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The Complete Minion Costume DIY


It is relatively easy to make Minion outfit. The guide is not only made for kids but adults too can enjoy playing as the yellow characters. Let’s share the DIY to make a Minion Costume.

Required Items


How to make a Minion Costume

Goggles 1


Goggles are a necessary item and showing right now is an inspired edition for the costume. The First step for Minion Costume.

Denim BibDenim Bib

Making an outfit is fun. After the goggles, Denim bib is necessary as every one of them wears it. Here’s our pick of the day.


Long Sleeve Yellow Shirt

Yellow Shirt

Characters are recognized by their yellowish color but no need to dip yourself in the paint, just wear the long sleeve shirt.

Black Gloves


Okay, let’s cover those hands with black gloves. Good for winter but will work out fine the costume.


minion shoes black formal Shoes

A pair of shoes is the last item for your Minion Costume. It has cap toe with padded collar style shoes, carrying rubber sole and made of leather material.




Men Adult Costume (Amazon)

Don’t want to assemble, just buy the complete attire. it’s a reliable and high-quality outfit.

Womens Minions Cosplay 151x300

Adult Women’s Cosplay (Amazon)

Women are also inspired by the yellow most wanted characters. We picked the licensed dress that comes with all the required accessories. More ideas below.


Women Adult Costume (Amazon)

Minion costumes for adults, the same outfit featured last time but different.  The tunic dress is attached to a blouse.



Women Pumps (Amazon)

One last thing to complete your dress is this pair of black pumps. They are made of Vegan material that is eco-friendly with a kitten heel, giving you the classic pumps style.

Little Ones:

minion boy costume

Minion Kids Costume (Amazon)

Complete attire for boys, the material is polyester and includes headpiece, gloves, and goggles.


Boys Shoes (Amazon)

The pair is preferred to wear with your Minion Costume and later it can become school shoes.

minion girl costume

Girls Cosplay (Amazon)

Same design for girls and the items are all same except the part, it’s a dress.


Girls Legging (Amazon)

Made of cotton and spandex mixture that gives it a stretching feature. Check to size before purchasing.

girls black shoes sandal

Girls Shoes (Amazon)

Kids can also wear the pumps with their Minion Costume. It has a synthetic sole with approx 1.5” heel.


Minion Boys Romper 186x300

Minion Costume Toddler (Amazon)

Toddler attire is designed as romper with attached and printed headpiece. Comfortable and they won’t feel itchy in it.


Toddler Shoes (Amazon)

This is a school style shoe toddlers can wear with the Minion costume. Made of synthetic (including sole), the heel measures 1”, has padded collar and is in square toe cut.

Minion Girls Romper 139x300

Girls Romper (Amazon)

The dress is not just beautiful but your girl will also look cute too. The best part is it comes with a beenie for cosplay.

Despicable Me 2 Gru Costume

Adult Gru:


Gru Adult Costume (Amazon)

Here is the complete Gru Costume introduced in Despicable Me Series. It includes a shirt with a printed zipper, attached scarf, Pant and full mask with a rubber band at back.

If you’re planning to have a Despicable Me Halloween celebration then below is the complete DIY guide to all characters.


Despicable Me Costume Guide

Now we end our session for the yellow characters. The design patterns of the Minions costumes are created with lots of hard work and trending everywhere. Stay posted for more and don’t forget to share.

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