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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Clothing Style Ideas

One Upon a time in Hollywood

The movie that took place in the late ’60s, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has taken the internet by storm, especially for its great suspense, nostalgic vibes and recreated vintage styles. No doubt the movie is full of great outfits that caught the attention of fans…including us! Today, we are sharing the clothing ideas of three top performers, Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pritt as Cliff Booth and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate.

Leonardo DiCaprio Clothing:

Leonardo Dicaprio Once upon a time jacket


Once upon a time in a hollywood

Brown Leather Jacket – Product Page

This amazing outfit is worn by Rick Dalton in the movie which gave him a nice appealing appearance. You can don this brown leather jacket to follow him and show your passion and admiration.

brown turtle neck shirt

Brown Turtle Neck – Product Page

To complete the costume of Rick Dalton then you should opt this awesome dark brown turtle neck shirt. He wore this with the jacket in various scenes of the movie.

khaki pants men

Khaki Pant – Product Page

This pant is a good piece for someone who wants to own the same attire as Leonardo. The best fabric is used which makes it a comfortable and stylish pant.

brown sun glass men

Brown Sun Glasses – Product Page

Add this extra item to increase the beauty in your style. It is always on the top of the list of fashion lovers.

golden pendant necklace men

Necklace – Product Page

A cowboy wears a pendant to make his appearance attractive and bold. You can also try it to follow your hero but it is not the requirement.

brown belt for men

Brown Belt – Product Page

Leonardo DiCaprio wore a brown belt to pair with the rest of his clothing because brown is more attractive than black.


brown boots once upon a time

Brown boots – Product Page

Rick Dalton’s brown boots are made from high-quality material that will be required to complete your outfit precisely. It is designed professionally to provide style and comfort.


Brad Pritt Clothing:

brad pitt clothing once upon a time


Champion shirt once upon a time

Champion Logo White Shirt – Product page

Check out this amazing white T-Shirt of Cliff Booth that will elevate your style in a great way without taking much time. It includes a champion logo in the center of the shirt which you can wear with any type of jeans.

yellow hawaiian shirt

Yellow Hawaiian Shirt- Product page

To enjoy the movie with passion you need this astounding Cliff booth Hawaiian shirt for the proper getup. You can wear it while going on traveling or to relish the party.

blue denim jacket

Denim Jacket – Product page

A distressed blue denim jacket will help you in the winter days. Brad Pitt wore a similar type of jacket in the movie and you can go with it to get the exact style as him.

mens jeans pant

Blue Jeans- Product page

To obtain the same look as Brad Pritt you must own jeans pants. A soft, comfortable and stretchable fabric that will make your day awesome.


brown glasses men

Glasses- Product page

Cliff booth wore this type of brown sunglasses with his stunning clothing which provides him a more sophisticated display and style.

brad pritt brown belt

Brown Belt- Product page

A brown leather belt with a large decorated buckle is always preferred as the fashion item. An easy way to get attention without doing an extra effort.

brown boots men

Brown Boots- Product page

Without boots, the combination is never complete. Try this high-quality brown boots that will give you an extremely smart appearance like Brad Pritt in the movie.


Margot Robbie Clothing:

Margot Robbie Sharon Tate

black turtle neck women shirt

Black Turtle-Neck Shirt- Product page

In Once Upon a Time movie, Margot Robbie wears a black turtle neck shirt with a white skirt.

women multicolor shirt

Multicolor Striped shirt- Product page

impressive striped shirt as seen in different scenes where she was observed as a chic and gorgeous star.

white skirt ladies

White Skirt women- Product page

Sharon Tate wore this exciting skirt with a black turtle neck shirt in the movie. It is made from a high-quality fabric that can last long and shine your personality effortlessly.

women black purse bag

Black Purse- Product page

Ladies need a purse or small bag for keeping accessories while going outside. This black purse will give you more comfort and fabulous style with your matching dress.

black sun glasses for women

Black Sun Glasses- Product page

Black glasses are the key to gaining attraction and achieving a nice appearance. It can change the look of a person within a second and easily wearable with every type of dress.

white boots for women

White Boots – Product page

When everyone wears black boots, it is necessary to go with white boots. It brings the change in fashion and if it belongs to loving actress Harley Quinn then fans must own this quickly. Check it out for yourself to achieve the same style as her.

These all are the recommended clothing of the main three stars in the movie. I hope you like it and feel free to give us a shout out on your social networks.

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