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How Should a Mens Pea Coat Fit and What Color You Should Pick?


We have now reached an age where long coats are moving towards the ‘less demanded pile’. It becomes quite tough for some to maintain their trench coats because of the dust and stains that take forever to come off. The length of the coat automatically makes it more exposed to the dirt. It has always been a common problem and now people are getting tired of it. Mens pea coat has become a remedy for those problems.

It is much shorter and more comfortable to wear in seasons instead of long coats. They are more convenient and look more stylish. 2019 has displayed outfits that can’t be avoided even if you try to because of good they look. Some fashion oriented people buy these peacoats because of the variety and how trendy they look. But there is much more to it than just the glamour. There is a deeper history behind their existence.

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; these coats don’t emerge to look boring or too simple because of their design-less appearance. In fact, the way they are worn and with what they are worn brings out the best style in you. These aren’t overcoats because of some distinct differences that everyone should pay attention towards.

Peacoat vs Trench Coat/Overcoat

Overcoat vs pea coat

Men’s wear stylists have said time and time again that formal clothing like a suit jacket or any blazer is eligible to be worn under an overcoat. The pea coat, however, prefers casual clothing. The reason is that of how the fitting will decide how you look from the outside. These are those outfits that you need to be extra careful about because a crumpled area could spoil the entire look of these coats. Therefore, it is highly urged that you get a pea coat that is stitched as per your measurements.

So for proper fitting pea coats for men, you need to keep in mind just five things, and you will feel better and different in the best way. Here are the points that you should bear in mind. Awesome peacoat color styles.


The coat needs to be measured correctly in the shoulder area. As mentioned above, a crumpled area could spoil the look of the coat, and that only happens when the seams are not proportional to your shoulder ends. This is the same principle that tailors use when you are getting your suits stitched. The tidier you look the better!


  • The next point is the sleeves and how they should cover your hand. There is a kind of exercise that you have to do to check if the sleeves are perfect or not. Straighten your arms down and close to your body. Your palm should be facing the ground and should be horizontally straight. If your sleeve is touching the top part of your palm, your sleeves are perfect.


  • Here is another important point that you should keep in mind. Your pea coat should not be too baggy. In fact, it should be enough for you to feel fit around your body. This is not a long coat that requires being too spacious. The mens pea coat should feel like you are wearing a straight fit shirt, fitting and enough space to feel comfortable. The objective is to look slick and trimmed.


  • There are no certain designs when it comes to the collar of the coat. In fact, pea coats have various collar styles so you should not worry about it looking different from the standard design. Their width or style does not determine the negative but gives you a positively trendsetting look.


  • Last but not least, the length of the coat. This is where people get puzzled. They often think overcoats are peacoats, which is false. The overcoat is much longer. As far as the Pea coat is concerned, their length should reach the lower crotch. That is the maximum length for the outfit to reach, even an inch beyond that is bound to make you look strange.


Just remember these five points about pea coats for men. The accurate fitting has never been as important in fashion as it is now. Slim and trim-fitting have made their way in the formal clothing category, and they certainly look better.

When an outfit becomes famous or beings to trend, we tend to get an increased number in varieties. That means the colors and features give the customers a wider range of coats for men to choose for the season. Whether you want a simple men’s pea coat or something extraordinary with fur on the lapel, it depends on the circumstances and the trend. A person who is style-conscious will always have something on them that would surprise people.

The admiring fact about these historical outfits is that the overall design has been maintained for centuries. Only features like buttons and fur on the collar have been added in some to match the weather conditions. Other than that, everything looks as same as what the sailors wore. No doubt, the pea coats we see in stores in the modern era are so tempting that we just want to own all the colors.

After knowing how should a peacoat fit you, it is time for you to buy a pea coat for yourself. The colors that have been in fashion for the past four to five years are displayed in the image above. In the image, you can see the top six colors that apply to be worn in any season. The colors in the collage include everyone’s favorite, black, gray, navy blue, green, camel, and brown. Black has been a standard color for a very long time, but it wasn’t the original color of the pea coats for men, navy blue was. Each color has a shade that compliments an individual season even more.

But since all the colors can be worn, it becomes convenient for the wearer to purchase more comfortable coats. Green is the standout color of 2016 because of the fact that nobody would expect green to be worn by men in this outfit. Gray is now gradually becoming a color that we will see men wear as much as black. Other colors like brown and camel-colored peacoat are considered being the most luxurious looking shades and it isn’t only the men that are wearing these colors, the women are also joining the men in wearing these stylish colors.

Your knowledge about these stunning pea coats for men has inevitably increased so you the next time you go shopping, either to an online store or a physical store, you will know how and till where your mens slim pea coat should fit on you. It is all about having the accurate fitting experience in your outfits and mens pea coat will provide you with the comfort that you never imagined. Pea coat wearers will agree to it. You got six colors and various mens slim-fit peacoat to choose from. Keep the tips in mind and purchase.



1. Why do they call it a pea coat?
According to many historians, pea coat is originated in the Netherlands. To help the sailors be warm, they developed a heavy wool coat and called it “pijjakker.” In dutch pea “pij” pronounced as “pea” which is a word for coarse, and “jakker” means a jacket.

2. What is pea coat meaning?
The pea coat is a heavy jacket made of wool with big buttons on the front, and they are hip lengthed. It was worn by navy sailors originally, but now it became common. Many people wear it as a fashion piece in winter.

3. Are pea coats out of style?
Pea coats have survived many trend changes, and it is still in style. There are many variations of pea coats available nowadays, unlike in the past it was only in dark blue. Many known brands are even launching new colors and pea coats because there is still demand.

4. When should you wear a pea coat?
A pea coat is a versatile fashion piece that can be worn on casual, semi-casual, and semi-formal events. It is best to be worn in winter and spring because it will keep you warm in style.

5. What do you wear under a peacoat?
Peacoat goes well on most of the outfits from your closet, and it will look great. You can wear it on your turtleneck, layered sweater for the classy look, and you can pair it with slacks and a tie to make you look eye candy.

6. Can you wear a pea coat in the rain?
Pea coats were made for sailors to protect them from winds, and it is durable enough to be worn on rain, but after it gets wet you should take proper care of it. Hang it on a wide hanger after wearing it in the rain for naturally drying.

7. Are all pea coats double-breasted?
Pea coats were only double-breasted in dark blue color in the past, but with time it evolved now, it is available in multiple variations. It comes in many different colors, and it also comes in a single-breasted style.

8. What is the difference between a pea coat and a trench coat?
A pea coat is shorter than a trench coat with a more fitted look, while a trench coat features a waist belt for adjustment of fit. The trench coat has lighter fabric than peacoat.

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