitely look spooky.

Orange Slim Fit Pants

Orange Slim-Fit Pants (Amazon)

Here comes the matching pant for your outfit. The premium pant can be worn with any apparel especially with Michael Jackson Costume. It is stretchable and available in premium quality.

Michael Jackson Sparkling Shoes

Moon Walk Shoes (Amazon)

Shows are the key essentials for MJ cosplay. If you want to cosplay, slide or toe stand like MJ, then buy one of these spectacular shoes inspired by the character. It comes with sparkling pair of socks and officially licensed by Michael Jackson products.

Showin’ How Funky and Strong is your Fight – BEAT IT


Michael JAckson Beat It Jacket

Beat It Jacket (Celebs)

You think you’re bad and you have the move? Then proof it by wearing the classic 80’s style MJ jacket inspired from the Beat It Song Video. There are many features of this outfit and one of them is the multiple pockets. Great for cosplay as well fashion.

MJ Beat It T Shirt

Original 8-Ball MJ Shirt (Amazon)

He was seen wearing the tee in the starting scene of the song. Now grab the same look by purchasing this iconic Piano Tee. A great choice and features high quality print.


Slim Fit Pants

Slim Black Pants (Amazon)

Yeah Mike was really slim and only way to perform like the legend is to wear slim fit pants. This one completely matches with the one he wore in Beat It Song. It fits almost everyone. Note – For Wig and Shoes, see above Michael Jackson Costume list. 

Annie, are you OK?- Smooth Criminal

MJ Costume Wig

MJ Long Wig (Amazon)

In Smooth Criminal, we seen a new hairstyle as well some modification in his outfit. For the hairs, I present you this amazing wig that looks eye popping. It is so real people will consider it authentic.

White Gangster Hat

Gangster Hat (Amazon)

Being a gang member is not enough, you should put up a dance rather than fight. Others will follow you, just roll the dice and wear the funky hat.

White Gloves

White Gloves (Amazon)

Fascinating gloves are required to match up as the Smooth Criminal Host. You should pick one of these milky white glitter gloves to throw shine and make a sparkling appearance.
White Tie And Blue Shirt

Blue Shirt w/ White Tie (Amazon)

Now featuring the best ever design formal shirt with white tie. It is designed for your Michael Jackson Costume and also a perfect re-edition for fashion.

Smooth Criminal Blazer

White Blazer (Amazon)

Recreate the criminal look in added coat that goes with all the essential items. The blazer comes with an attached blue patch and ensure it fits easily.

White Dress Pant

White Dress Pant (Amazon)

To complete your Michael Jackson costume, we added the pant. The pant is made from cotton material and also comes with back pockets. Easily washable and fits easily.

Mike’s performance has provided great inspirations that features glittering sparks of beauty. This guide will not only help you become the King of Pop but also a Tribute to the singer. Bring back the good ol’ 80s and dress up as the Legendary symbol of Music.


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