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A Complete Guide Of Pokemon Merchandise and Costumes

Pokemon Costume

Pokemon franchise has got a variety of characters and Pokemon costumes which are suitable for a Pokemon trainer title. The trainer is the one responsible for capturing numerous species from the genre of Pokemon and train them to compete against the team of other trainers. In general, all the most renown trainers such as Ash Ketchum start with a mission to capture them all at a childhood age of 10. During their journey of capturing different species they start with Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. The main objective of the game is the name irrespective of the region or creature.  The ultimate aim of the trainer is to become the champion by defeating the elite top four Pokemon.

When deciding on making your outfit, the first step is to decide which character is suitable for your personality. In this guide our main aim would be to cover the adult costume items and accessories.

Pokemon Costumes Item List

Use the following list of items for making your DIY outfit. It will give you a variety of ideas for your next outfit. This cartoon is one of the most popular characters among kids and adults.

Pokemon Go Varsity Jacket

Pokemon Go Varsity Jacket (Product Page)

For all those of you who are unable to capture Pokemon on the map, there is a new way to catch them. Get the pokemon jackets in your attire and attracts the audiences towards it. The black and blue color jacket do the same. It enhances your overall appearance as a cosplay character.

Pokemon Pants

Pokemon Pants (Product Page)

Every trainer needs a pair of comfortable pants in his wardrobe and Pokemon is no different. The slim fit and skinny pants give an attractive outlook. Get this trendy apparel in your attire for the Halloween.

Pokemon Sneakers

Pokemon Sneakers (Product Page)

The sneakers provide ultra-comfort while wearing. It is made using high-quality material. Furthermore, it is attractive in appearance and ideal for cosplay.

Pokemon Red Cap

Pokemon Red Cap (Product Page)

The red color cap is made using high-quality nylon and cotton. It is comfortable to wear and ideally suited for cosplay events and Halloween parties.

Pokemon Trainer Hat Set

Pokemon Trainer Hat Set (Product Page)

The trainers wear elegant and stylish looking caps during the training period. These hats are in excellent condition and made using the premium quality material. Furthermore, these uniform hats have fabulous logo’s embossed on them.

Pikachu Into Poke Ball Reversible Plush

Pikachu Into Poke Ball Reversible Plush (Product Page)

Get this plush from Amazon at a low price. The quality of this plush is amazing.  The great feature of this item is that it can be reversed into a Pokeball. The material is very soft and it is cute in its appearance.

Pokemon Balls

Pokemon Balls (Product Page)

Get the Pokemon balls in your accessories to make yourself resemble the exact character. It is perfect for cosplaying your favorite character in comic con events. Your Pokemon costumes will be nothing without these balls.

Pokemon Trainer Gloves

Pokemon Trainer Gloves (Product Page)

The trainer gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Made using high-quality material these gloves provide a solid grip in holding objects.

Pokemon Clip 'N' Carry Poke Ball Belt

Pokemon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poke Ball Belt (Product Page)

The Pokemon belt is an essential item to have in your attire if you are looking to cosplay the character in comic con conventions.  The strap of the belt is adjustable as per the requirement. The belt has the capacity of holding a maximum of six poke balls.

Pokemon Child Costume

Pokemon Child Costume (Product Page)

Now the kids can also dress like their favorite character in Halloween parties and costume conventions. The complete Pokemon trainer costume set is available at Amazon at a reasonable price.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume Set

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume Set (Product Page)

It is the cosplay costume set for all the fans looking to portray their favorite character for Halloween and cosplay. This outfit comes with a complete set of Pokemon Trainer Jacket, hat, and gloves. Have this ash Ketchum costume diy for the costume gathering and gain the attention of the audiences.

Pokemon Trainer Costume Set

Pokemon Trainer Costume Set (Product Page)

The set of these Pokemon costumes comes with a red color zip-up jacket. The black color sleeves with a white stripe make it an outerwear for the fashionable. The blue color trendy and comfortable pants are also included in the costume. It helps the trainer in moving freely. In addition to that, a red color hat with elegantly designed logo and wrist guards complete the outfit.

Pokemon Trainer Costume Hoodie

Pokemon Trainer Costume Hoodie (Product Page)

Get the trainer hoodie in your attire for the Halloween 2016 season and dazzle the audiences with your style and persona and know how to dress like a Pokemon trainer. The front zip closure and contrast color combination makes it ideal outfit for casual wear as well. The comfortable cotton fabric and lightweight nature of the clothing make it the preferred choice apparel for the cosplayers. Great for social gatherings and parties as well.

With that last item, we come to the end of our pokemon costumes for adults guide. You would know that this is a more than ideal Halloween outfit; however, if this doesn’t do the job for you then you can follow the link to this 600+ Halloween Costume Ideas blog where you are bound to find one for yourself.

If you have an entire group of friends that are planning to dress up as the characters of Suicide Squad, then you can follow this Suicide Squad costume guide which includes all of the necessary items required for the suit of every character.

Pokémon merchandise


Although the craze of Pokémon never faded but it once again rose to the top with the launch of the mobile app/game Pokémon Go. The game is such a hit that people are going gaga all over.  The main purpose of the game is to locate and capture different Pokémon’s. Game introduces three teams on the once you reach leave five and asks you to ally with any one of them.


Although there is not much difference between the teams, but since the game was such a blockbuster the fans took sides with their favorite team. Not only that, they created communities, websites and off course Pokémon Merchandise including shirt, pullovers, necklaces etc. Following are some popular items that might stir some temptation in your heart. We have categorized them according to the teams.

  • Team Mystic


This team is lead by trainer Blanche (costume coming shortly) and is undoubted the most famous team among all, and fierce rivals of Team Valor. The trainer urges its team member to think wisely and act logically if they want to win. Let’s take a look at some famous team Mystic Merchandise.


Pokemon Go Team Mystic T Shirt (Shop Via Amazon)


Men’s Pokemon Go Team Mystic Logo Black Hoodie (Shop Via Amazon)


Team Mystic Inspired Glass Dome Necklace (Shop Via Amazon)

  • Team Instinct


The leader of Instincts is Spark the only male in the group. They believe in trust, intuitions and as the name suggests instincts. Spark quotes that I the player follows his instincts he’ll never loose. This team is trying hard to reach to the top all it need is you supporting them by wearing the following apparels.


Pokemon Go Team Instinct T Shirt (Shop Via Amazon)


Men’s Pokemon Go Team Instinct Logo Black Hoodie (Shop Via Amazon)


Team Instinct Dome Necklace (Shop Via Amazon)

  • Team Valor


This team values strength and power above all, this team appeals to most competitive persons around us. They are just a fraction behind Mystics in terms of popularity and with the following Pokémon Go merchandise you help them reach the top.


Pokemon Go Team Valor T Shirt (Shop via Amazon)


Men’s Pokemon Go Team Valor Logo Black Hoodie (Shop Via Amazon)


Team Valor Glass Dome Pendant Necklace (Shop Via Amazon)

We hope that you found this guide helpful and enjoyable to read as much as we took pleasure in making it for you. Please note that all of these items above are the only things that you would require in a complete costume set; nothing more and nothing less.

  • General Pokemon Go Shirts, Hoodies And Pendants

But if you are not quite to the levels of choosing teams yet, or you don’t want to get involved in type of keyboard fights with the fans of the other group. Then it will better that you choose something from following items to satisfy your hunger for the cherished game. These items are neutral and inspired by the game as whole.


Pokemon Go Logo Mens Black T Shirt (Shop Via Amazon)


Pokemon Men’s Black Hoodie (Shop Via Fjackets)


Pokemon Go Inspired Glass Dome Pendant (Shop Via Amazon)


Pokemon Go Logo Red and White Enamel Necklace (Shop Via Amazon)

Now just wait till Halloween or use this idea for your next birthday theme or cosplay party to rock the evening with your looks.

Here you go, this is the complete list of items needed for portraying the character in comic-con parties. Get your outfit for Halloween from these amazing Pokemon costumes. Feel free to share your views  about the guide in the comments below.

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