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The Best Guide About Linen Suits – Maintaining & Styling

The best fashion designers keep various factors in mind before creating their masterpieces for the seasons. They need to see that their outfits’ colors go perfectly with the season’s theme and that whoever buys them can feel comfortable and adjust to the environment. Comfort is the primary factor nowadays with the climate changing in every country in the world. It does get unbearable to wear your favorite expensive outfit because you feel uneasy about it. Time has taught us to improve and made us experience some fantastic clothing for the summer. And hence the arrival of linen suits.

When we speak about the seasonal outfits in the formal clothing category for men, there is one outfit that everyone wants to get their hands on. That outfit is a linen suit. Because these suits are not worn as commonly as cotton suits, makes men want to get it even more badly. They are not very expensive, but their quality certainly proves that they should be. These type of clothes are mostly worn for the bigger occasions and more preferably in summer. For those who have never heard of these types of suits or don’t know why they are so special, keep reading on.

linen fabric

Know The Fabric:-

Once upon a time, linen was considered to be a very costly material, and it took a lot of time to come to its finished form. This material was found in caves at one point and is suggested to be 36,000 BC old, that is a very long time. During the trade system thousands of years ago, whoever had linen was considered to be rich because of how valuable it was. Linen got its name from a Latin name for a plant called Linum. The fibers of that plant are used to produce quality linen clothing.

Some stores tend to sell their linen outifts at a very high price because of the length procedure and the delicate care the crop needs so that the changing climate doesn’t ruin it. While this is understandable, some clothing stores prefer to sell men linen suits at an affordable rate.

The fabric is considered perfect for summer and other warm weathers because of how easy it is to breathe in it. The reason for that is because linen’s thread count is lesser than cotton. It is lighter and can absorb moisture more quickly, making it the ideal wear for a formal occasion in the summer.

wedding linen suit

Where Not To Wear It:-

Knowing how grand and stylish these suits can look on you, the fact that people use them as an outfit for the wrong place is a shame. These linen suits for men are only eligible to be worn as a smart casual dress code, dinner suit or a wedding outfit. Some of the men wear it to work and office meetings because they want to lay a lasting impression. The negative thing is that these will make you look good, but the entire meaning and symbolism of the linen suit diminishes. Therefore, wearing it to work is a no-go.

brown linen suit

The Perfect Place To Wear It:-

Any clothing storekeeper will advise you that whichever light color linen suit you choose can be worn for a wedding ceremony at the beach and would be a great suit for the groom. Beach weddings are becoming every couple’s dream theme. The beautiful view of the ocean, the sand to match your suit, the outdoor scenery makes your wedding ceremony even more gorgeous. The breathable material will make you feel relaxed at all times. These suits define the class and the luxury that a wedding suit possesses so you will look high-class no matter what. If you are engaged and looking for a great theme for your wedding, this outfit can help you out.

camel brown linen suit

The Secret In The Style:

Unfortunately, men don’t do in-depth research on their outfits. The internet provides brands and how the outfits that everyone is crazy about came into being. When they choose to skip the research and study, they don’t know what they are missing out on, and they live to regret it. There have been many grievances from people that all linen suits are a big risk in spending lot of money for the reason that they get crumpled very easily. They are very vulnerable and put a bad image in people’s minds. The fact that these linen suit wedding are known for their crumples confuses people that this can also be considered as part of fashion. These creases set apart linen, from others, and what others see as bad, it is indeed good. Ripped jeans are the best example of something similar to this.


This Is How To Maintain It:-

If you think these suits are too delicate to handle and maintain, you could not be more wrong. Linen is such a piece of fabric that is sturdy and can last longer than any other suit with proper care. So if you got a linen suit in your wardrobe but don’t wear it too often, you require less effort. But you have to wash it and store it for further use regardless of how many times you put it on.

The areas to watch out for are the ones where you fold it too tightly, don’t put pressure on it. That will be the most worn out section.

If there is a small stain, then don’t make the mistake of sending it to the dry cleaners.

For linen suits, you need to do the washing yourself by using the hand wash technique or the washing machine. Manual washing is the best way to maintain this expensive suit.

linen suits

If you are lucky, the money that is kept aside for one linen suit can be used to get two. Or, if you want to experiment with your dressing by mixing up the trend and colors then you do that as well. These suits, as mentioned above, come in use as a casual outfit too. Men often wear linen blazers, linen shirts, and linen trousers and then mix it up when they go out. A linen blazer, or the entire suit, can be worn with a t-shirt inside. This is how you can make it work in your smart casual style. The t-shirt can either be tucked inside or let it flow outside. It is all about showing what you are comfortable with. The trouser does not necessarily need to be of the same material and color as your blazer. Chino and Jeans can also be used to go with your linen blazer but pick the summer edition to be on the safe side.

linen suit 2015

Linen suits are available in a variety of colors, and the best styles that you should consider is gray linen suit, black linen suit, grey linen suit, tan linen suit, blue linen suit, sand linen suit, and the white linen suit. When it comes to the casual side, the white linen jacket, and the grey linen jacket are considered to be the best trending colors for blazers.

The next time when you see a linen suit, don’t be afraid to buy it. After reading this blog, you should feel more relaxed and stress-free in purchasing one for yourself, and you will be surprised by the outcome, positively.

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