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What Are The New Business Casual Attire For Men?

Mens Business Casual Outfits

When one wakes up early in the morning, it can be challenging to get ready for work. It goes without saying that regardless of your talent or skill if you are untidy or poorly dressed, your chances of making a lasting impression are limited.

However, there is no longer a requirement now to wear a proper formal outfit to work every day in most of the modern workplaces.

This is definitely a piece of good news for every man as a full suit and tie isn’t the most comfortable outfit, especially in the summer.

What Is Business Casual?

Mens Casual Business Outfit Ideas

I knew it, you must be thinking about this. Men’s business casual attire is basically a way to keep the dress casual and yet appropriate for your workplace at the same time.

You can literally experiment with your absolute formal outfits by dropping them down to turn them into casual ones.

But hold on, don’t you think now you guys have to think about what to wear while going to work every single morning?

No need to worry at all I have got you the easiest solution with a few of the formal yet classy casual outfit ideas that you can rock every day at work.

Business Casual Essentials

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Outerwear


A shirt is one the most essential clothing piece as it completes the whole formal outfit of Men. Same to formal dressing, business casual outfits also have a vital role in formal shirts.


Pants have to be formal while dressing up casually for work as we can not be so much casual by wearing torn jeans or jogging trousers etc that it will look like a disaster at work. Chinos are the best example of business casual for men.


Obviously, you can not really wear casual sandals or slippers to an office. Formal shoes like loafers, boots, etc are so much classy to wear with your everyday business outfit.


Outerwear such as blazers, Leather coats, and sweaters are an integral part of business casual dressing. You should own at least 3 to 4 different varieties so that you can build the rest of your wardrobe around them.

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Business Casual Attire Ideas For Men

Outfit Idea #1

mens business professional attireShirt | Pant | Shoes | Coat

It is really very important to put your best foot forward even if you are dressing up casually yet formally while going to your workspace.

You can still look tailored with a formal white shirt by pairing it with a good-fit black blazer coat and matching pants. Matching pants can give you a classy look too.

Finish your look off with a pair of classy loafers. Trust me you are ready to rock the day at work.

Outfit Idea #2

mens outfit ideasShirt | Pant | Shoes | Coat

Are you dreaming of going to work but casually? Yes, instead of wearing a formal suit just give a chance to this amazing combination of clothing pieces that will go just right.

If you wear the same blazer outfit with chinos instead of wearing it with jeans, your overall appearance will change instantly into formal.

Always wear formal shoes to work. It will really give you the best working vibes in your workspace.

Outfit Idea #3Mens professional attireShirt | Pant | Shoes | Leather Blazer Jacket | T-shirt

Thinking to go for a sharp formal-casual look? Try out the leather blazer instead of a formal coat for a casual yet sharp formal look.

The shirt can be of any color but here I have kept a light pink shirt so that it pops under the blazer. It’s completely your choice which one you like but select a really good formal color as you are supposed to wear it in your workspace.

You can easily select just a pair of formal black shiny shoes for this smooth outfit. Trust me you will rock the look.

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Outfit Idea #4

men business casualShirt | Chinos | Shoes | Coat

You must think before pairing any of your clothing pieces as it can be either a disaster or a miracle.

This beautiful teal color blazer will go just right with khaki chinos. A perfectly fitted blazer and chinos will surely give you a perfect look.

Pair them with a classic white shirt so that the color of the blazer and pants just pop correctly and don’t make a mess. For accessories carry a leather wallet.

Outfit Idea #5

business casual clothes men

Shirt | Pant | Shoes | Coat

This is again not so tough combination of colors and clothing pieces. Select this beautiful cream color blazer and pair it up with a black look.

Sounds risky? Not at all. You can totally wear an entirely black outfit and pair it with a light color blazer.

With this extremely amazing combination, you can go with a classic pair of black loafers and finish this look with a black silver buckle belt.

Outfit Idea #6

mens business casualShirt | Pant | Shoes | Coat

You must make the target a professional. Avoid wearing graphic tees as it is important not to look like someone who hasn’t grown up yet and who doesn’t know the office dress code.

Wear a classy Navy blue blazer with a light pink shirt to give your business outfit the best look. Formal shirts always give a rich look in every single color. You can literally go out of your mind while selecting one shirt.

You can wear proper blue dress pants matching your blazer coat so that the pink shirt pops. Lastly, pair it with your favorite black shoes.

Outfit Idea #7

business attire menShirt | Pant | Shoes | Coat

This is another best combination of outfits while going to work as it has both the amazing colors Grey and Black.

I know I know, you must be thinking that this is the easiest combination ever. But hold on, if you are not carrying these colors the right way, they will not turn out to look as classy as you were dreaming of.

Pair a Black Blazer with Black pants and a formal pair of black shoes. For the shirt, you can go with a good grey color shirt to make it a dream come true outfit for work.

What Does Not Qualify as Business Casual?

mens business casual attire

Now that you know what is business casual attire, it’s important to point out a few items that are totally not included in this category.

  • Informal shirts or T-shirts.
  • Ties, except for around the neck when wearing a button-down shirt and tie combo (called a Windsor knot).
  • Jeans and other casual pants.
  • Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops if you’re going to be in an office setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The main difference between smart casual and business casual is that smart casual is more relaxed and informal than business casual. Business casual is also typically less colorful and more subdued than smart casual.
There is no definitive answer to the question of whether jeans are acceptable in a business casual setting. It depends on the company culture and the specific dress code for business casual attire.
In general, a polo shirt can be considered business casual attire if it is paired with appropriate clothing, such as dress pants or khakis. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the polo shirt is clean and wrinkle-free.
Most t-shirts are not considered business casual attire. However, there are some that can be worn in more relaxed business settings. These include polo shirts, dress shirts, and button-downs.
A black shirt is not necessarily business casual, but it can be worn as part of a business casual outfit. To dress business casual in a black shirt, pair it with khaki pants or dark-wash jeans and add a blazer or sweater as needed for layering.
In terms of specific styles, loafers, dress shoes, and pumps are often seen as being appropriate for business casual settings.