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6 Reasons For Wearing A Leather Jacket While Riding Your Motorcycle

why you should wear a leather jacket when riding a bike

A Leather Jacket may be a stylish piece that you wear all year round but it also has other features such as protection – especially for bikers.

You may like a fleece jacket while riding a bike but the classic leather jacket has great connections with riders and serves both as fashion apparel and gear.

Protection is just one word, there are many reasons why do bikers wear leather jackets!

You can visit our motorcycle leather jacket collection to get an idea of how these timeless pieces look.

And today I’ll discuss the top 6 reasons why it is important…

1. To Make You Look Tough:

Leather-Jacket-for-comfortable ride

In case you forgot, a motorcyclist wears a leather jacket to look tough. An eye-catching jacket with prominent stitching won’t stop elevating your style – even if you’re the most skinny person.

Like cops and gang members, they all consider leather jackets as their primary style to look badass and make people fear their presence. These people always search for a brown leather jacket on Amazon with amazing features.

Are you badass enough to wear a leather jacket?

2. Protection Against Injuries:

Motorcycle crash

80% of people wear a leather jacket to look cool but what about safety? When riding a motorbike, there is always a risk of crashing or sliding down the road. Good quality works as riding gear and I would recommend going for the highest quality leather jacket made from lambskin or cowhide. Don’t forget your helmet, biker gloves, elbow guards, and paddings to avoid injuries.

3. For Bad Weather:

riding bike in bad weather

Motorcycle leather jackets also act as a shield when the weather is not very friendly. You never know when the storm will hit so it is obvious you need the proper gear to avoid getting wet or dirty. I would suggest getting a real lambskin leather jacket that provides adequate protection during rainfall and stormy weather.

4. Comfort:

look tough in leather jacket

Riding a motorbike will probably make you feel exhausted at some point so for your long journeys ahead, wearing a warm leather jacket is essential to make the experience comfortable. Always search out for a heavy-duty jacket with a soft inner lining. If the weather is cold as frosty, try out fur lining jackets, they are the more appropriate choice for the winter season.

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5. More Space Option

Riders often run out of space when they are riding. A motorcycle leather jacket can be a great solution for riders because they come with multiple pockets.

Leather motorcycle jackets have exterior, interior pocket options, and even some of them come with sleeves pockets.

Motorcycle jacket pockets keep items safe because they have zippers and the jacket comes with a button closure.

6. To Maintain Your Flexibility:


If you’re cruising city-to-city, you’ll definitely be needing a type of jacket to keep your flexibility balanced.  In order to make your riding experience better, wear a lightweight jacket with a soft lining that absorbs sweat and won’t restrict body movement.

Hope you now know, why it is important to gear up in a leather jacket when cruising the highways.

You can read our motorcycle jacket riding gear guide from here.

If you’re a rider and looking for a better quality jacket to make your journey more awesome. You can try out our high-quality best-sellers designed from heavy-duty material and equipped with eye-catching hardware details.

These jackets are designed to work through all the season and comes in different colors and varieties.

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Motorcycle accidents often involve sliding on rough surfaces, which can lead to severe abrasion injuries. CE-certified leather jackets undergo testing to determine their resistance to abrasion. Jackets that meet the certification offer better protection against road rash and minimize the risk of serious skin injuries.
The leather jacket is good for riding a motorcycle because it saves you from the cold while providing you protection from crashes. They are best for motorcycle riding because they don't restrict movement while riding.
A leather jacket keeps you warm while riding a motorcycle in winter chilly weather without disturbing your comfort. They have multiple pockets to provide you functionality. In warm weather, leather jackets provide you protection from sunburn.
There are multiple kinds of leather jackets, if you are looking to buy a motorcycle jacket then first you have to look at your requirements first because motorcycle jackets come in textile and leather. Textile jackets have more functionality because they are easy to work with while leather jackets have premium look and last long because of durability.
Motorcycle jackets have armored padding so, they will look weird. You have to find leather jackets that have removable padding or you can find fashionable motorcycle jackets at FJackets that are stylish and keep you warm.
Motorcycle jackets have armors for protection and they are thick while regular leather jackets are a little thinner meant to provide you warmth. You can actually wear a regular leather jacket for motorcycle riding just keep in mind it fits tightly because if it fits loose leather can rub your skin during a crash.
When you are choosing a motorcycle jacket make sure it matches your style. If you have a cafe racer motorcycle then it is better to go with a cafe racer leather jacket. Check all the zippers they should be made by known brands zipper quality tells the whole story of jacket quality.
Motorcycle jackets should be fitted tightly because they have armored pads and they should stay in the right place during crashes and don't rub your skin.

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