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The Costume Guide Of Pikachu

Pikachu Costume 810x450

Do you like the cute little chubby rodent? So here are some of the Pikachu Suits for men, women and for toddlers to wear during Halloween and other occasions. All these outfits are enough to make your Family Costume easily so let’s start:

Detective Pikachu Costume

detective pikachu costume hat

Hat (Product Page)

To show that you want to investigate the scene, you first need to put on this cute little Sherlock Holmes hat. And the next thing you need is a smoking pipe. Get it here.

Pikachi Mens Hoodie Suit

Pikachu Jacket (Product Page)

Men are also delighted by the small creature and sure to add a fascinating view, here is a yellow Pikachu Hoodie. It comes with a hood which is printed with the delightful face of Pikachu and on the back, there is also a tail. Consider a costume for a price of $29.99.

Man Pickachu Cosutme

Complete Pikachu Costume Men (Product Page)

Showing here is an overall suit with hood. No need to buy pants as it is a jumpsuit made for every occasion including Halloween.

Pikachu Womens Costume

Women Hoodie (Product Page)

Similar style for ladies who are admired by the cute adorable yellow character. It’s available at only $29 that is not so heavy on the wallet either.

Pikachu Women Costume

Women’s Pikachu Costume (Product Page)

Cherish the appearance wearing the cute jumpsuit that’ll make you feel comfy. So ladies if you want to feel so snuggly that you would only love to hug yourself then you must try this outfit on Halloween.

Pikachi Toddler Costume

Toddlers Costume (Product Page)

Mostly, kid’s are the fan of the character so we are showing something awesome for the little ones too. The Toddlers outfit is designed with extreme care for the children with softest materials and funky, vibrant color.

Let us give you a suggestion, buy all of these costumes and make one big happy fluffy family!  You will love wearing the warm, airy and attractive outfit so much that you might wear it to the office one day. But don’t! No matter how endearing this Pokemon is, your boss will hate him because this is what they do they hate everything. So keep your cosplay restricted to your home and Halloween parties. Enjoy the best days of your life.

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