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Motorcycle Riding Reduces Stress? Research Says Yes!

Reduce stress by riding a bike

Motorcycle riding is so popular nowadays, some ride it for a daily commute and some as a hobby. Men love their bikes as a good friend that helps them everywhere and at any time. Riders maintain their bike as much as possible and own every type of protective gear including helmet, gloves, pads and leather jackets. But they don’t know the benefits of riding a bike that effects quietly inside their bodies. The scientific study report shows that motorcycle riding is helpful to reduce the stress level. Look strange? Don’t worry we are covering everything to let you know the complete detail so you can enjoy your ride and at the same time get the mental comfort.

The group of Scientists belongs to the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior with the joint venture of Harley-Davidson that examined 50 healthy motorcycle riders before and after the ride of 22 miles while riding cars and the state of rest. The two teams measured their brain activity by ECG mobile app and hormone level to detect the change in human body behavior.

After the precise research, they published a report that describes:

Riding a motorcycle upto 20 minutes decreases the stress level about almost 28% and heartrate 11% that is almost equal to any lightweight exercise. While riding they noticed that the rider’s focus and alert level is more than car drivers. Adrenaline is the hormone that increases while riding which function is to relaxes the body by providing extra oxygen to the cells, increase concentration level and enlargement of pupil. On the other hand, Cortisol that causes stress and anxiety is reduced while riding.

The conclusion is riding a bike can make you comfortable and relaxed that is very significant for your health. Other than this, you also have to keep the ride safe outside. Read the tips to make it more effective.

Important Tips for Riders:

As we mentioned, riding relieves the stress level upto 28% but it is also observed that the proper kit also plays an important role. Here are some top preparation tips for a motorcycle rally.

Leather Jacket

This will save you from road abrasion, stop wind and provide a stylish appearance. People you meet will compliment you which motivates the mood and reduces stress. Must-have motorcycle riding jackets for a long journey.


Safety Helmets is a very important item to secure your head from wind particles that could hurt your eyes and even go inside through mouth or nose.


Gloves increase the grip that gives you maximum support over your ride, especially in winter.


It saves the body joints while falling from the bike.

Important instructions:

Don’t use a smartphone while riding otherwise it can lead to fatal accidents.

Don’t speed up the bike on open roads.

Don’t forget to wear a leather jacket in winter.

This scientific research is valuable for those who are struggling with stress and anxiety. Just make yourself ready by wearing proper gloves and go on a long ride to relieves the stress level.

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