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Plus Size Halloween Costumes | For Fatties With Love

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Being a bit healthy than usual is no excuse for not celebrating Halloween. We know there a lot of body shamers in a crude, cruel world, but you need not listen to them. You are one of the finest go god’s creation just as you are. But with all that said, we know it hurts when someone calls you names and stuff and I believe it’s partly our fault. We give them a chance to shame us by shaming ourselves and wearing clothes that are not really our size or we haven’t thought out the costume properly. So to avoid horrendous events we have came with a solution, a list of plus size halloween costumes for women that you can wear this year and look just as the mesmerizing beauty you are.

Especially women are the ones who are targeted more than men when it comes to shape and size of your body. But the truth is that this is the body shape of the majority of women population and is, of course, the definition of real and natural beauty. And if any man thinks you are too big for him then this means he doesn’t have the right equipment for the job anyway. Sisters you must learn to embrace your curvy-licious body and be free to rock your curves. Here are some women’s plus size halloween costumes that includes the general one like the plus size school girl costumes. The dresses that you have been avoiding for long and it’s time let go of your insecurities and start chasing after your dreams.

Superhero Plus Size Costumes

You know what’s sexy? A taste for adventure, a sense of morality, bravery, openness and confidence. There are the things men (not so shallow men*) strive for. And these are the things a Shero stands for. So don’t be shy to wear this plus size batgirl costume or Supergirl costume on this Halloween. Or you can buy this plus size wonder woman costume which will complement your red lips and curvy hips. Or even Thor, all these dresses will look great on you, you just have to feel beautiful, and you will be. Check out the plus size superhero costumes.

supergirl costume

Supergirl Costume (Product Page)

wonder woman costume

Wonder Woman (Product Page)

thor costume

Thor Costume (Product Page)

robin costume

Robin Costume (Product Page)

batgirl costume

Batgirl Costume (Product Page)

Princesses Plus Size Costumes

How dare Disney spoil our definition of beauty with their anorexic princesses? They need to know the real body; curvy and delicious. Here is your chance to set things right. And who said a large woman couldn’t be a princess? A real man loves each and every inch of her woman. This Plus size Halloween Costumes category is one for all the women who will enjoy being part of royalty like the Belle costume plus size or the plus size cinderella costume.

snow white costuem

Snow White Costume (Product Page)

cinderella costume

Cinderella Costume (Product Page)

princess fiona

Princess Fiona (Product Page)

belle costume

Belle (Product Page)

indian princess cosutme

Indian Princess (Pocahontas) Cosutme (Product Page)

Fairy And Witch Plus Size Costumes

  • Fairy

Trust me not all fairies are skinny with a flat belly. Actually, none of them are. It’s just a perceptions created by some sick demented adults and boys. It’s time you break that ridiculous belief with the plus size fairy costume like the plus size tinkerbell costume.

tiknerbell costume

Tinkerbell Costume (Product Page)

angel costume

Angel Costume (Product Page)

dark fairy costume

Dark Fairy Costume (Product Page)

  • Witch

Women are angels, and when someone cuts their wings, they just continue to fly on a broomstick. And that’s how witches form to be. Fly away to groom on a broom with this plus size Halloween costume.

witch with broom cosutme

Witch With Broom Costume (Product Page)

dark sorceress

Dark Sorceress Costume (Product Page)

wizard of oz witch

Wizard of OZ Witch Costume (Product Page)

Cop and Commando Plus Size Costumes

For strong, beautiful and healthy women we have added another subcategory to our plus size Halloween costumes list. Because implying that you only need fairies and princess costumes is also sexist and highly misogynist. Check out these though looking clothes that every girl would love to wear.

cop black cosutme

Cop Black Costume (Product Page)

cop blue costume

Police Blue Costume (Product Page)

swat costume

SWAT Costume (Product Page)

commander cuite costume

Commander Cutie Costume (Product Page)

top gun costume

Top Gun Costume (Product Page)

military brat

Military Brat Costume (Product Page)

Miscellaneous Plus Size Costumes

Apart from the above-mentioned suits, there are some other suits that are also very famous and looked up for Halloween and cosplay parties. Take a look at few of them like plus size school girl costume, and can generate more ideas for yourself.

curvy nurse costume

Curvy Nurse Costume (Product Page)

flight attandent costume

Friendly Flight Attendant Costume (Product Page)

school girl cosutme

Boarding School Girl Costume (Product Page)

wild cat

Wild Cat Costume (Product Page)

locked up convict

Locked Up Convict Costume (Product Page)

halftime hottie

Halftime Hottie Costume (Product Page)

sexy pirate costume

Sexy Pirate Costume (Product Page)

mermaid costume

Mermaid Costume (Product Page)

tavern maiden costume

Tavern Maiden Costume (Product Page)

Now these are the plus size Halloween costumes for girls with a big heart, bigger personality, and even bigger dreams. When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade and when life gives you curves you flaunt them. This Halloween, take full advantage of your big and beautiful, fat and fabulous, plum and pretty, curvy and cute body with these nicely crafted plus size costumes for women. Also take a hike into our Scary Halloween costumes if you want to want a spooky holiday!

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