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Guide To Dress Like Mad Max

Mel Gibson

The ’80s and ’90s were considered as the golden era of Hollywood, with some legendary films released that year. One of those films is the Mel Gibson starer, Mad Max. Here is an info-graph to his Mad Max costume ideas.

Mad Max Jacket  via Amazon
Men’s V-Neck Tee via Amazon
Faux Leather Pants via Amazon
Sam Browne Belt via Amazon
Men’s Engineer Boot via Amazon
18th Century Flintlock Non-Firing Pistol Gun via Amazon

This is all you need to know to style like Mel Gibson in Mad Max Road Warrior. It doesn’t get any easier than this guide for Mad Max costumes. Fast forward to a couple of decades, and you would see Tom Hardy wear this same jacket in Mad Max Fury Road. The movie was another blockbuster hit. If you want to follow more costume guides, then keep visiting this website.

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