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Get Ready To Show Your Magic With Genie Costume

Genie Costume 810x455

Do you know the character who has phenomenal cosmic powers but itty bitty living space? Who is he?

We are talking about Disney’s all-time famous character Genie from the film, Aladdin. The big blue guy who was trapped in a lamp was set free by Aladdin.

Creating your own Genie costume is a real pleasure. Displaying the iconic being might be difficult, but we manage to make it a little easier for you. Get the classic genie cosplay costume along with the accessories. The simple steps will make you ready to save any princess in no time. Follow the guide below and find the best ideas to get the character’s look.

Here are the ideas for Genie Costume

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Men’s Aladdin Genie Costume (Amazon)

Here is the popular Genie costume made from polyester and silk. The suit comes with a long-sleeves top with gloves, red scarf on the waist, blue silk trouser, and a genie look alike headpiece to the outfit that will get you to the world of cosplay.

genie baggy pants cotton

Cotton Harem Baggy Pants (Amazon)

At first, for a genie DIY costume, look for the baggy blue pants. We have got the cotton boho pants for men that are the soft and comfortable outfit. They are great for Halloween or cosplay events. Moreover, it can ideally serve for yoga, casual wear, beach, etc.

Blue Face Paint 135x300

Blue Face Paint (Amazon)

Get the blue face paint and cover up everything from the face down to your waist in blue. The coating on the whole body will let you appear like the character in just a couple of minutes.

waistg band

Men’s Cummerbund (Amazon)

The red cummerbund is the key accomplice to complete the attire. The plain satin cummerbund is suitable for formal occasions as well.

Costume Ear Tips 300x198

Costume Ear Tips (Amazon)

Gear up the genie costume and attach the pair of pointed ear tips to have the character’s appearance. These are the soft latex ear that matches with your outfit ideally.

Flat Cuff Bracelet 300x271

Flat Cuff Bracelet (Amazon)

Gold-tone bracelet is another essential accessory for the costume. The spiritual character wore the cuffs in both hands. Add the round shaped, wide solid brass wristlet to the classic outfit.

Hoop Earrings 300x300

Hoop Earrings (Amazon)

Go for the thick round hoop earring that will be a great addition to the fantastic attire. The fashion accessory is not only for the costume, but you can also pair it with other clothing.

Adult Genie Shoes 300x221

Adult Genie Shoes (Amazon)

Last but not least is the most important thing to complete the entire genie costumes DIY. The adult gold lame genie shoes are in slipper style with curly toes. There is elastic around the ankle for the accurate fitting.

Genie Lamp 1 300x182

Genie Magic Lamp (Amazon )

Being a genie, you could not appear until someone rubs your lamp, without a lamp genie will be homeless. Genie only obeys the person who holds the lamp so make sure it doesn’t go into wrong hands.

Aladdin Ginny Kids Costume 164x300

Aladdin Ginny Kids Costume (Amazon)

Here we have genie costumes for kids on the list. The set includes the jumpsuit, headpiece, pair of gloves and the boot covers. Kids will enjoy cosplaying the funny character at the function. Polyester made attire is comfortable for kids.

So, are you ready to ask the wishes conventionally? Get the super hit blue genie costume Aladdin and show your loyalty towards true friends by helping them in unfortunate situations.

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