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The Easiest Way To Dress Up As Notorious Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Costume

The lustful Poison Ivy costume is loved by the masses of both men and women and for the same reasons….their love for Batman and revealing outfits. Poison Ivy or Pamela Lillian Isley is the world’s most notorious eco-terrorist and is obsessed with plants, nature, and endangered species. I don’t know why she works as an adversary to the Cape Crusader because he also is an endangered species. We have only one of him, and DCEU can use more than one. Sorry, I got off topic, we are here to talk about Poison Ivy not the irritating, itching and rashy plant but the sensual, seductive, slimy and slick super-villain of the Dark Knight. The particular outfit is very much favored for trick or treat and other cosplay parties, let us now take a look at the easiest way to make the Lady of leaves dress.

Poison Ivy Costume Diy

poison ivy croset

Poison Ivy Corset (Product Page)

This first this you need for this sexy poison ivy dress is this beautiful and elegant body shaper. Made up of one hundred percent polyester with 12 Plastic Bones and 2 Steel Bones in the Front Center. The front of this Palace Jacquard body sharper is busk closure, and the rear is lace up. This excellent piece of clothing is made up of weaved jacquard fabric. You can wear this clothing item parties after you are done with your cosplay.

Vintage Green Corset 238x300

Light Green Vintage Corset (Product Page)

Your Pick, Darker or Light? This is another idea you can consider building a sexy poison ivy costume. A vintage style that matches with the classic outfit she worn in previous movies and comic books. Now let’s see what we got next!

Poison Ivy Shorts

Poison Ivy Shorts (Product Page)

This is one of the sexiest thing to wear with Poison Ivy Costume. This nylon shorts will be a perfect match to wear with the corset. This is stretchable and in boy cut that you can also use this to wear while sleeping because of its comfort.

poison ivy thigh wraps

Poison Ivy Thigh Wrap leaves (Product Page)

This unique costume accessory is made up of polyester, and it is recommended that you hand wash it only.  The glittery green color makes these thighs wraps shiny and eye catchy. To add excruciating details to your Vined Vixen costume, you need this item.

poison ivy shoes

Poison Ivy Shoes (Product Page)

The next thing you need for the Poison Ivy cosplay costume is shoes, and these vibrant, glossy green shoes are the ones you need for your outfit. The high knee, high heel poison ivy shoes are made up of a synthetic material of optimal quality. Apart from using it , you can use it your Tinker Bell or female Peter Pan costume (if that ever got a hit).

poison ivy gloves

Poison Ivy Gloves (Product Page)

The eco-friendly but Batman hating botanist wears the gloves same as the ones displayed here. You can get these brightly colored satin gloves just by clicking on the picture. These gloves are high quality and very comfortable, you will love to wear them over and over again.

poison ivy mask

Poison Ivy Mask (Product Page)

Villains often need to disguise their true identity and so hide behinds some shameful musky masks. But poison ivy mask is just as beautiful and appealing as her face and body

poison ivy garland

Poison Ivy Garland (Product Page)

Now we are done with the major items of your all green environment-friendly attire, and now the only thing we have to do is to detail and polish this elegant dress. And the first detailing item is this Ivy Garland. This garland made entirely of silk that will add some fine points to your Poison Ivy cosplay.

poison ivy wig

Poison Ivy Wig (Product Page)

If you are a natural redhead than you will not need this, but if you are not then is the most important thing for you. This red wig will be the final touch to your already amazing Poison Ivy Costume. The wig is heat resistant, soft and shiny.

Now that you have completely mimicked her costume you need to mimic her style and makeup and the following makeup guide will help you do that.

So this is the easiest way you make the sexiest costume for Halloween or other costume parties. We hope that you like it and will certainly follow the guidelines written here. Be sure to tune with us next week as we will reveal some other Halloween costumes that will take your breath away.

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Poison Ivy Infographic

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