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La La Land Clothing DIY Guide For Fashionista

Lala Land Costume 1

Want to create a look inspired by the ’60s? It is not hard to adapt to that nostalgia style of fashion once you watched innovative movies like La La Land that was released in 2016. I can’t say it is like Forest Grump or The Proposal but a film that showed us a great message of how two love birds can stay together even after going through ups and downs in life. All you need is a twist of traditional jazz music, and your life will be glorious.

One of the most iconic things that I noticed is the bright color dresses Mia worn in the movie that has caught so many woman’s attention that includes my friend’s too. If this film inspired your mind to adopt the same fashion like Sabastian and Mia, then you’re not the only one, the echo is spreading everywhere, and it definitely earns a right place in your wardrobe too.

If you want to see similar styles of costume, then you don’t have to struggle in your search because I’ve enumerated favorite vintage La La Land Clothing for memorable events.



Mia Lala Land


Mia Blue Dress











Emma Stone dressed up in this blue maxi v-neck and matching items while filming the movie La La Land. In this dress, she is looking more beautiful and iconic. Every fashionista girl should pick this outfit along with matching stuff to dress up like Mia, and you can wear it on any occasion.

This Fashion Includes:

V-Neck Semi-Formal Maxi Dress

Sally Dress Sandal

Aquamarine Necklace

Envelop Handbag


MIA Yellow Swing Dress Neck Floral with Dance Shoes















Sure every woman wants to walk with an impression. However, to receive best compliments, you should try out this featured style Floral Dress along with Tap Dance shoes to feel romantic and classy. It’s not the same one as she was worn in the movie but it’ll create a similar personality. In short, it’s a matching alternative for you.

Evoke your Style with:

Floral Neck Swing Cocktail Dress

Black and White Spectators

Dance Sequence Green Dress
Mia Dance Green Dress











Put everyone in envy with this similar fashion mia’s outfit which can go for any occasion. For a special occasion like prom night or Valentine’s Day, you should consider this because it is a character-defining outfit every woman prefer to wear. A Vivid trendsetting example created by Emma Stone in La La Land

Create your own Scene with:

Cocktail Green 1950 Dress

Onyx Accent Teardrop Earring

Women’s Platform Shoes

Green Onyx Pendant


Lala Land Emma Stone Coral Dress












This elegant dress was the one Ryan can’t keep his eyes off. Mia is looking very gorgeous when she dressed up in it that also matched her skin tone. The featured replica dress is no different than the original. Just a bit lighter but still it worth to create a look. The vintage outfit set will let you blend anywhere.

Show Your Vintage Personality with Following Items:

Coral Similar Sleeveless Vintage Dress

Clutch Style Fashion Wallet

Solitare Aquamarine Necklace


Sebastian DIY Guide


Ryan Gosling Brown Suit












Look dapper in this sartorial matching three-piece suit that he wore in the movie. Gosling created a spectacular personality in the suit so can you. The classic outfit is inspired by 60’s fashion which artists prefer to utilize in this Oscar-nominated movie. This complete suit is all you need to make your move.

Render your Move in:

Ryan Gosling Brown Suit

Lace up Synthetic Casual Shoes


Ryan Gosling Sebastian Complete Suit Combination












Many of you don’t like khaki stuff but to be honest, when you wear it with matching items, you’ll build a never fading personality. Ryan Gosling did the same in his movie and left an inspiration that world needs to know. These separated items are best to wore on special occasion and can mash up with previous La La Land Clothing I mentioned for Sebastian.

Go for this Stuff:

Ryan Gosling Blazer

Lace Up Dress Shoes

Khaki Dress Pants

Silk Embroidered Tie


Sebastian Formal Dance Shirt Guide










Make this combination your priority for any occasion because it’s a casual fashion that only men like Ryan can pull off. A Style of choice for that looks classy all the way, and there is the only slight difference in these combinations that are barely noticeable. These ideas can be paired with any outerwear for men.

Let the Dance Begin:

Formal Perfect Fit Dress Shirt

Men’s Travel Dark Brown Pants

Casual Modern Spectators


Inspired Lala Land Couple

After Dressing up as your favorite two main characters from La La Land, you can build your own romantic session. This image is an example of how lovers are engaged to one another portraying the same feeling of love like in La La Land Movie. Just play the Jazz music and follow the DIY guide so you too can share your alternate dancing scene with the world.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet then select desired outfit and go to the nearest cinema with your sweetheart to enjoy a lovely movie feelings.

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