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The Complete DIY Guide For Your Power Ranger Costume

Power Ranger Costume

Today we’ll talk about the classic TV Series that every 90’s Kid remembers, Yes it’s the Might Morphine, Power Rangers, a team of teenagers who have abilities to save the world from Evil Repulsa. Before we go down and discuss Power Ranger Costume, let us tell you a bit about these colorful Iron Man ripoffs.


Classic Rangers

Power Rangers is a merchandising and entertainment franchise which revolves around action superheroes. Saban Entertainment was the first television production company to broadcast the Power Rangers series. It was later taken by the BVS Entertainment. Most of the footages of the television series are taken from the Japanese television drama Super Sentai.

The tale revolves in a universe where a group of high school kids who are blessed with supernatural powers utilizes all their abilities and skills to save the world. Their ultimate objective is to capture Rita Repulsa, a villainess who was a long time ago detained by sage Zordon. A group of astronauts accidentally freed her. The teens help Zordon in re-capturing Rita. Later they battle against Master Vile, Lord Zedd, and Rito Revolto.


Mighty Morphine Rangers

The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” was the first entry in the Power Rangers series released in the year 1983. Several teens are included in the premise. The American teens were selected by the Zordon, who is an alien. The primary objective of picking the teens was to fight against the mighty alien invader forces on earth. To accomplish this task, they were given the powers to transform themselves into a warrior with each having unique superpowers. They were equipped with alien technology that changes into a giant fighting robot.


Young Teenagers

The teens included in the team consisted of Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, Jason Lee Scott,  Billy Cranston and Zack Taylor. As the television series gained popularity, Tommy Oliver was introduced in the series to join the team of Power Rangers. With massive financial and commercial success, the show became the hallmark of the 1990s era and is still popular among people in this modern era as well. The producers decided to make a reboot of the same title but with different aspects, story and variation. We now have more advanced and robotic Rangers in the movie which are very much distinct from the original. You can see the male and female characters are easy to recognize, the suits are are detailed and sexy compared to the previous ones.


Power Rangers Suit 2017

Now you understand the story that revolves around the world of these characters, let’s us show how you can portray exactly like a Ranger in following Power Ranger Costumes DIY.

Red Power Ranger Costume


It’s Morphine Time, This red ranger outfit is popular among the fans for Cosplay and Halloween parties. The first member of the Power Rangers team was Jason Lee Scott. He is arguably the most famous member of the group and also the team leader. In the year 2004, he was voted as the best Ranger of all time by the audiences.Below are the items needed to make your Power Ranger costume for Red:


Power Ranger Red Vacuform Mask (Product Page)

The Power Ranger Mask is for all the cosplayers looking to portray the red character in the next comic-con event. It’ll give you the exact appearance of your favorite character. The mask is symmetrically designed. The surface does not include any sharp edges that may harm your skin. Altogether it is stylish and comfortable to wear accessory. Let the Game Begin!

Power Ranger Long Sleeve Shirt

Power Ranger Long Sleeve Shirt (Product Page)

Made from polyester and cotton the Power Ranger Shirt with long sleeves is an ideal outfit for costume parties. Dress like your favorite character and dazzle the audiences with your appearance.

power rangers hoodie

Power Rangers Red Hoodie (Product Page)

This Hoodie will make you look like a true ranger on a mission. It’ll give you a classic nostalgia feeling and perfect for representing your love for the series. Best lightweight jacket for red ranger cosplay costume with zipper closure and two pockets. Now let’s see what else you can match with this hoodie.


power rangers boots white and red

Cosplay Power Rangers Red Boot (Product Page)

These primary boots are made from custom leather designed for only cosplay use. You can’t put them on unless you’re wearing power ranger outfit.

Mens Red Skinny Pants

Skinny Red Pants (Product Page)

Not the same matching pant you’ve wanted for your costume but don’t blame me. This similar style red skinny pants will do just fine because it is made from strong material and perfect for cosplay events as well.

Power Ranger Outfit Muscle Set

Complete Power Ranger Outfit Muscle Set (Product Page)

Look adapt same fashion as the rangers, this fabulous outfit is what you need to have for cosplay. Made from the polyester material the costume is hand washable. Whether you are are looking to portray the character on Halloween or any other costume event it provides you with a unique style and persona. Get this outfit for any Cosplay event or Halloween.



Her character will be portrayed by Naomi Scoot in the Power Rangers movie that is set to release next year. Kimberly Hart or the Pink Power ranger is one of the first five rangers chosen by Zordon. And is one of the main characters in the upcoming movie. You can now cosplay this very important character on Halloween or comic-co. Here are a few tips on making the Pink Power Ranger costume.

pink power ranger helmet

Pink Power Ranger Helmet (Product Page)

The next thing and a very important item is the power ranger helmet. The Pink Helmet of this ranger is displayed above is made up of Polyvinyl chloride with accurate color and design traits. Buy this item and your costume for the spooky night or comic con is complete.

Pink Ranger Adult Shirt

Pink Ranger Shirt (Product Page)

We’ve seen different variations of Power Rangers in previous. But what matched Kimberly Hart personality is pink and white. She’s like a warrior and looks super cool when she stands in the group. With this well-designed shirt, you’ll look classic and legendary.

Sexy Pink Ranger Tank

Pink Ranger Tunic Tank (Product Page)

Okay…..if you decide to enhance your sexy personality then go for this tunic tank for your Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Costume.

White Ladies Boot

White Boots (Product Page)

This riding boot is suitable and looks extremely well with the pink outfit. Easy to wear and comfortable, will stack up great with pink morphine. It is fair to say it’s not the exact boot but why the worry when it’ll match your outfit.


Ping Rangers Legging

Pink Power Ranger Leggings (Product Page)

To transform yourself completely Pink, you need to put these tights on. It’s the accurate design legging to create a whole cosplay outfit and officially licensed.

pink power ranger suit

Pink Power Ranger Suit (Product Page)

Girls you are going to love this. This is by far one of the best Halloween costumes for you. In classic baby pink color this dress looks adorable to every eye. There are more advantages to this costume apart from being stylish. It is easy to wear and wash, not many detailing accessories required to complete this outfit. Just this and helmet and you are done.



This Ranger is totally epic, his name is Billy and is somewhat intelligent and given the title  The Smart One”. There have been many variations of Blue Power Ranger as well as alternate versions. But the notable is classic Billy Cranston from The Might Morphine. In Power Rangers 2017, the Blue Ranger is redesigned with more detailing body structure and played by young actor, RJ Cyler.  If blue is your favorite Ranger then let’s create a similar style costume for yourself.Blue Ranger Helmet

Blue Helmet (Product Page)

To portray like a smart one, you first need to put on this cool helmet along with other matching cosplay stuff to become just like Blue Power Ranger.

Blue Ranger Full Sleeves Shirt

Blue Ranger Full Sleeve Shirt (Product Page)

This outfit is an official licensed product that comes with a pair of gloves so you don’t have to buy one. This full sleeve shirt relives the moment of childhood and will transform you into a ranger.

blue power rangers hoodie

Classic Blue Hoodie (Product Page)

Such Classic style hoodie brings back the old memories. Now relive that moment in this exclusive Hoodie for your Blue Power Ranger Costume.

Mens White Costume Boots

Women’s Boot (Product Page)

Looks more like wrestling, a true ranger always got wear these to look terrorizing. The inspired boot is not based on the TV Series but still a fancy item to wear with the costume.

blue mens running tights

Blue Running Tights (Product Page)

The featured muscle pant is made for running and fitness but perhaps can also be used for designing your own costume. It’s totally flexible and won’t cause skin irritation after wearing for so long.



It is one of the primary colors that were present in almost every series but with a different style of outfit. Yellow Power Ranger is the main motivator of the team. Whenever they face downfall, Yellow Ranger tries to boost the spirit and give hope. The appealing character is portrayed mainly by female characters, but some male character also represents the yellow look. To make your own version of Power Ranger Costumes, see these ideas.

Yellow Ranger Cosplay Helmet

Yellow Power Ranger Helmet (Product Page)

This replica helmet displays a cool fearless look and best to wear for cosplay use. This helmet is designed with high-quality fiberglass and won’t cause irritation while wearing.

power rangers yellow shirt

Full Sleeve Shirt with Gloves (Product Page)

After the helmet, you need to go for the top, this full-sleeve shirt will do just fine. The only draw back its color is very light but will suit with featured items.

Yellow Ranger Hoodie

Yellow Ranger Hoodie (Product Page)

It’s hard to find the exact match top to replicate yellow power ranger, so I put this amazing hoodie which is well designed and looks amazing for cosplay.

Womens Yellow Power Ranger Legging

Yellow Tights (Product Page)

To become the sixth and most famous ranger, you should wear featured cool legging. It is printed on polyester and officially licensed product made for Power Rangers fan.

Women White Long Boots

White Ladies Boot (Product Page)

A sexy retro boot is all you need to create the perfect cosplay outfit for Halloween. Made for synthetic and available in all sizes.


Power Ranger Tank Top Jersey

Power Ranger Tank Top Jersey (Product Page)

The Power Ranger Jersey provides you with a fantastic and stylish outlook. Designed and stitched by the skillful professionals it offers you everything needed for a Halloween costume. It is comfortable to wear and can be worn in warm temperatures as well. Both the dominant colors complement the apparel well. It is ideally suited for any costume party, Halloween or stage.  Make this season a memorable one for yourself with this elegant looking jersey.

Power Ranger Red T-Shirt Tee

Power Ranger Red T-Shirt Tee (Product Page)

The Power Ranger T-Shirt Tee is perfect apparel to wear as casual wear as well as for special occasions. It is made up of cotton which makes it suitable to wear in warm temperatures as well.

black power rangers hoodie

Power Ranger Hoodie (Product Page)

The Power Ranger hoodie is made using a high-quality cotton material. The elegant designs on the chest portion of the hoodie and the sleeves make it an attractive outfit. It is ideal black apparel for all seasons.

belt power rangers

Power Ranger Belt (Product Page)

The Power Ranger belt is an essential item to go along with your entire costume. The belt is comfortable to wear and fits perfectly around the waist area. It is made using nylon material. Elegant patterns are printed on the belt to give it the perfect style.

Power Ranger Tee

Power Ranger Tee (Product Page)

The Power Ranger men’s t-shirt is suited to wear on any social gathering or costume event. The red color compliments the elegant design on the chest portion of the shirt. Have this shirt in your wardrobe for the next costume event.

pink power ranger dress

Pink Power Ranger Dress (Product Page)

If you want to look beautiful but at the same time cosplay your favorite character then you can buy this dress. You will look the most pretty and elegant Power Ranger that could exist on this planet.

pink power ranger hoodie

Pink Power Ranger Hoodie (Product Page)

But if you are such a big fan that you cannot go a day without displaying your love for Kimberley Hart then you need something totally causal and equally and comfortable. This hoodie is a dream come true for such fans. Made primarily of cotton and polyester this hoodie is tailor-made for women focusing on their design needs.

green ranger tee shirt

Green Power Ranger T-Shirt (Product Page)

The Green Power Ranger Shirt is also available for the fans that will go to strange and extreme heights to show their love and affection for the famous character.

Here you go, this is the complete guide for making your Power Ranger Costumes. There is no need for you to search the items online as all the elements are provided to you under one roof. This is the most comprehensive list of apparels and accessories that are sorted out according to their costume match. Don’t forget to share. For related see: (Wolverine Costume)

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