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How you can maintain your Custom Leather Jackets

Custom Leather Jackets

At this day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put the right combination of outfits together. You not only have to keep the colors of the other items of your outfit in mind but other things like size, skin tone, etc. as well.

This is where custom leather jackets come in; they are extremely versatile. You can make and wear any colored of these with any other color. Another reason for their quick rise to fame was that the traditional pieces made from leather were used pretty often in the second half of the 20th century by actors like Jimmy Stewart, Harrison Ford, Gary Cooper, etc. It added the element of ‘epic’ and ‘coolness.’ This shot them into space and also shot up their prices as most expected. Premium pieces began to be available in hundreds of dollars, and people were still purchasing it.

It was because people used to and still consider the jacket as an investment rather as an expense. If they are purchased at a good price, take care of, and then resold to someone in need of it; then money in good amount can be made. So, now that you have decided to create and purchase one after learning about its history and the way things are done we would like to show you an entire process via which you can take good care of it. If you do not do that, then the money that you have invested will go down the drain. This won’t be a problem if you have a one which is really cheap price but if you have a custom made leather jackets that are worth a couple of hundred bucks, then you better make sure that you keep on reading this blog.


asymmetrical leather jacket for women

Before you start the maintaining and cleanup of your custom leather jackets for men and women, keep the fact in mind that even though we are just talking about leather here but still there are many different types of leather materials. Almost all of them are taken care of in the same way; however, there are minute differences that should be kept in mind. If you avoid them, then you can end up making a mess of the product you have.

We would try to cover as much of the differences possible as possible; mostly between common Aniline leather and a suede leather jacket. So, find out what type you have by checking the label before commencing with the purchase of the products like the conditioner, polish, etc. However, as these are custom made, then you might have an idea but still, it is better to check the label. It might also recommend such a cleaning process which is best for the item at hand. We also recommend going with the process, if it is available.


Brown leather jacket for men

The first crucial step, after the previous one, and probably the most important one is to get a suitable protector for your custom motorcycle jackets for men. It goes exactly with the wordings that prevention is better than the cure. What these leather protectors do is that they protect it from water, oil, dirt, and stop the stains that occur from water spots. However, some genuine leather jackets don’t need any maintenance since they get better over the years.

Remember that the spray should be used on a dry jacket. Most of these sprays are silicone oil and do not have any odor or color; working particularly on leather. If we are to talk about how often it should be applied, then the general timeline is usually that you have to wait a year before reapplying it. However, if you are someone living in a place with severe weather, then you can do it sooner than that.


printed black leather jacket for women girls lambskin

Let’s imagine that you have forgotten about the leather protection spray and didn’t apply it on your custom motorcycle jackets. In a few weeks time, it gets stained, and the entire item gets dirty. Well, fear not as there are many different products available in the market just for the sole purpose of cleaning it. They are capable of removing the stains without any harm.

However, just to be on the safe side, use the product on a small unseeable side of the product, such as a Slim Fit Black Jacket, for the first time to check it. Wipe the piece with a damp cloth before applying the cleaning product. Be careful not to use it on suede leather as it would get damaged; it should be cleaned with a less powerful item like terry cloth.


Collar style black leather jacket

Just like the way our skin gets dried up due to harsh weather conditions and requires a moisturizer to make it better; the same is the case with leather as it is also a type of skin. It needs its own conditioning once a while if it is to remain intact and not get dry and crack. We are not only talking about custom leather blazer jackets; we are talking about all of the products made from leather from boots to hats, every item needs conditioning.

However, there are separate conditioners for every product and for the things we are talking about here; Pecard is the best option available. Do this only after you have completed the previous steps and just like it was the case in the last step; use the product on a small area on your item like the brown zip pocket jacket firstly to see if it has any adverse effect. At least once a year is recommended.


Black leather jacket men

Polishing Leather cafe racer jacket is an excellent way to bring shine to it. But there is also a significant bit of risk involved in damaging the texture, discoloring and drying it out. Still, the risk is mitigated if you know what you are doing. At the end of it, it becomes worth it as after you are done polishing the product you have, like the woman chocolate brown jacket, as you won’t be getting such shine any other way. Do keep a certain number of things in mind, though.

The custom leather jackets have a polish of their own. Use that only leather jacket polish black and nothing else, especially not shoe polish even if it has been made for the purpose of polishing leather shoes. Secondly, use the polish only on smooth surfaced pieces and avoid suede leather at all costs as it would get damaged before being shiny.


black leather jacket women

If you get caught up in the rain then you have got to dry out the jacket properly so that it does not produce cracks. The drying is also necessary after cleaning it properly. You have got to dry it up in a proper manner to avoid all of the aforementioned problems. The good way of letting it dry out is at room temperature. Allow it to do that for a few hours before wearing it and moving around with it so that it does not become stiff.

Keep it away from heat sources and see if there are anything in the pockets so that they don’t get stretched. When should you dry one out after washing a product like Slim Fit Brown Jacket? It isn’t rocket science; do it when it gets wet. You could do conditioning after this if it got too wet.


Mens black leather jacket

Hang products like your brown button pocket jacket properly to avoid getting wrinkles on it. Get a wide hanger that covers the shoulders of it adequately. One thing that you have to avoid is the clothing pegs which put unnecessary stress on the item and hence creating the wrinkles. The best place to store it would be where it isn’t near any heating source, and it isn’t in direct contact with the sunlight unless you want a dry and discolored piece. So, a cool and dry area would be the place recommended to store an item like the strap slim brown jacket.

For protection against dust try to use the cotton sheet as that would fare a thousand times better than a plastic bag. In fact, we recommend not using plastic bags at all as it could potentially damage your custom leather jackets.


womens pink leather jacket

No matter how good you are in getting a jacket cleaned, polished, conditioned and what not, but you still won’t be able to achieve the level of work of the professionals. The way it would be done would not only have it looking just like a new piece, but it would also extend its life. We know how cumbersome it might seem to get it cleaned from somewhere else, the entire process and all but believe me when I tell you that it is definitely worth it. Additionally, it isn’t something that you would have to get done multiple times a year as once per year would be more than enough.


Biker jacket mens

Apart from all of the ways mentioned above to maintain your custom leather jackets, you should keep these important dos and don’ts if you are to enhance the looks of it further. The important thing to bear in mind is that the mens custom leather jackets remain dry at all times. Items like a blow dryer are a no-go, even if it gets wet as it will be damaged, a clean towel is good enough. Don’t shove large items into your pockets; you would be stretching and making it loose. Also, avoid putting perfume or deodorant on it as there is a risk that it would leave a stain.

Select the way you maintain it based on its value. Don’t waste hundreds on one which you have bought for an under a hundred bucks; that is common sense. Lastly, caring for it is good, but it is only natural that it will get used up and will look like that. Do not be afraid of the distressed look as people are often searching for that look these days; it is getting good popularity.

So, this time we told you how you can keep your custom leather jackets neat, clean and shiny. And not only for custom leather jackets but following these golden steps will ensure that all of your precious items remain in mint condition. Do share this guide with friends and family members as they might be in dire need such help. We will see you again with some more advises on how to keep yourself and stuff as fresh as a daisy.

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