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Interactive DIY Guide for Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

No one is a stranger to the popular Pirates of the Caribbean, the film is certainly a huge blockbuster with a story and entertainment all the way. It is something that gives us an inside depth feeling of a character name Jack Sparrow and how life can be when you’re an actual pirate. Now he has made a come back in all new Dead Men Tell No Tales that includes a new antagonist by the name of Captain Salazar. He’s ruthless and out to take revenge from his old nemesis, Jack Sparrow. Don’t want to spoil the fun here, all I want to show my viewers is how you can become a true pirate like the characters from the Big Screen. Whether it’s a party or Halloween, you should always consider wearing Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes to show how much you love the franchise. So which character’s origin you want to follow this time? Here is your epic guide to create a perfect cosplay.

Let’s Start with:

“Jack Sparrow Costume DIY”

Jack sparrow

Items you need to look like him

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat

Jack Sparrow Hat (Product Page)

The iconic hat, you can’t hijack a ship without looking like a pirate, so this is what you need to portray your favorite TV character. It’s officially licensed product by Disney and made from the authentic material. You should try it out with your Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes.

Jack Sparrow Bandana Wig

Complete Wig Set with Bandana (Product Page)

Okay now for the wig, sure it’ll make you look ugly, but when you wear it along with Jack Sparrow Outfit, you’ll look scary and fearless pirate. This set feature Red Bandana, strong, lasting hairs, and beads.  The wig is Synthetic Fiber.

Jack Sparrow Long Hair Bandana Wig

Jack Sparrow Wig Set (Product Page)

You don’t like the last one, how about this cool style wig inspired from the main protagonist of the movie. You should consider it because it’s fancy and fashionable in every sense.

Jack Sparrow Facial Accessories

Facial Set (Product Page)

Sure you don’t want to put makeup or grow a facial, but for Jack Sparrow outfit, it’s an essential requirement. So I’ve put up a funny design facial set that’ll give you a delightful look.

Jack Sparrow Top Outfit

Complete Jacksparrow Outfit (Product Page)

No need to put each item together, this outfit has everything that includes a striking Jacket, Vest, Belts, and Pants so what else is left? Ohh yeah you’ll be needing boots with that. Don’t worry, I’ll add new fancy style boots to go with your cosplay. Not to mention this outfit looks exactly like this Assassin’s Creed Coat.


Pirate Boots (Product Page)

A cool outfit deserves a cool pair of boot, I’d suggest you should go for this new fancy style boot that looks epic all the way. It’s made from the synthetic sole and available in two different colors.

Pirate Sword

Pirate Sword (Product Page)

Aye, Tales there be plenty in this cursed place, take out your swords laddy, we’ve got a huge surprise! Don’t forget this line when you’re about to use this sword.

“Angelica Costume DIY”


angelica hat

Angelica Hat (Product Page)

This hat is a similar style which Angelica wore in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This hat will look great followed her other outfit.

Angelica Top

Angelica Top (Product Page)

This top is 100% cotton and comfy to wear. Best matching style white shirt for Angelica cosplay.

Angelica Vest

Vest Coat (Product Page)

This is the only vest and white shirt is not included with the package. The image shows how it’ll look when you wear it with above white top.

Corset Waise Belt

Black Corset Belt (Product Page)

This corset is designed for both costume and casual wear. Will look just fine with Angelica outfit. Also available in other colors.

Lingerie Skirt

Lingerie Skirt (Product Page)

This skirt won’t make you feel tight but designed according to the waistline. You can adjust the size from the product page.

Women Sweatpants

Sweat Pants (Product Page)

This is ideal sweatpant in jet black color. The boots will also fit just fine and won’t make you look odd either. Check out more stuff below.

High Heel Pirate Women Boots

Knee-High Women’s Boot (Product Page)

To style like a pirate, pick this fabric and synthetic knee-high boot for your costume. You’ll become the sexy pirate women who has introduced a new trend.

Angelica Costume Accessory

Angelica Accessory (Product Page)

This accessory set includes replica necklace and ring for Angelica Cosplay.

Pirate Angelica Sword and Gun

Sword and Gun (Product Page)

You can’t play pirate without showing off your weapons. You need these prop stuff to replicate like Angelica from the movie.

“Davy Jones DIY”

davy jones

Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat (Product Page)

Only if you knew how important it is to wear a hat, you would be surprised. A real pirate always wears a hat, and this signature style is worth to try with your Davy Jones cosplay.

Octopus Mask

Octopus Mask (Product Page)

Bill Nighy portrayed a legendary role in the movie and introduced a new character who was once a mortal-pirate but now turned into an octopus. To create a terrifying look in Halloween, I present you this ugly Octopus Mask to play like Davy Jones.
Crab Claw

Crab Claw (Product Page)

I was searching for something similar but couldn’t find one, so I decided to put this puppet style hand claw. It’s a home quilted cotton glove for cosplay purpose.

octopus novelty arm

Squid Novelty Arm (Product Page)

This cute squid arm is best for Davy Jones Outfit. Not similar style or color but an alternate choice for cosplay purpose.

Gothic Coat Costume

Punk Jacket (Product Page)

A jacket worth to try with your Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. Also, a fashionable choice because you can wear it casually or while riding.

Pirates Pants

Pirate Pants (Product Page)

This pant is exclusively made for a Pirate costume. A replicate version of Jack Sparrow’s outfit but can easily pull off with your Davy Jones Outfit too.

Pirate Boots

Pirate Boots (Product Page)

Not actual boots from the movie but still a way to play a pirate character, you will need these. A popular accessory for a pirate costume.

Walking Stick

Walking Stick (Product Page)

Davy Jones trusty walking stick is nowhere to be found, maybe it’s out of stock or not available, yet so I put up a similar style cane. Hope you like this one.

So, what do you think of our Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes? You can leave your comments and also can suggest us regarding what costume guide or merchandise we should add? Don’t forget to share this idea with friends. For Related: (Beauty and the Beast).

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