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How to Prepare for the Motorcycle Rally Event 2020?

Biker Rally

Are you a huge biker fan? Willing to attend the nearest event of this year? Then you’re in luck!

The major biker rallies will take place in the US, UK, Germany and across Europe. Either way, there is going to be excitement, cheering crowds, and not to mention, cool souvenirs to collect.

While there are no rules of dress code, how much money you spend, or pictures you take, but you want to make this memorable, right? Then here are 6 general tips to know ahead of Motorcycle Rally 2020.

1. Book the right seat:

row seats

To ensure you see the whole show while staying safe, avoid standing or sitting in the front. I would suggest picking the midsection or the last higher row because it will give you the best view, and you can safely exit as well. The front areas are noisier, and in regards to safety, the crowds sometimes try to intervene in the event, which creates an uncomfortable situation for front seaters.

2. Carry enough cash:

sports event foods

How can you have fun without snacks, drinks, or buying collectibles? For all sorts of reasons, keep enough cash that would cover the overall expense of the biker rally event.

If you own a credit or debit card, take that too because they will work as a great financial resource if you run out of money. Never forget to purchase supporting merchandise to give your biker some motivation during the race.

3. Pick the right motorcycle gear:

Motorcycle leather jacket

Dressing up for the best picture requires you to invest in some fashion items. Since it’s a motorcycle rally, I would suggest the best motorcycle style jackets as they provide good weather protection and exposure. They can make a huge difference, and here’s why:

  • Defines your attitude and make you look tough – regardless of age.
  • A top-notch moto jacket adds an extra layer of protection from dust, rain, and wind.
  • Offer the best storage options.
  • It is a symbol of biker gangs.
  • Stylish and functional.

4. Buy a good camera phone


Fan or no fan, it’s obvious you will take pictures and for that, there should be a good camera with you. It’s an important part of any event, and considering the amount of hype that will be there, you can’t afford not to capture it. What you need is to buy a new phone with at least a 12x megapixel camera or higher. Or if you already own one, clear memory spaces to capture the best scenes, selfies and group photos.

You can find great budget range phones on Amazon.

5. Take necessary supplies with you:

Travel Bag

Make sure you have good supplies with you for emergencies such as water bottles, food, first aids, etc. I suggest carrying a travel bag (not luggage) that is ideal, easy to carry, and can be used again for a daily commute.

Don’t keep everything inside a bag. You also need a motorcycle jacket (discussed above), which consists of extra pockets inside for phone, wallet, and tickets.

6. Avoid bringing pets:


Pet owners should restrain taking any pets at the event. Some biker rallies even restrict people from bringing pets because they need extra attention, and it can create distractions. It’s better to leave cats, dogs, or any furry friend you have at home.

I hope you enjoyed this article, here is our next guide on How motorcycle riding reduces stress?

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