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10 Cute Little Barbie Backpacks for Big Girls

People say only little girls loves playing with Barbie dolls or collecting pink stuff for their rooms. That’s just talks now because the viral trend also inspires grown-ups. Believe it or not, Young girls and women are also picking up pink cute little stuff or dress up as the princess. Same thing people say about video games, that really grinds the gear! You don’t have to feel sad about it. If you love playing with doll houses or action figures even though you’re a grownup girl, that’s just fine. As a matter of fact, we’re going to show you Barbie Backpack that’ll surely add a sparkling touch to your appearance. Make way for the most adorable picks that every girl must own.


Pink Sweetie Series Style (Product Page)

Well, grown-ups usually go for catchy stuff, so I picked up this unique style for outdoor purpose. Best recommended for 6 to 25 years old.

Barbie Backpack (Product Page)

Another great choice that fits your style and helps you carry all the stuff easily. This one is becoming more popular and looks exactly like the one shown in above photo.

Barbie and Pup (Product Page)

Say in fashion while carrying around this unique custom design bag that features your favorite characters. And look there is even a puppy! It is extra-lightweight for travel.

Diverse Babies  (Product Page)

Be a part of the fan club by carrying this bag. It features all the diverse characters standing together. It provides ultimate convenience and also adjustable.

Winky Face Bag (Product Page)

This is an ideal bag that features a contemporary Barbie winking. Constructed with high-quality fabric and make transportation experience more fun.

Official Licensed Mult-Color Backpack (Product Page)

Check out this new combination of black and pink color that is among the wonderful merchandise.

Custom Friend Bag (Product Page)

This is an outdoor custom style for students. Suitable for almost any place.

Drawstring Sackpack (Product Page)

The iconic character now has her own variation of sackpacks. This colorful drawstring is cute simple and makes you look cool.

Simple Pink (Product Page)

Create an ever-lasting impression with above simple and super cute vintage style for girls. Constructed from premium quality material and easy to wash/clean.

Not just kids, but teenagers also love collecting cute stuff for lifestyle. The majestic world of Barbie is always full of joy and happiness. You may find different merchandise inspired from this character but Barbie Backpack is the top priority that you need to own. Check out more cute stuff – (My Little Pony).

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