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Know About The Upcoming Comic Con Conventions 2015-2019

Upcoming Comic-Con Conventions, who want to ignore that? Do you ever search for comic con near me! We all know for a fact that it’s an event filled with fans everywhere, wearing different types of cosplays, taking each other selfies and posing in front of the celebrities that mostly appear there, especially receiving autographs. Basically, some comic conventions are one-room, which every single day events are focused mostly of buying and selling of comics and even such as bigger entertaining events involves in the meet and greet of artist and other celebrities.

Considering as one type of fan convention, much large attendance also involves themselves enjoying at a larger Anime con, which creates over ten thousand people attending dozen of anime conventions, while there are less who attends other events Horror Cons. That’s pretty an insane fact but in a cool way indeed.

So now you see here are the list of entire Comic Con conventions that will take place this year and also further years to come. It’s better to know all these, and not regret not knowing the details. So here you have it, check them out and prepare yourself.

Comic Con 2019 dates and locations

Comic-Con International: July 18 – July 21, 2019, San Diego, Cali

A lot of fun is waiting for you from July 18 to 21. Join this international comic con in which thousands of participants will show their works. To enjoy the comic con you can wear any type of cosplay which you like most. Here you will get more fun in terms of games, Anime, dance, music and other wonderful things.


AniMinneapolis- May 25-27, 2018- Minneapolis, MN

You know it, the AniMinneapolis convention will rise again with loads of fun that you had before. Probably this will be the one to make it even bigger than before. All sorts of games, screening relating to Anime, and also some dance and cosplay performance will take place. Join the show and bring along everyone you know.



AniMinneapolis- May 26-28, 2017- Minneapolis, MN

It is known to be as one of the largest convention centers to have activities related to Anime, taking place at Minneapolis, MN. There will be cosplay, guests, anime screenings, music, concerts, social events, and many more for you to enjoy. Keep yourself free on May 26-28,2017.

Anime Midwest- July 7-9, 2017- Rosemont, IL

Commonly known for being the largest and loved convention of all time and that is Anime Midwest. This will take place at Rosemont, IL. It will be filled with loads of good stuff including dancing and video games. There are more and you will love it. Bring along your friends and family.



CITY CON-January 22-23, 2016-Auburndale, FL

More of a comic and fan convention, this CITY CON will take place at the Downtown, Multiple Facilities in Auburndale, FL., filled with exciting activities and celebrities to meet.

AniMore-January 22-24, 2016- Baltimore, MD

The AniMore convention will be a fan-centric and fan-run event, where the fans will get the opportunity to cosplay, meet some voice actors and other famous guests that you have dreamt of meeting. There will be such activities that you will have good time like having the celebration of anime, video games, and Japanese culture and much more.

Southern Fried Con-January 30-31, 2016-Jackson, TN

More of a pop culture convention that has been defined well as a part car show, part comic expo, and all about costuming that you will notice. There are loads of things to do there and loads of people to meet.

STCE’s Comic Con-January 30-31, 2016- Laredo, TX

With loads of excitement that you will soon witness, the STCE’s Comic Con is more of a comic convention that will take place at Texas A&M International University Student Center in Laredo, TX. Plan up now.

Star City Anime-February 5-7, 2016-Roanoke, VA

Filled with activities and surprises, this Star City Anime Convention will take place at Roanoke, VA!

Amelia Con-February 5-7, 2016-Amelia Island, FL

The multi-genre convention known as Amelia Con will take place on February 5-7, 2016, located in Amelia Island, FL. The activities will feature comics, anime, sci-fi, gaming and much more. Plus there will be some celebrities to meet so don’t miss it.

Cedar Rapids Comic Con-February 6, 2016-Cedar Rapids, IA

Something you may want to check about Cedar Rapids Comic Con which happens to be Midwest’s most affordable comic and gaming convention. Occurs to be one event in the Corridor for fans with interests of comics, games, and everything else you love. For the nerds, this is the one you should note.

SwampCon-February 13-14, 2016-Gainesville, FL

SwampCon is a multi-genre convention that features the combination Anime, Gaming, and Sci-Fi themed events. This SwampCon convention happens to be the fifth year to provide excellence to all fans with interest for games, cosplays and much more.

Infinity Toy and Comic Con-February 13, 2016-Orlando, FL

The event to take place at Orlando FL is indeed a not-waste opportunity. So keep your days free and be the part of this Infinity Toy and Comic Con convention 2016.

Kansas City Cosmic Expo- February 13-14, 2016-Kansas City, MO

This KCCE is a benefit for giving Kids The World, which features such activities like local authors, artists, gamers, costumers and cosplay artists and is dedicated to our friend Sam Adams, of the Kansas City Role-Players Guild. For the nerds, these are the activities you will be interested in.

Wizard World Portland-February 19-21, 2016-Portland, OR

In 2016, the Wizard World Portland which is a comic convention will take place at Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. It will be full of excitements and many to meet, so remember this date.

Pensacon- February 19-21, 2016-Pensacola, FL

For the gamers, this OwlCon is an annual gaming convention hosted by FastWarp, the student gaming club, at Rice University, Houston, Texas, dating back to 1980. Who’s ready to rumble? Keep yourself free for this event.

ConNooga-February 19-21, 2016-Chattanooga, TN

The convention of ConNooga will take place at Chattanooga, TN, which will feature loads of exciting activities that you sure don’t want to miss.

MGA Con-February 20-21, 2016-Macon, GA

Will take place at Macon, GA, with the events that have many things to do. This MGA Con should not be missed by you.

Central PA Comic Con-February 26-28, 2016-Lancaster, PA

All about pop culture and comic, this Central PA Con will take place in Lancaster, PA. Note the dates.

ETSU-Con-February 27-28, 2016-Johnson City, TN

In 2016 the ETSU-Con will sure to have all Artists, Vendors, Voice actors, ETSU faculty and alumni. Even those of current and prospective students who have an interest in digital media, computer science, Japanese Language and Culture Art, Theatre, and much more. There will be some great stuff for the fans of Anime, Sci-Fi, Comics, Fantasy, and Video Games from around the region to the amazing. So don’t miss it.

AniBlaze Anime and Fan Convention-March 4-6, 2016-Atlanta, GA

There will be a lot of things to take place. This AniBlaze is an anime convention which will take place at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center (Emory Area) in Atlanta, GA. If you’re an Anime fan, then you can’t miss this. Let everybody know about it.

Treasure Coast Freak Show-March 4-6, 2016-Fort Pierce, FL

You know it, the Treasure Coast Freak Show 2016 that will take place at the Fenn Center in Fort Pierce, FL. See the date and details, don’t waste it.

Lexington Comic Con- March 11-13, 2016-Lexington, KY

Check this event known as the Lexington Comic Con, which will take place at Lexington, KY. Filled with joy and excitements, so a part of this event and keep yourself free.

Fanboy Expo-March 12-13, 2016-Lakeland, FL

The Fanboy Expo convention to be held at Lakeland, FL, with following details about date mentioned. For the fans, don’t miss it and be a part.

Joelanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention-March 12-13, 2016-Atlanta, Ga

It’s happening!! Really it’s happening at he Marriott Century Center in Atlanta, Ga. and that is the Joelanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. Filled with toys and comic that you loved, all will take place there.

Texancon-March 18-20, 2016-Stephenville, TX

The annual anime and comic book convention known as TexanCon will take place at Tarleton State University campus in Stephenville, TX. About this, it has been organized by TSU Anime Club, with a purpose to make the fan have the interesting taste of Anime in Texan-style. Look forward to it.

Tri City Anime- March 18-20, 2016-Johnson City, TN

Returning to Johnson City is the awesome convention known as Tri City Anime, which will take place at Johnson City, TN.

Kawa Kon-March 18-20, 2016-St. Louis, MO

In St. Louis, MO, you will feast your eyes on a convention known as Kawa Kon, which will be on March 18th-20th, 2016. All about fun and all about excitement, don’t miss the chance.

Silicon Valley Comic Con-March 18-20, 2016-San Jose, CA

This is the Silicon Valley Comic Con, to be held on March 18-20, 2016, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose. All aboard, don’t miss the chance and keep yourself free.

SoKomics Expo- March 19, 2016- Bowling Green, KY

The convention called the SoKomics Expo, which will take place at Bowling Green, KY has the Advance Boot rate from May 1st, which you need to reserve your spot. Plus Free for Children who 10 and under and also Military Discounts are available. Don’t miss the chance as there will be surprises out there once you attend.

Middletown Comic Con- March 19-20, 2016- Middletown, DE

Yes, it’s happening. The Middletown Comic Con will take place at t the MTown Sports Complex in Middletown, DE. Many Guests of Honors will be there, which are Artist and Vendors, and also many exciting activities will be there too, like Cosplays Event with Prizes, Dealer Room and much more.

Hero Hype Convention- March 26, 2016- Miami, FL

An event where there will be such activities like Art Show, Dealer Room, Video Gaming and also for the Anime Fans there are Anime Screening, Anime Music Video and much more, will all happen at Hero Hype Convention. Entrance is only for 10$, so don’t miss it.

SC Comicon- April 2-3, 2016- Greenville, SC

At Greenville, SC lies the convention called the SC Comicon, which will sure to take place on April 2nd-3rd, 2016. Definitely, there will be loads of thrills and excitements which you can’t afford to miss.

Emerald City Comicon- April 8-10, 2016- Seattle, WA

Filled with Art Auction, Artist Alley, Board Games, Fans Panel and much more, this Emerald City Comicon will sure be a load of fun for fans around. This will take place in Seattle, WA.

Cape Comic Con- April 15-17, 2016- Cape Girardeau, MO

The show is on at the Cape Comic Con, which is on April 15-17 at Cape Girardeau, MO. All the fun will take place there. Bring your friends and family along.

Flower City Comic Con- April 15-17, 2016- Rochester, NY

Here’s is the convention that will sure to bring you back again and that is at Flower City Comic Con 2016. You’ll get to me some famous Guests of Honors, Vendors, and Artist. Even some activities like Cosplays, Video Games, and other Sci-Fi stuff will take place there. The place is in Rochester, NY.

Lebanon Comic Con- April 30-May 1, 2016- Lebanon, MO

Art Show, Artist Alley, Cosplay Events With Prizes, Fee Autographs, Video Gaming and much more will take place at Lebanon Comic-Con. For all Geeks everywhere, make time for this event soon. This convention will take place in Lebanon, MO.

Asheville Zine Fest- May 1, 2016- Asheville, NC

With loads of things to come around at many conventions, it will also take place at Asheville Zine Fest, which is on May at Asheville, NC. Keep yourself free and bring along your friends and family.

AniMinneapolis- May 6-8, 2016- Minneapolis, MN

This convention will be more of a Japanese culture, where they bring together all the Anime Fans to enjoy the weekends with Cosplays, Guest, Anime Screening and many more. This event is known to be as the AniMinneapolis which will take place at Minneapolis, MN.

Conatron- May 7, 2016- Somerset, KY

A place for all sort of fun like Cosplays, Artist Alley, Workshops and much more will take place at only pop culture convention at Conatron. It is located at the Center For Rural Development in Somerset, KY. So let everyone know about this.

Hudson Valley Comic Con- May 7-8, 2016- Poughkeepsie, NY

A place for all nerdy fun is Hudson Valley Comic Con, located at Poughkeepsie, NY. Much more for those who love games, comics and others. Bring along everyone because this is going to be fun.

Wizard World Des Moines- May 13-15, 2016-Des Moines, IA

One of the most exciting events called the Wizard World Des Moines, which is a comic convention that will take place in 2016, at Des Moines, IA. There are loads of people who make a point to attend, and so should you.

Yellow City Comic Con-May 13-14, 2016-Amarillo, TX

In 2016, Yellow City Comic Con 2016, which is a comic and pop culture convention, will have its event to take place at the Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, TX. For all those who have the love for Comics, this the event to be and you will also witness some cool stuff to take place there, like Cosplays, Video games and much more.

Northern FanCon-May 13-15, 2016-Prince George, BC Canada

A lot of things such as Cosplay Events with Prizes to happen there at Northern FanCon, which is a convention to take place at the CN Centre in Prince George, BC Canada.

Planet Comicon-May 20-22, 2016-Kansas City, MO

An event is known as Planet Comicon to take place for 3 days at Kansas City, MO. No announcements as such about Guests Of Honor and other activities, so keep yourself updated.

East Coast Comic Expo- May 20-21, 2016-Moncton, NB, Canada

Here for all-ages comes this convention known as East Coast Comic Expo, organized by dedicated Fanboys and Fangirls to celebrate comic books and comic book culture tremendously. This event will have industry professional writers & artists, along with some local vendors and many talented local creators and artisans celebrating with you all. This is going to be one heck of a show.

About Xcon World 2016- May 20-22, 2016- Myrtle Beach, SC

The XCON World comic convention takes place annually in May at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Popular artists and writers, as well as celebrities, grace the event with their presence. More than thousands of people make it a point to come for the event scheduled for three days.

About Tidewater Comicon 2016- May 21-22, 2016- Virginia Beach, VA
The Tidewater Comicon will be held in May for two days in Virginia. This event is packed with lot of fun and could not be held anywhere better than Virginia Beach. It comes only once a year and a lot of people have a great time. These two days are definitely worth it.

About Mega Con 2016- May 26-29, 2016- Orlando, FL

In the month of May, Orlando, Florida has the Mega Con for four days. It gives an excellent opportunity to all the fans to take out time and attend this mega event. People who are the architect behind their favorite comics show up and people from everywhere try to get a glimpse of them.

About MediaWest Con 2016- May 27-30, 2016- Lansing, MI

MediaWest Con is a four-day event held at Lansing, Michigan in May. In this event, there are art shows, auction, game rooms, awards and many more. This event has heavily involved with the science fiction universe. If you are a sci-fi freak, then you have to attend MediaWest Con in 2016.

About Anime Explosion 2016- May 26-29, 2016- Norfolk, VA

The Anime Explosion is a four-day event held at Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia. There are no official announcements for the guests in 2016, yet. As the name states, this is a paradise for all Anime lovers. More than 20 events are there to admire the fans including cosplays and music.

Fan Expo Dallas- June 3-5, 2016- Dallas, TX

An event for 3 days, get ready for Fan Expo Dallas, to be held at Dallas, TX. The name says it all, for all fans who love comics and cosplay, this is the place to be.

WonderFest- June 3-5, 2016- Louisville, KY

In the month of June, you will witness the most exciting convention called, WonderFest. This will take place at Louisville, KY. It will be fun, so keep yourself free.

Awesome Con- June 3-5, 2016- Washington, DC

Plan this for sure; the event called the Awesome Con will take place in Washington, DC. As the name states to be Awesome, this convention will be filled with comics, amine, and cosplays. Much more to go on there and it will be fun.

Tricon- June 4, 2016- Huntington, WV

All about fun is this Tricon convention that will take place at Huntington, WV on June 4, 2016. Don’t miss it as you will find many things that will create an excitement factor in you. More to be announced soon.

River City Comic Expo- June 11-12, 2016- Little Rock, AR

A Convention to take place is the River City Comic Expo 2016, which will be filled with fun. The event will take place at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Kids Con New England- June 11, 2016- Concord, NH

The only convention that has been made for kids is the Kids Con New England, which will take place on June 11, 2016, at Concord, NH. This is the type of event where they will be Promoting art education & literacy through comics, along with some exciting activities for the whole family. Plus there will be artists, face painters, balloonists, Jedi training, play with pirates, superheroes meet & greet, fun games, costume contests, coloring & Lego building activity tables and much more.

ComicPalooza- June 17-19, 2016- Houston, TX

On June 17-19, ComicPalooza will take place for all Comic Geeks and it is located at Houston, TX. More announcements relating to Guests Of Honor and Activities to be announced later.

Wizard World Sacramento- June 17-19, 2016- Sacramento, CA

All the fun to take place at Wizard World Sacramento 2016, which for all Comic Geeks to know that it’s a comic convention to happen in Sacramento, CA

Heroes Con- June 17-19, 2016- Charlotte, NC

Known for a convention to be recognized nationwide is the Heroes Con, to take place at Charlotte, NC. The event that meant to have all sorts of entertainments, and there will be also some Guests that still need to be announced. Join in the fun.

Derby City Comic Con- June 25-26, 2016- Louisville, KY

Keep yourself free to this event called Derby City Comic Con, located at Louisville, KY. Words on the street, it will be fun, but soon you’ll come to know the activities and others updates to be announced.

Florida Supercon- July 1-4, 2016- Miami, FL

Details and everything is still needed to be announced, but what is sure is that this Florida Supercon is going to be fun and will take place at Miami, FL.

Counterpoint- July 1-3, 2016- Baltimore, MD

This event will surely give you a good ride, and that will take place at Baltimore, MD. Don’t forget to attend; it’s going to be fun.

Texas Comicon- July 8-10, 2016- San Antonio, TX

For all those who live in San Antonio, TX, keep yourself update with this event called Texas Comicon, and it will be fun. Announcements about the activities and guests to be later revealed.

Greenville Comic Con- July 15-17, 2016- Greenville, SC

Greenville Comic Con 2016, happened to be known for comic convention, will take place on July 15-17, 2016, at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. More announcements to be updated soon.

Medicine Hat Fan Round Up- July 18, 2016- Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Geek Out Community Club states to be a Medicine Hat-based organization, made to be dedicated to the growth and awareness of anime, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and other growing pop culture entertainment. Since it was big before, they plan to make it even bigger in 2016.

Comic Con Honolulu- July 29-31, 2016- Honolulu, HI

Another comic book and pop culture convention to take place at Honolulu, HI, is the Comic Con Honolulu. Guests Of Honor so far announced are Summer Glau, Erin Gray, Colin Ferguson, Jonboy Meyers, Kristin Bauer and activities such as Cosplays, Dealer Room, Guest Panel, Video Games and Much More. Join the craze.

MechaCon- July 29-31, 2016- New Orleans, LA

There will be loads of fun to be excitements and there will be loads of meet and greet to take place. All will happen at MechaCon, located at New Orleans, LA.

Wizard World Orlando- August 5-7, 2016- Orlando, FL

For the Geeks everywhere, get ready to face this convention called Wizard World Orlando, to take place at Orlando, FL. Keep yourself free, and there are many to be announced soon.

Tampa Bay Comic Con- August 5-7, 2016- Tampa, FL

Get ready to face the most electrifying event of your life. In August 2016 for 3 days only, Tampa Bay Comic Con will take place at Tampa, FL, and there will be surprises that you can’t just miss.

Dover Comic Con- August 6, 2016- Dover, DE

This is the event that happens to have a mission to promote graphic novel collections, which all fans would love. The Dover Comic Con, which will take place at Dover, DE will be filled with artists, vendors, authors, cars, panels, crafts, gaming, fan groups and much more. Don’t forget about this event.

Khan-Con 2- August 12-13, 2016- Hillsville, VA

This Khan-Con 2 event happens to a family-friendly convention filled with the interest of having sci-fi, comics, games, fantasy, zombies and FX Makeup, which many of artist here would like. It will take place at Hillsville.VA..

Kansas City Comic Con- August 12-14, 2016- Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Comic Con event is an All-Ages Show, featured to have over 300 Vendors and Creators which many families will enjoy. This will take place at Kansas City, MO.

Meta Con- September 2-4, 2016- Minneapolis, MN

The multi-genre convention known as Meta Con will take place at Minneapolis, MN is one of the known events by far. Millions of fans attend every year filled with such activities like Video Games, Cosplays, and some of the Anime Voice actors will attend there as well. This guarantees to be the funniest and most memorable event of all time.

Dragon Con- September 2-4, 2016- Atlanta, GA

The date states to happen for 3 days at Atlanta, GA is the Dragon Con convention, where there will be much Greet and Meet plus games and other entertainments to take place.

Cincy Comicon- September 9-11, 2016- Covington, KY

For sure there will be big things to happen at Cincy Comicon, which will take place at Covington, KY. For sure there will be loads of fun and loads of people to meet.

Meggacon- September 17-18, 2016- Jackson, MI

This Meggacon convention is filled with such activities like video gaming, board gaming, card games, miniatures, RPGs, cosplay, trivia, karaoke, live music and much more for the fans to feel the excitement and making it memorable. That’s what this event is all about and it will take place at Jackson, MI

Fan Expo Vancouver- November 11-13, 2016- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Fan Expo Vancouver is a convention to take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. For sure it’s going to be fun, but there are many details to be yet announced.



Kabochacon- October 30-31, 2015- Dayton, OH

Considered to be the first convent to take place in Dayton, OH, you’ll come across many entertainments like Anime Music Video, Video Games, Workshop, Board Games and many more. For a fan of Anime, you should go for it.

2050 Daytona Beach 2015- October 30-November 1, 2015- Daytona Beach, FL

The convention that will include the entertainments like eSports Tournament, Celebrities attendance, concerts, and even costume contest will take place. You new know what else might show up there. It might be better than these activities mentioned.

FangCon-October 30-November 1, 2015-Knoxville, TN

This will be located at Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown in Knoxville, TN. where many of the Guest of Honors will be present there. So it’s going to be quite a show.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin-October 30-31, 2015- Austin, TX

A type of convention where you’ll find fans celebrating the best pop culture movies, Coplay, video gaming and many more. Plus you will also come across some known celebrities like Mike Tyson, Morena Baccarin, Chris Sarandon, Kristen Bauer, Peter Weller, Bruce Campbell, Brent Spiner, and Charles Martinet. So don’t miss it and note the date.

Jet City Comic Show-October 31-November 1, 2015-Tacoma, WA

Jet City Convention is all about Comic Books. The Comic Book Show that will feature guest all around the world including the Northwest and top vendors from West Coast Coverage on Tacoma. Here’s for the Comic Geeks to check in, you sure don’t want to miss that.

New Haven Comic and Collectible Spectacular- November 1, 2015- New Haven, CT

In that event, you’ll find a sale of all collectibles, Comic and Toys, which also includes Music by High Adventure and providing of Food by Fryborg. Hungry already, note it down.

PerryCon- November 6-8, 2015- Middle, GA

You’ll find Cosplay events and prizes, followed by Sonic The Hedge Hog Artist “Tracy Yardly and Gambit Artist “Don Hil-Isman as the Guest Of Honor to appear at the event. Don’t miss the chance to meet them.

Omega Expo- November 6-8, 2015- Houston, TX

This convention will be the latest and the most original that will be held at NRG Center in Houston TX. This is going to be something different, which will bring about the next evolution of Convention real soon. See what’s going to happen. There will also be some activities to take place as well.

Rhode Island Comic Con- November 6-8, 2015- Providence, RI

This is going to be New England’s Largest Pop Culture and Comic Event Return. So don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the Big show as there will be many Guest Of Honors and activities to take place there.

FANdom Con- November 6-8, 2015-Fort Walton Beach, FL

This basically owned FANdom anime convention that will make its way to Fort Walton Beach, with Guest of Honor- Josh Grelle and activities like Video Game, Board Games, Cosplay Events and many more will take place at FANdom Con.

Wizard World Louisville- November 6-8, 2015-Louisville, KY

Occurs to be one of the famous conventions to run across North America, where usually more than Ten Thousand people attend there and a hundred Exhibitors. Most of the fans come there to shop for comics and other cool things you might find there. So note down in your calendar and make sure you attend.

Campbell Con-November 7, 2015-Campbell, CA

With the Guest of Honor- Chris Marrinan and Special Guest- Omar Morales, you’ll witness the thrill of being in this type of convention filled with many activities like Board Games, Video Games, Free Autograph, Sci-Fi Screenings and many more. Make sure you become a part of this convention.

Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival-November 7, 2015-Las Vegas, NV

This happens to be a one-day event celebrating the illustrated word that annually takes place on the first Saturday in November. This Festival will feature publishers, vendors, film screenings, panels, special guests and much, much more you will ever come across.

ComiqueCon-November 7, 2015- Dearborn, MI

The ComiqueCon convention is yet another one day celebration filled with the amazing work of female comic creators which are indeed talented women who the fans are passionate about their work. So keep these noted and join for an incredible day of panels, workshops, an incredible exhibitor hall, and many more.

Rocky Mountain Con-November 7-8, 2015-Denver, CO

RMC is a convention for Comic, Gaming, Anime, Toy and Sci-Fi, with all thanks by the fans in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area with their key objective to help the victims of Aurora Theater shooting. Plus you will also get to meet the Guest Of Honors, like George Perez, Katrina Law, Chad Harding, Arrow, Harley Quinn and more.

RangerStop Comic Con- November 13-15, 2015- Orlando, FL

RangerStop SuperHero Toy & Comic Con is a comic convention that will take place at Holiday Inn Suites in Orlando, FL. Remember this event guys, you can’t afford to miss it.

Cleveland Toshokan 2015- November 14, 2015- Cleveland, OH

For all pop culture fans and geeks, this is the event to be. The Cleveland Public Library happens to be the first comic-con event to celebrate all things related to geek, nerd, and pop-culture.

EUCon- November 14-15, 2015- Eugene, OR

The convention that will take place at the Lane Event Center in Eugene, Oregon, will be nothing more than entertaining, as you will have the chance to meet The Power Ranger’s own Jason David Frank, WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan and many more like John-Rhys Davies and Naomi Grossman to appear as the Guest Of Honor at EUCon.

ComicCon-Way- November 14-15, 2015- Conway, AR

The convention known as ComiCon-way is free and open to all public, funded by the Faulkner County Library. Many Guest Of Honors will show up there and many activities as well. Something more entertaining and memorable.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show Torns River- November 15, 2015- Toms River, NJ

The convention that includes vendors having the old and new comics, including the non-sport trading cards, toys, action figures, movie memorabilia, collectibles, crafts, more. Plus surprises will take place and many Guest Of Honors will attend as well. So don’t miss it.

Infinity Con- November 15, 2015- Queensbury, NY

The convention of Infinity Cont will take place at the Great Escape Lodge in Queensbury, NY, with many Guests Of Honors to be appearing and many activities to take place.

Wizard World Comic Con Reno- November 20-22, 2015- Reno, NV

Many known like Adam West, Burt Ward, Mena Suvari, Mark Pellegrino, Barry Bostwick, Adrian Paul, Brent Spiner, and Bill Farmer are among the hundreds of celebrities and industry professionals at the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con Reno, who became a part of North America’s largest pop-culture touring expo. You’ll be one of the thousands of fans to celebrate the best in pop culture: movies, comics, cosplay, video gaming, television, original art, collectibles, contests and much more.

ZNation@Comix- November 21-22, 2015- Milan, Italy

With Guests Of Honors like Russell Hodgkinson aka DOC, Pisay Pao aka Casandra and many more to be announced you will not only enjoy receiving autographs from them but also you will be involved in many activities that are meant to be in this conventions.

Starbase Indy- November 27-29, 2015- Indianapolis, IN

Here in this convention, you’ll find celebrities who love interacting with the fans, and also there are activities offers such as science programming, costume contest, adventures aimed at families, and so much more you haven’t heard of. So note down the date for this event and be a part.

Chessiecon- November 27-29, 2015- Timonium, MD

There will be a lot to happens, which involves these Guests of Honor: Seanan McGuire, Heather Dale, Ursula Vernon and Special Guests like Tom Smith and Tamora Pierce to appear for another year. Keep in touch with this event.

Panama City Beach Comic Con- December 4-6, 2015- Panama City Beach, FL

This event will take place at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Fl, with many Guests Of Honor to appear and many exciting activities that include Video Games, Cosplay and many more.

DerpyCon- December 4-6, 2015- Morristown, NJ

Well, the DerpyCon maybe small, but it’s a fun convention of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, and much more that are fun… It will take place at Hyatt Morristown in Morristown, NJ. They will have panels in the weekend events including the LARPs, concerts, video gaming, cosplay, vendors, dances, table-top gaming, AMVs, and more.

Malta Comic Con- December 5-6, 2015- Valletta, Malta

This convention will take place at the St. James Cavalier in Valletta, Malta. There will be a lot of interesting activities to take place there. Keep the date noted.

Bitter Bash & Toy Expo- December 5-6, 2015- Roswell, GA

With loads of activities and with many surprises to be revealed, the convention of Bitter Bash & Toy Expo will sure not to disappoint. The event will take place at the Cottage School in Roswell, Georgia.

Geekonomicon- December 11-13, 2015- Biloxi, MS

The convention that you sure want to attend will indeed be a load of fun with Gaming room for all gamers and, celebrity guests from all genres, panels & workshops to exist. Also, there will be photo opportunities with famous props, artists, comic creators, and writers that can sign their work to fulfill your dreams. There are many more for you to know at the Geekonomicon, so don’t miss it.

Jekyll Comic Con- December 12, 2015- Jekyll Island, GA

This event has it all. It has Comics, Artists, Vendors, Filmmakers, Actors, Gaming and many more you would like to enjoy. With your friends and family, this is the convention you must attend. Many of the Guests Of Honor will be attending and many surprises will appear. Keep in touch with this event of Jekyll Comic Con.

Salinas Valley Comic Con- December 18-20, 2015- Monterey, CA

With all the excitements to take place, this convention of Salinas Valley Comic Con will be held at Monterey Marriott, in 350 Calle Principle, Monterey, CA 93940. Keep yourself all set, you don’t want to miss it. Note in your calendar and get ready.

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