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The Highly Detailed Costume Guide For Marty McFly Cosplay

Marty McFly Costume

Marty McFly has all of the decent traits that are required in the main protagonist of a movie. Appearing in the Back to the Future series, he has shown us that a lot can be achieved if we work hard, are loyal, kind, trustworthy, brave, etc. Although he is a bit disrespectful to adults at the start of the movie but he improves on that significantly. Michael J. Fox portrayed him in all of the films of the series and we saw him in tremendous costumes in the movie. And to execute the perfect Marty McFly Costume, you will have to follow this costume guide.

The entire movie series revolves around this guy and Dr. Emmett Brown traveling in time and solving problems they cause on the way.  On the show, we saw him wearing unique clothing that became iconic as years went by. However, we can only say that for the first two movies as the third one was not that much success and in it, we saw him in regular Western American clothing which is a piece of cake to cosplay as. For this reason, this guide of ours will cover the costumes in the first and the second movie; both of which can be used in any upcoming event.

Back to the Future Marty McFly Costume

Marty McFly Vest

Marty McFly Vest

If you are to ask someone which item from his costume is the most important and prominent one, then the majority or all of them would point towards the Vest. The outfit which he wears in the first movie is beyond a doubt his most famous one, and the vest is the central part of it. This is why it is paramount that you get it from FJackets where you will definitely get a matching and quality one.  Parachute fabric, supreme stitching, free shipping, and an affordable price are some of the many features of the purchase.

Marty McFly Denim Jacket

Marty McFly Denim Jacket (Product Page)

In the movie, Marty McFly is loaded with upper wears which is why we would advise against doing this cosplay in boiling temperatures. Under the vest comes this Marty Mcfly jean Jacket which we noticeed in the movie. The good thing about this purchase would be that you can take off the vest and still cosplay as him because that is the way he was in a scene in the movie. So, it is arguable that this Denim jacket holds more importance than the vest. The purchase which you will be making here is from Wrangler which means you’d be getting it at a good price per quality ratio.


Marty McFly White Checkered Shirt (Product Page)

The third item is the black and white checkered shirt which is worn under the jacket. For this, we have decided to go with a product that is crafted for cosplaying purposes so that we can get as much of a similar shirt as possible. The shirt is a blend of cotton and polyester and albeit pricey, justifies it with the way it matches up with the one worn by Marty. Just be wary that the shirt comes in a large size so you might want to order a few notches down in size.

Marty McFly Maroon T-Shirt

Marty McFly Maroon T-Shirt (Product Page)

As if the previous three upper wears weren’t enough, you get this maroon colored tee. Although this is the least noticeable item in the entire wardrobe yet it is worth the purchase because it is still part of the Marty McFly Costume. The T-Shirt will go under all of the other upper wears, of course, which is why the two most important properties which it needs to have is being soft, and breathable. And no fabric other than cotton does that in a better way, which is the one used here. This T-Shirt is pretty affordable as well.

Marty McFly Men’s Jean

Marty McFly Men’s Jean (Product Page)

Just like the jacket, for Jean, we go with Wrangler as well. This is because, as we said earlier, they give top-notch quality at a decent price, and it is currently giving the King, i.e. Levi’s, a run for its money. The Jeans are relatively normal and straightforward one which is why you can skip it altogether if you have similar ones. But, what do you have to lose when buying a fantastic jean which you can make use of afterward as well? The Jean is also 100% cotton which is what most people look for in apparels these days.

Marty McFly White Sneakers

Marty McFly White Sneakers (Product Page)

We have seen Marty do a lot of time traveling. And as he does this traveling, back and forth, he will surely have faced the different seasons from the scorching heat of the summer to the chilly winds of the winter. For this purpose, he would require an adaptable pair of footwear which is perfect for all of the different seasons. The Marty Mcfly shoes will do that nicely as it covers you up to your ankles for warmth in the cold seasons and it gives you phenomenal breathability in the hot ones. But one thing’s for sure; the comfort that it provides you is consistent throughout the year.

Marty McFly Aviator Sunglasses

Marty McFly Aviator Sunglasses (Product Page)

Now that we are done with the main items of the outfit we move on to the accessories which are just as necessary. In the famous picture where Marty is looking at his watch surprised, we see him putting his sunglasses on his head. So, although we haven’t seen him much in his sunglasses in the movie, this single scene makes the sunglasses a worthy purchase. After all, if you cannot copy that style of his, then you shouldn’t be cosplaying him in the first place. And it can be used beside the costume as well, just like most of the other items on this blog.

Marty McFly Resin Digital Watch

Marty McFly Resin Digital Watch (Product Page)

The ‘scene’ which we were talking about also includes the watch of Marty, of course, because he is looking at it. The watch is a simple, classic resin band one. So, therefore, we present this classic 80s watch from Casio. For the classic watch fans, it is a sight to behold as it is mighty durable, has a five-year battery life, is water-resistant, etc. This Marty Mcfly watch has all the features you would want in this type of a watch such as an eight-digit calculator, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, auto calendar, hourly time signal, etcetera. These features make sure that you have a fully utilizable watch on your hand rather than a resin band watch dummy with nothing on it.

Marty McFly Lightweight Headphones

Marty McFly Lightweight Headphones (Product Page)

The last accessory of this Costume is the headphone. He wears them in the movie; because you have got to admit that time traveling might get boring at times. But as this Headphone was not used that often in the film, we decided to go with a one that is relatively cheap but still does the work for which it was purchased, i.e. being used for the cosplay. But, as you can tell from the reviews on the product page, it works excellently as a standard headphone too, so that is another thing to look forward to when making this purchase.

Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly Costume

Marty McFly Jacket

Marty McFly Jacket

The second movie of the series also saw Marty dressed in a rather unique way. Here the jacket was the main center of attention as well just like the way the vest was in the first one. And here again we bestowed the responsibility of delivering a quality product to FJacket, and they haven’t failed us. The jacket is coming at an unparalleled price and has a body of PU Leather, having Viscose Lining internally, two pockets on the same side and two on the outside chest region. However, all of these features were not why it made it into our list; the chief reason was the way it exactly matches the original Jacket.

Marty McFly Burgundy T-Shirt

Marty McFly Burgundy T-Shirt (Product Page)

There will be some products in this Back to the Future 2 outfit, which will be somewhat similar to the products in the first one, but at the same time different enough to warrant a separate mention. Even though the T-Shirt, which you purchase for the first costume, might just work here, but for a more exact look, you have got to buy this burgundy colored T-Shirt. In this outfit, Marty is wearing just two upper wears, the jacket, and this T-Shirt.

Marty McFly Washed Jeans

Marty McFly Washed Jeans (Product Page)

Just like Marty Mcfly Jean jacket, these are made purely from cotton which will give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling the whole day when you will be impersonating Marty. For a more matching look, take out the front pockets of pant the way he does. This product is coming from Calvin Klein, which is an important thing to note. So, no doubt; the quality will also be unfathomable as is the case with every CK product.

Marty McFly Shoes

Marty McFly Shoes (Product Page)

These shoes are not like the ones used in the first costume as these are from the future and can lace up themselves automatically. When Marty used them for the first time he got pretty confused as he did not know how to tie them up, but after fiddling around with them a bit he found out that they shut up themselves. You can notice that these Marty Mcfly Shoes are being sold purely for cosplay purposes on Amazon, which should guarantee the exact look when wearing these.

Marty McFly Cap

Marty McFly Cap (Product Page)

 A couple of colorful items are also present in the Marty McFly costume as well. Just like his boots the cap also plays an iconic part in the outfit. The Marty Mcfly Hat linked above is an excellent match to the one which he wears, and it is even better shine and reflection wise. It glitters in a dazzling way and is even able to change its color which adds to its ‘rainbow’ property. This baseball cap comes with a Velcro closure and in a single size that fits all.

Marty McFly Hoverboard

Marty McFly Hoverboard (Product Page)

People have been demanding levitating hoverboards since decades, and the appearance of one in this 80s movie gives support to this claim. Although we have such items which people call ‘hoverboards’ these days, they don’t levitate… yet. So, until we invent flying ones, you can buy this hoverboard of Marty, which he uses to fly around in. Although you can’t do that with it you will surely have people acknowledging your ability to fly which is the second-best thing, right? Get the Hoverboard and fully complete your second costume.

With the end of our guide, we advise you to travel through time proudly and safely. Do not look at the prices, which are reasonable, and do not look for a cheap way out. Get them all for the most complete Marty McFly costume you would have ever witnessed. Have a look at our other Fjacket Blogs for more brilliants outfits. Share this guide with all your Back to the Future fans after you are done with the cosplaying. Do also share with us the experiences you have when you rock these beautiful outfits.

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