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Become The Fearless Avenger With The Crow Costume

The Crow Costumes 810x488

The Crow is amongst the movies which grabbed the attention of many. A black and white comic book series which later modified in various Media. Other than the story, the crow costume is worldly famous for Halloween season.

The film on the character of a rock musician Eric Draven, who was shot dead along with his fiancee. A crow brought him back to life, providing the strength to seek revenge from the murderers.

The standard outfit got very familiar particularly for the cosplay and the events alike. We have put together some iconic costume piece featured in the cult classic. Add the anger of him to your look and become the best cosplayer of the night.

Here you go…

The Crow has gone, but he is not forgotten.

The Crow Mask 300x300

The Crow Mask (Amazon)

We start up with the most important part of the Crow Halloween costume. It’s the full overhead mask with the hairs so that you can give the right gesture of the personality.

Classic Leather Long Coat 178x300

Classic Leather Long Coat (Amazon)

For the outfit, there is the classic leather long coat in the list. Dress up for the great look and style of the avenger. The exclusive design, single-breasted black trench coat features notch collar, natural shoulders, and angled two hand pockets.

Mens Leather T Shirt 251x300

Men’s Leather Look T-shirt (Amazon)

The men’s inner t-shirt for the classic costume. The premium shirt gives a glossy appearance and eye-catching snug fitting. It is also perfect to use casually other than the costume.

 Slim Fit Pant

Slim Fit Pant (Amazon)

Here is the character inspired genuine leather pants for men. The black trouser has the two button zipper pockets and the front button closure. The half polyester fabric lining makes it easy to wear outfit.

Jungle Boot 292x300

Jungle Boot (Amazon)

Let’s tear the main antagonists headquarter to pieces. Wear the robust and sturdy boots. They have canvas and nylon upper with the black leather toe and heel. Have them for tactical use as well.

Fashion Metal Ring Necklace 183x300

Fashion Metal Ring Necklace (Amazon)

This necklace is for the Crow Eric Draven costume. Have it as a fashion necklace or the glasses holder as well. You can wear it to complete the crow costume.

Goth White Cream Foundation 293x300

Goth White Cream Foundation (Amazon)

Apply the white powder foundation for the diy look, if you do not have the crow costume wig and mask. It would give an exact look that you want to have, of the character.

Matte Eye Shadow 300x300

Matte Eye Shadow (Amazon)

Black matte eye shadow is present in the guide. Get the character’s facial gesture detailing to your outlook. The eye shadow will provide the desired appearance within no time.

Dry Vinyl Tape 282x300

Dry Vinyl Tape (Amazon)

We have the dry vinyl tape for the crow cosplay costume. Tie it around the hands and fingers like the character.

Black Feather Flying Crow 300x240

Black Feather Flying Crow (Amazon)

Last but not least is the partner of Eric who gives him power and life to take revenge. The black feather flying crow itself. The silver metal clip is attached for easy displaying and adding to the costume. Perfect for Halloween party embellishment.

We have collected all the primary things that you need for the iconic Crow costume. Show off your best at the event wearing the superior outfit of the character. If you find the guide helpful, then do tell us via emails.

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