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How To Dress Like Frank Castle | The Punisher Costume Guide

Punisher Costume

Frank’s journey is not over – he’s back for unfinished business in Season 2 of Netflix’s popular TV Show, The Punisher.

He did a pretty good job in the first chapter and again, incorporating the iconic gear to play the anti-hero. If you’re also inspired by his cosplay, then I believe it is a good time for you to dress up in John Bernthal’s Punisher Costume.

He predominantly wears following outfits in the 2nd Season.

Items you need.

The Punisher Cosplay DIY

Frank Castle Punisher Coat

Punisher Trench Coat – Buy Here

The coat gives him his mysterious, hidden look which you would say is an important aspect of an Assassin.

The Punisher Trench Coat is the most crucial part of the show. This coat is built from Real Leather, Viscose Lining with Finesse level of work has been done on it, and comes with four pockets.

The Punisher Shirt

Punisher Full Sleeve T-Shirt – Buy Here

Franks wears a full sleeve T-Shirt. We witnessed in Season 2 that he has taken off his jacket. So if you want, then you can go with that look too.


The Punisher Vest

Punisher Vest – Buy Here

He always wears his symbol, ‘the skull’ on the front of his body in a dignified manner. Therefore, we added this awesome Punisher costume bulletproof vest made from leather.

Mens Punisher Black Jacket

Punisher Jacket – Buy Here

If you’d like to style like the bad-ass guy, this four-pocket jacket is your pick. The Punisher Jacket does not have any bullet-proof features or anything but still, the enemies will think your armored.

Punisher Mens Fitted Jeans

Punisher Denim Jeans – Buy Here

This Punisher costume jeans is a fine choice with regards to the color. If you already have matching jeans, just skip this.

You would also need a belt to go along with it, so for that, you can buy one here.

Punisher Boots

Punisher Boots – Buy Here

Combat boots are the things that fulfill both of the requirements with ease. This Punisher costume Boot is military-style that protect you from the elements such as rain, mud, snow, etc. It also has a padded insole which is a heavenly addition for those looking for comfort.

The Punisher Guns

Punisher Rifle and Pistol – Buy Here

The Punisher isn’t a superhuman like Superman. He is a normal human being who is using other means to achieve his target. You can say that he is just like Batman, except much more vicious. This guy uses his trusted Rifle and guns to take down his enemies. To properly cosplay as him you need to get this toy pistols which includes the Punisher costume rifle, pistol, belt holster, and even some BB’s for you to test.

Billy Russo CostumeBilly Russo The Punisher

The second character in our list is Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw. The former war-fighter has turned to criminal life and recruited new gangs. His cosplay is relatively simple and only need four items in comparison to Frank Castle costume. The only item that is not available is the mask but I managed to add one with similar structures.

Jigsaw Billy Russo Mask

Billy Russo Mask – Buy Here

Every Marvel fan is thrilled and super excited to see him donning the Jigsaw mask, sort of reminds me of Payback 2 game. His actual version is nowhere to be found but I added a similar style.

Billy Russo Coat

Billy Mens Shearling Leather Jacket

Men’s Shearling Leather Coat – Buy Here

Can’t be a real Jigsaw without wearing his fancy coat. Stylish yet comfortable thanks to the soft fur lining featured inside. The overall construction is done with Leather. Pick this awesome jacket to upgrade your wardrobe with a new fashionable outfit.

Billy Russo Hoodie

Billy Russo Cosplay Black Hoodie – Buy Here

What goes underneath your coat is this fine cotton black hoodie. A winter-fashion piece and similar design as compared to the movie asset.

Now with the marvelous Punisher Costume at your disposal, we look at other cool merchandises inspired by the anti-hero.

Other Cool Punisher Merch:

The Punisher FunkoThe Punisher Funko Pop (Buy Here)

If you’re a big fan of collectibles, don’t forget to add this cute little angry Frank Castle in your pop-culture bucket list. Amazing home decor for Marvel Fans.


Punisher T-Shirt

Punisher Movie Shirt (Buy Here)

If you can’t afford the vest, wear this punisher war zone T-shirt under the coat and tuck it into the pant to get a matching look. This tee shirt is produced from comfortable cotton fabric.

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