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What are The Must Have Fashion Items For Men in 2020?

Expressing a true sense of personal style is something every man wants to do which requires commitment, understanding of common dress code, and not to mention investments!

Whether you prefer casual or formal, finding the right balance between style, comfort, and functionality are important. Some outfits will make you look good but won’t protect you in winter or rainy days so, what’s the point here?

Understand the purpose of your spending on clothing and accessories, ask yourself, do you actually need it? Will I regret it later?

If you’re young and not aware of where to invest your money, let me share with you amazing style ideas suggested by top fashion writers and experts.

Leather Jackets:

Men in Leather Jacket

There is a saying I read online “Your Fashion is Incomplete Without a Leather Jacket.” The reason is it’s not just any outfit, it’s a symbol for youth, which gained popularity throughout the 50s to ’80s. In the 21st century, it has evolved and became a primary style of fashion culture around the world. Today’s leather jackets mens and women are much more upgraded and quite expensive, a good leather jacket will cost you big but won’t make you regret it in the end.

Some brand sells leather jackets at high prices, but quality-wise, they don’t stand a chance. You need to know the difference between high-quality and low-quality jacket. Here’s a complete guide.

5 Reasons why Leather Jacket is the Best Investment?

  • It’s a style for every occasion – whether it’s your first date, business meeting or a casual outing.
  • Pair it with anything – classic jeans, t-shirt, formal shirt, or chinos.
  • It will serve you well – a quality piece will last many years to come.
  • Rush hours – when you don’t know what to wear, simply incorporate a leather jacket over your pajamas.

Cross-Body Bags:

cargo bags

William from MintCompany quotes – I’d say cross-body bags are worthy essentials because they not only look uber-stylish but are also handy when it comes to carrying your belongings. Men today have a lot of stuff to carry, not just their phones and wallets. And cross-body bags are an excellent way to carry all your things in an easily accessible way stylishly.

Bottom Line: Cross-body bags are worth investing in 2020.

Cargo Pants:

cargo pants

What it’s like to wear Cargo Pants?

Jeremy Bakerz suggests –  a lot of fashion and style trends were items better suited to be worn with jeans. However, in 2020, there is going to be a need for alternative options other than jeans and not as relaxed as joggers. Therefore the perfect middle ground are cargo pants.

From slim fit, regular and skinny, the cargo pant is making its return and should be an investment make moving forward. The great thing is the cargo pants can be worn with many different outfits. Heartafact does a good job of covering best fashion stories, check out this recent men’s style guide.

Add extra tailored joggers to your style

They make a great combinations with cargo pants. Over the past few years we have seen joggers styled in many different ways, from regular fitting joggers to skinny fitting joggers. As we move forward in 2020 we will see more tailored joggers designed to keep you looking smart and comfortable at the same time. A piece that can be worn in the office and straight into a bar in the city. Invest and you won’t regret it!

Travel Vest:

Casual Leather Vest

A vest is perfect for the everyday traveling man who doesn’t want to schlep a lot of luggage or get bogged down by having to wait for his luggage at the airport but at the same time look really stylish. The trend of men’s vest has fallen short in cold places but here are some hacks on how you can layer vest with your fashion on a regular bases.

  • Inside your jacket – the combination of vest and jacket will never go out of style.
  • Collared shirts – If it’s a prom or a wedding, collared shirts work best with a vest.
  • How bout hoodie? – cold-wardrobe apparel like hoodies will pair perfectly in winter.

A complete guide on alternative uses for leather vests.

Scott Vest is a known brand introduced a vest that contains many pockets and eliminates the need for traveling with excess baggage. This makes traveling a whole lot easier and simpler.

Other Accessories:

Other Accessories

According to Hugh, men under ’30s should consider investing in:

1. A quality pair of sunglasses
2. A nice watch
3. A slim wallet

And the reasons behind them:

  • A nice pair of sunglasses look better on the face and will last a long time (They also compliment leather jackets perfectly).
  • A nice watch is a more subtle fashion item that can really make a man’s forearms stand out (something most women find attractive).
  • A perfect slim wallet forces you to keep your wallet clean of receipts and unnecessary cards and makes you confident when you go to pay the bill.


Trying a new trend can be fun as well as expensive. What’s more concerning is, will that investment last longer? It’s not necessary to try everything, but if something promises you compliments, a strike of coolness, snug fit, and durability, that’s where you need to put your money. Hope you like this guide, keep posted for latest fashion stories!

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