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Luke Sykwalker Costume | All The 4 Outfits In One Big DIY Guide

Luke Sky Walker Costume

Star Wars have many rich characters, but none of them matches the great Jedi warrior Luke Skywalker. The massive fan following of  Skywalker and the nerd culture cultivated by Star Wars, the Luke Skywalker costume is in much demand this year. So we have sat down again to tip you on the best ways you can make your Skywalker cosplay better with lesser money spent. The following guide contains all of the four of Luke’s suits that we have seen in the movies. We will start with from the oldest and built up to the latest i.e. Star Wars The Force Awakens costume.

  • A New Hope Costume

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Uniform Costume

In the very first movie of Star Wars, we saw Luke as a young apprentice still learning to master his abilities with the Force. His dressing reflects his status among the different Jedi Masters. Making a DIY outfit takes a lot of research and hard work to disintegrate the whole suit into tiny pieces. But with a lot of efforts and dedication, we have come up with the following list of items that will make perfect Luke Skywalker costume.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Jacket

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Uniform (Product Page)

The first thing you need is the top, and as you would have noticed Luke wears an old faded looking Karate shirt if you have an old shirt then excellent if not then you buy the one featured here. It will come in crisp white, so you will have to do some work to tone down its color a bit.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Pant

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Pant (Product Page)

You can wear the same karate uniform trouser with the top, but then that will be different from the outfit. To get screen-accurate suit, we suggest you buy these stylish and equally comfortable chinos of sand-ish color. The best thing is that they match perfectly with the costume dynamics, and you can wear them post-Halloween.

white sneaker sports brown shoes

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Shoes (Product Page)

Since the purpose of DIY is to make an attire out of the things that you can wear after the party is over, we suggest these boots for your cosplay. These light-colored sneakers are almost an exact match with the Jedi master shoes in respect do design and color. Now you think that Skywalker wears Knee-high boots, and these are nothing like them. But we are professionals, and we do our homework, so when we say these are the best shoes you find, you must take us for our word.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Self-Adherent Wrap

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Self-Adherent Wrap (Product Page)

Now answering your high boots conundrum for your Luke Skywalker costume, we are offering you this self-adherent wrap. Just wrap it around your legs-staring from ankle to knee and wallah! You have the same fringed boots as seen in Luke’s suit. Now tell us if we are wrong.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Belt

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Belt (Product Page)

As you know, that belt is a very prominent item. You may wear any belt but make sure it has the proper color and a rectangular buckle that is a bit bigger than normal. Like the one showed here.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Belt Pocket

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Belt Pocket (Product Page)

With this belt, you will need to add some of these belt pockets, as seen in the original belt of the famous Star Wars character. You may add two or three of these pockets but not more than three.

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Wig

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Wig (Product Page)

And to look more like the Jedi warriors and to take your cosplay to new heights you will need to look exactly like him. This wig will help you in mimicking his style and personality to a whole new level.

Lightsaber Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Lightsaber (Product Page)

The final touch or the cheery on the cake will be the addition of the unforgettable blue lightsaber. Your Luke Skywalker cosplay will be incomplete with this iconic item.

  • A New Hope Suit

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Suit

Luke Skywalker A New Hope Suit (Product Page)

Now if you didn’t like our rendition of the Luke Skywalker costume or if you are very busy or too lazy to make a DIY costume then you can buy this suit. The full suite will cost you under $50 and the quality is fine too. The package contains Luke Skywalker tunic, pants, attached boots and belt which means you won’t have to worry about anything if you buy this ready to wear a suit.

  • Return of Jedi Costume

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Costume

In Return of Jedi, we see Luke evolve into a Jedi Master and simultaneously his dress also changes. Now he wears a black suit and carries a green lightsaber.  We have broken down this outfit into bits now let’s see how can make a perfect Return of Jedi costume with the help of these items.

Star Wars Skywalker Jacket

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Jacket (Product Page)

We couldn’t find ways to split up this outfit since it is so complexly designed but you will be happier with this whole dress as it saves you a lot of time. The outfit includes a shirt, a vest, a tabard, and pants. All made up of same smooth linen material for proper ease and comfort. You will get this readymade dress in under $100, which is a bargain if you ask me.

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Boots

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Boots (Product Page)

As you can see in the image above Luke is wearing long knee-length shoes, and for the sanctity of your cosplay, you need to buy the shoes that are of the same design and make. The Jedi boots displayed here are a near accurate version of the original shoes and will work very well with your suit.

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Gauntlet (Product Page)

Well, we are almost done with the Luke Skywalker costume, but still, need to add some detailing items that will glow out your cosplay. And hence the induction of these gauntlets, remember Skywalker wears it in only one hand and so shall you.

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Lightsaber (Product Page)

As we stated earlier that now Luke is a glorified Jedi warrior, so he no longer wields the blue luke skywalker lightsaber; instead, he now possesses a green one which is the conventional lazar sword of all the Jedi Masters.

Furthermore, you can use the same wig, belt, and pockets for this dress as shown in the above costume.

  • Empire Strikes Back Costume

We saw yet another fascinating outfit in the third and final episode of the original trilogy. This costumes not as famous as the others, and that is why this costume will perfect for this Halloween. As you will able to portray an iconic character while being as unique as ever. Now let us take a look at the items you will need to make this attire.

Skywalker Jacket

Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Jacket (Product Page)

The making of this iconic Luke Skywalker costume starts with this fine jacket produced by fjackets. The jacket is an exact duplication of the original one. The colors, the designs, the quality all the same as of the original jacket. This is the most important this you need for this costume.

Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Jacket

Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Jacket (Product Page)

For the other half of how to make a Jedi costume, you can use these cargo trousers of the same color as the jacket. The design is not exact, but they will work without anyone noticing it.  The material is pretty good, and the design is also very casual means you can wear it whenever you like.


The same green lightsaber, wig, and belt+pockets described above can be used with this Luke Skywalker costume too.

  • The Force Awakens Costume

Luke Skywalker Costume set

Luke Skywalker The Force Awaken Costume (Product Page)

This is the latest outfit we saw the Jedi master wearing. This Force Awakens costume shown here is a nearly exact copy of the one we saw in the movies. The package includes a cloak, long vest, top, robe and belt all made up of linen mixed with artificial leather.

So here are all the Luke Skywalker costumes and suits that we have seen so far in the movies. We hope in the next installment we see a different attire so could write a guide about that too, but till then keep sharing this blog and tell us which outfit is your favorite. Incredibly

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