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A Complete Guide Of Pokemon Costumes

Pokemon Costume

It is one of the most favorite media franchise of the 90’s kids and the Pokemon costumes are highly popular among kids and adults. It’s was started as a video game, followed by cartoons, cards and now there is a movie coming named as Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

Although there are so many fictional characters in Pokemon franchise, the most famous is the trainer Ash and Pikachu who serves as their mascots.

If you are also the fan of these two main leads of the franchise and want to have their cosplay, then we got your back. We brought you here new and exciting costumes of them.

Items List

Use the following list of items for making your DIY outfit. It will give you a variety of ideas for your next outfit.

Pokemon Go Varsity Jacket (Product Page)

Get this Pokemon jacket in your attire and attracts the audiences towards it. This black and blue color Ash Ketchum jacket will be the perfect costume of this trainer. It will enhance your overall appearance as a cosplay character.

Pokemon Pants (Product Page)

Every trainer needs a pair of comfortable pants in his wardrobe to complete his Pokemon costumes. The slim fit pants will give you an attractive outlook as a cosplayer.

Pokemon Ash shirt (Product Page)

To give you a more realistic cosplay look and inner comfort this shirt will be the best. It is made up of soft modal, you can also wear it casually and it’s ideal for summer.

Pokemon Sneakers

Pokemon Sneakers (Product Page)

The sneakers provide ultra-comfort while wearing. It is made using high-quality material. Furthermore, it is attractive in appearance and ideal for cosplay.

Pokemon Red Cap

Pokemon Red Cap (Product Page)

The Ash Pokemon costume could not be completed without his cap. This red color cap is made using high-quality nylon and cotton.

Pokemon Trainer Hat Set

Pokemon Trainer Hat Set (Product Page)

The trainers wear elegant and stylish looking caps during the training period. These hats are in excellent condition and made using the premium quality material. Furthermore, these uniform hats have a fabulous logo’s embossed on them.

Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Hoodie (Product Page)

This cute hooded Pokemon jacket is for the fans of most adorable Pikachu.

Pikachu Into Poke Ball (Product Page)

Get this Pokeball from Amazon at a low price.  The great feature of this item is that it contains a belt clip and a pop with push button containing Pikachu inside.


Pokemon Balls (Product Page)

Get the Poke balls in your accessories to make yourself resemble the exact character. It is perfect for cosplaying your favorite character in comic con events. Your Pokemon costumes will be nothing without these balls.

pokemon green gloves

Pokemon Trainer Gloves (Product Page)

The trainer gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Made using high-quality material and provide a solid grip in holding objects.

Pokemon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poke Ball Belt (Product Page)

The Pokemon belt is an essential item to have in your attire if you are looking to cosplay the character in comic con conventions.  The strap of the belt is adjustable as per the requirement. The belt has the capacity of holding a maximum of six poke balls.

Pokemon Child Costume

Pokemon Child Costume (Product Page)

Now the kids can also dress like their favorite character in Halloween parties and costume conventions. The complete Pokemon trainer costume set is available at Amazon at a reasonable price.

With that last item, we come to the end of our Pokemon costumes for adults guide. You would know that this is a more than ideal Halloween outfit; however, if this doesn’t do the job for you then you can follow the link to this 600+ Halloween Costume Ideas blog where you are bound to find one for yourself.

If you have an entire group of friends that are planning to dress up as the Avengers, then you can follow this Avengers Endgame costume guide which includes all of the necessary items required for the suit of every character.

Now just wait till Halloween or use this idea for your next birthday theme or cosplay party to rock the evening with your looks.

Here you go, this is the complete list of items needed for portraying the character in comic-con parties. Get your outfit for Halloween from these amazing Pokemon costumes. Feel free to share your views about the guide in the comments below.

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