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10 Classic 8-bit Style Minecraft Backpacks

The best-selling game on all platform has brought a wide range of goodies for gamers. I am talking one and only Minecraft, the open world 3D retro style game that allows the player to roam around, built things, destroy it and be creative. It’s a survival game that is now available for download on all platforms including PC, X1, PS4, Handheld Consoles and Smart Phones. The essential elements of the game, it keeps you busy in an adventure and lets you move from one block to another. The game is so much addictive that it can almost get you fired from your work. For mining freaks, I am about to showcase 12 all-time fan-favorite Minecraft backpack that is worth your money.


Lets Begin

Minecraft Creeper (Product Page)

Creeper is the main fictional character in the world of gaming. The structural character is indeed favorite for all, and this bag is designed for his fans.

Minecraft school Backpack (Product Page)

Level up your style with this kids bag inspired by the character in Minecraft. This is the trendiest pick that is organized for both children and adults.

Dan TDM (Product Page)

The professional gamer and youtube guy Dan has his own version of Minecraft character by the name of DAN TDM. The bag is also based on his fictional personality.

Diamond bag (Product Page)

All new official Minecraft backpack for kids. The item is something every fan of the game will enjoy.

Blocks Backpack (Product Page)

Another cool and yet, retro design bag for travel. It’s a handpick choice that easily sticks with anyone.

Miner Gray Bag (Product Page)

For someone likes mining thing in the game, here’s an official gray style Miner Backpack that can carry almost anything including laptops, tablets, and books.

Water Resistant Backpack (Product Page)

Now travel without any hassle in rainy weather with featured anti-water polyester. Best pick for 8-bit players.

Skytube Heroes (Product Page)

In the world of Minecraft, you can mod and create your own version of characters and use them to built things. This bag is based on the Sky Tube Heroes character.

DANTDM Bag (Product Page)

DAN TDM has become a fan-favorite personality in the digital world. So I am presenting this magnificent pick for his lovers. Best for schools and long journey travels.

Children’s Dogcraft Backpack (Product Page)

New stylish choice especially for school-going girls. Suitable for toys, books, and other stuff related to little kids.

The game is totally epic but Market still lacks good merchandise especially Bags. I still tried to come up with trendiest Minecraft backpack for kids and adults that provide hassle-free travel. Enjoy the ride The 8-Bit Style. Also See – (Pokemon Backpacks).

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