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Modern vs Classic vs Slim Fit Suits

Slim fit suits

A slim fit Suits made up of high-quality fabric and especially design for skinny people to fit them perfectly. This suit will give you a sophisticated look and eye catchy appearance. Enjoy your work and parties in these innovative design suits available in different styles.

What You Should Know About Slim Fit Suits & Classic Fit Suits

Suits have been a wardrobe staple for men over the years; It’s the most appropriate and tasteful choice of apparel, whether it’s an office or any other formal event.

Your suit says a lot about your personality; ensure it’s nicely tailored and paired with the right-fitting shirt and accessory. Although the rules of suiting are not as strict as a formal tuxedo for men, it’s best if you wear it the right way; after all, you want to look sharp. Another thing to consider is the “fit”; generally, there are three basic fitting types.

Classic Fit Suits:

  • Classic fit suits are the most traditional way for a suit to fit. It’s commonly seen in the workplace because the adequate amount of room is perfect for working and commuting.
  • The jacket has some extra room around the shoulders and chest, moreover, it’s also slightly longer as compared to the slim fit jackets. The size of the coat reaches the tip of your thumb.
  • The lapels are pretty standard as you find in most of the suits unless you specially ask your tailor to keep them wide or narrow. You will find wide peak lapels and standard notch lapels in classic fit suits. Generally, it should be slightly wider than a slim fit suit.
  • Like in any trousers, classic suit trousers rest on the waistline, however, they’re straight fits and have some extra room around the thigh and shin.
Classic Suit

brown classic-suit

The suit above is a perfect example of classic fit, it’s roomy throughout including shoulder, chest
waist, and legs. It looks contemporary and feels comfortable to work, move around, and commute.

grey classic-suit

The ideal suit fit for most
guys, it looks dapper without feeling too tight or restrictive, as you can see above the
shoulder seams are right where they’re supposed to be, and the coat is buttoned without
stretching the fabric.

Modern Suit

brown suit

Skinny fit suits are narrower than
a slim fit suit, and almost hug your body for a very modern silhouette, the pants have a
narrower hem. This type of
suit is best for men
with a smaller frame and skinnier built.

grey suit

Narrower throughout the
shoulder chest and waist but not more than a skinny fit suit, the slim fit suit lies between
modern and skinny fit. It’s best at formal presentations, meet-ups, or other formal

Slim Fit Suits:

slim fit suit
  • Just as the name suggests, the jacket is more trimmed and fits closure around the shoulder, chest, and waist giving you a tapered silhouette. It gives you a more slick look because having a tailored, however, it also depends on your body type and how well you carry it.
  • A slim-fit jacket is slightly shorter than the classic fit jacket for a more structured and updated appearance.
  • Slim-fit suit jacket also has slightly slimmer lapels to balance the look, which is relatively thinner than the standard width of a classic fit suit’s lapel, and that’s understandable because it would be awkward to have such a broad lapel on such tapered apparel.
  • The trousers are tapered down the waist for an overall refined silhouette. They also come with a flat front as it’s currently more fashion-forward.


Mens Modern Fit Suits:

Modern fit suits are somewhere between classic and slim fit, the jacket tends to fit slimmer than the classic but it’s still not as snug as the slim fit suit. This kind of fit is the safest and looks incredibly stylish on almost every body type. So if you want a stylish upgrade but still want to play it safe, a modern fit suit is a way to go. To keep things casual you can also check out our leather blazer collection

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between skinny fit and slim fit suits?

Slim-fit suits are narrower than a regular fit suit. They come with a tapered silhouette without hugging your body. On the other hand, skinny fit suits are tighter and hug your body closely. They’re better suited for guys who are on the thinner side.

Can a big guy wear a slim fit suit?

Bigger guys can and should wear slim fit suits because it’s much better looking and gives your body a structured appearance. Bigger men commonly make the mistake of wearing suits with huge armholes and large trousers that looks quite unflattering.

Is slim fit smaller than regular fit?

Slim fit is generally a few inches narrower than a regular fit garment and has a tapered appearance. Its called slim fit because to cut to fit closer to your body, buying a regular suit in a smaller size will not make it a slim fit suit, it will still lack the taper.

Who should wear slim fit suits?

You do not need to be slim to wear a slim fit suit, people of all shapes and sizes can wear it, and it does look good. However, they look best on athletic guys because of the fabric hugging the body.

Are slim fit suits professional?

Yes, a slim-fit suit is perfect for an office environment and is entirely professional, in fact, these suits are the new norm so there’s no problem with wearing them for meetings, interviews, and even everyday office look. Moreover, you don’t need to be slim to wear this kind of suit, anyone can wear it.

Where to buy slim fit suits?

For high-quality fabrics, the latest design, and masterful tailoring checkout FJackets, our slim fit suits are available with multiple sizing options separate for coat and trouser, moreover, we also have made to measure sizing options at a very minimal price.

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