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Inspiring Mummy Costume from The Movies

The ancient movies are really fun to watch especially when it has scary villains that keep us frightened all night. You may remember the old classic movies like The Mummy. The movie was all about adventure which becomes a number one hit worldwide for its action and suspense. The historical film even after 17 years is still among the best that has open doors for other similar movies such as The Scorpion King and this year’s The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. Today, we’ll talk about how you can make a decent Mummy Costume without shedding extra money but first, let’s share a bit info about this new movie.


The plot focus on an ancient queen who was deprived of her rightful just and mummified for eternity. After thousands of years past, she awakens in a new world carried by the team of top rank soldiers including Tom Cruise. She terrifies everyone with her growling scream and superpowers to put the city in anguish.

The movie will be great and you can easily create your own crazy outfit and you don’t even have to get mummified at all. Just follow our guide to become like the real mummy and scare the freak out of your friends.

 Sofia Boutella Costume Guide

sofia boutella as the mummy

Synthetic Wig for Women

Hair Wig (Product Page)

Sofia Boutella style hair wig is the first thing you need for your womens mummy costume. If you already own a cut like her, don’t add this wig on your list.

Women Doll Makeup kit

Dead Makeup Set (Product Page)

Look deadly and terrifying by using this set of makeup that includes broken stickers, eyebrows, and colors. A perfect item kit for your Mummy Costume.

Sexy Mummy Costume

Sexy Mummy Costume (Product Page)

Couldn’t find the actual matching body suit but tough, you can look the same in featured mummy suit. Pretty cool huh?

Women Leaf Costume

Leafs Body Suit (Product Page)

A cute sexy leave suit is also part of this DIY. I know it’s not the actual leaf body suit Sofia wore in the movie but close enough to create a similar look.

Greek Ancient Sandal for Women

Ancient Sandal (Product Page)

Now for this greek style sandal to wear with your queen outfit. Even in the 21st century, these sandals are trending. Made from the synthetic sole and provide the best comfort while walking.

Fingerless Leaf Gloves for Costume

Leaf Green Fingerless Long Gloves (Product Page)

These are hand made long gloves design for Poison Ivy Outfit buy you can use it for this cosplay as well. Beautiful and available at affordable rates.


Rick O’Connell

Rick O Connel From Classic The Mummy

Rick O’Connell is the main protagonist of the first three Mummy Movies. He’s an adventurer and has risked his life to discover the ancient civilization treasures and antique, but he had to go through evil mummified resurrectors such as Imhotep. I still love his movie except for the third one which is a bit different compared to the first two parts. I even played the actual video game on my PS. If you like him, then I am sure you’ll love the outfits that I am adding on this blog.

dual gun hostler

Dual Gun Holster (Product Page)

The iconic character is always seen wearing the holster in the movie, and you can replicate that personality in this similar holster.

white shirt formal

Formal White Shirt (Product Page)

This shirt is quite neat and will look cool on you. A big fan of the franchise must wear it to portray as Rick O’Connell.

slim fit pant brown khaki

Stylish Slim-Fit Pant (Product Page)

Okay now for the pants, it needs to be matching, and I’d prefer this one. A fit style khaki pant.

Rick OConnell Cosplay Boots

Cosplay Rick O’Connell Boots (Product Page)

Same boots he wore in the movie and now you can get it for your cosplay too. Order it while it last!

Prop Replica Six Shooter

Replica Six Shooter Gun Antique (Product Page)

A Prop gun for posing and playing as Rick. It’s a high-quality material antique made for cosplay.



Imothep is the major antagonist of the two parts who was mummified after being caught by the guards. In the movie, he was given the worst death of all by cutting off his tongue, and flesh-eating scarab beetles were thrown inside the coffin that ate him alive. He then returned from the dead to take his revenge and reunite with his only love. In the last appearance, he had a brief battle with Rick o Connel and finally got betrayed by his long-time mistress and Villainess Anck-Su-Namun who left him to die to save her own life. To create a look just like him, you need following stuff.

Bald Head Cap

A Bald Cap (Product Page)

The first thing you must have is a shiny head, and without it, you’ll just not look like Imhotep. This ideal cap the good and sustainable.

leather wrist band large

Leather Wristband (Product Page)

If you’re having fun building your mummy costume then also add this In your list, a similar style wristband made of leather.

Roman Skirt

Roman Skirt (Product Page)

Matching Roman skirt for an awesome costume.

roman gladiator sandals ancient style

Ancient Style Sandals (Product Page)

These fashionable roman gladiator sandals were once a top trend, maybe 2000 years from now or more.

Egyptian Necklace

Egyptian Necklace (Product Page)

This amulet is made from high-quality stainless steel material. It comes with an adjustable cord. A true antique for your costume.

So that’s it for today, we’ll add more contemporary items for our mummy Halloween costume and fashion guide blog. Don’t forget to watch the upcoming Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. For Related: (The Lost City of Z).


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