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Maleficent Costume | The Most Wanted Outift In The Magical Kingdom

Maleficent Costume

We all have seen and enjoyed the epic tales of the Sleeping beauty, but Maleficent takes the cake for the best story and screenplay. The concept and the inspiration are the same as the other Charles Perrault’s original fairy tale renditions only, this time; the prince charming is not a man but her home and land which she lives peacefully. I am giving all the details about the Maleficent costume.

Here are the things you need to ace this Halloween with the magnificent dress.

Items Required

  • For Adults


Maleficent Black Dress (Product Page)

The long black elegant dress of Angelina Julie deserves a huge round of applause for the beautiful designing. The fancy outfit featured here is a near exact replica of the one worn by the Queen of Moors. maleficent boots

Shoes (Product Page)

Synthetic man-made Maleficent boots are perfect for your cosplay. These high boots are certainly worth their money with a curvy layout and up to the par quality. You can see the picture of these boots right here and feel a strong connection between your closet and these high-end boots, yes both are meant for each other.


Maleficent Gloves (Product Page)

The next clothing item you need for outfit are these gloves. These Moors Queen gloves are made up polyester and the iconic ring attached to the gloves is made up of durable and flexible PVC.


Maleficent Angel Wings (Product Page)

If you have seen the movie, you would remember that She lost her wings after the betrayal by her loved one. The black angelic wings are an essential part of the attire. These wings showed here is made up of real black feathers and come with an elastic harness for a safe and sound fit. maleficent-horns

Horns (Product Page)

These Maleficent costume horns are undoubtedly the most iconic and famous accessory of the Angelina Jolie’s outfit. Amazing and good quality horns require to look like Maleficent.



Maleficent Glowing Staff (Product Page)

Did I mention that apart from being bold beautiful and a Queen is also a wizard? And like almost all the chief wizards such as Gandalf the white she has a staff. Your cosplay will not be complete if you don’t have this stuff.


Black Cape (Product Page)

The last thing you need to seal the deal on your Maleficent costume is this long black cape. This A-grade cape is made up of double layers of smooth, silky and stretchy polyester fabric. One size fits all and one cape fits into many different cosplay ideas.

  • For Kids


 Wings (Product Page)

You kids will also love being the best Maleficent on Halloween and will give the deadly look like the witch queen. The wings are 24” high and 34” wide. The best part of this wing is that it’s made with turkey quills and dyed rooster schlappen feathers and the claw is made with vinyl fabric.


Maleficent Kids Costume (Product Page)

You daughter won’t look like Angelina Jolie just by getting the wings, she will require a dress like her. This costume is perfect for kids and it’s made of nylon material. The set includes the Horns with an attached hair band and detachable brooch.


Kids Stuff (Product Page)

The next thing you will need to complete your Maleficent costume is the Stuff that she carries with her. She mostly has a crow with her. The stuff is completely designed and made of PVC material and it’s 3.5” high and 8.25” wide. It colorful and a perfect product for Kids.


Maleficent Kids Shoes (Product Page)

The last thing to complete your kids costume is shoes. It’s an ordinary pump and it all depends on you what you like to wear with your costume but these pumps are much preferred. It’s man-made shoes with a synthetic sole, the heel measures 1.5 inches approx and the material used to make this pump is synthetic.

After you have completely mimicked the attire of the Moors Queen you will also need to imitate her make-up. For this look at makeup guide attached here.

This is the complete way you can drip into the persona of Angelina Jolie from the magical world of Disney. This Maleficent cosplay guide is very helpful and useful to construct an earring dress for Halloween and other costume and cosplay parties.

Quick View:

Maleficent Infographic

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